Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mashpee Wampanoags Show Their Hand

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The Mashpee Wampanoag's show their hand - and guess which finger their holding up for the people of Middleboro and the South Shore - and for the future of Massachusetts - by invoking the Church Bingo and Las Vegas Night exception - just like the Pequots did in Connecticut!

Just another example of an effective Good Neighbor Policy, brought to you by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

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(p.s. before I get angry comments about the doggy in the picture - please understand that no dogs were hurt in the making of this blog posting. This picture is a parody of an iconic 1973 National Lampoon Cover - which was also a parody. I'm old enough to remember this cover, but realize a younger generation may have missed it. I personally really like dogs and would never put one in harm's way. - Gladys)


monorail! said...

It is a simple formula:

1 part dysfunctional "Tribe"
1 part dysfunctional Town government
1 part weak, neophyte governor
3 parts criminal investors

Combine in a forest with a few billion dollars.

Yield- 39 story phallus and the destruction of an entire region

carverchick said...

I guess the tribe has finally shown it's true much for that "good faith". Jeez, talk about scare tactics. They are basically saying we will sue you if you don't give us what we want. Gee, what nice neighbors they will turn out to be. Oh, and I highly doubt Middleboro will see anything from them, especially after this little development. Middleboro was scammed...fools for believing in liars and crooks. Now we all could pay the price because of a greedy group of people who actually beleived that the casino would be their goose that lays the golden egg. Gee, no wonder the Tribe hasn't been talking to you...THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU AND NEVER DID!!!

Stewards of the land? I think not...destroyers of the land is more like it. Shameful!! They still need to prove that a casino here will not be harmful to the environment or the community...and we all know that it is....we need to make sure our voices are heard. So many people will suffer if this casino comes to fruition...good golly, if the destroyers have their way, Middleboro may soon be changing it's title from "cranberry capitol of the world" to "casino capitol of the world". What a pathetic legacy to leave for future generations....

To the Middleboro BOS: In the future, when making decisions that could affect an ENTIRE REGION keep this in mind: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought the stupidity of the Middleboro Board of Selectmen and former inept Town Manager would have landed us in bed with the worst of the worst?

Bellicose Bumpkin said...

They're bluffing and playing the political PR game. They're probably as beholden to their investors as Middleboro is to the Tribe:

Since Massachusetts also allows high-stakes bingo, the tribe could too. But if the bingo machines are reclassified as slot machines under new commission rules, then the tribe would not be able to have them, because slot machines currently are illegal in Massachusetts.

They can't have any other slot machines either, unless the state law is changed, which means they wouldn't be able to offer a casino's main source of revenue.

No Slots,,, No Casino

cdplakeville said...

Give them an inch and they will take a yard. The Middleboro Five have given them the inch, now they are going for the yard. Now we need to ahead them off at the pass. No land into trust, No casino.

Anonymous said...

Casino Gambling --- SLOTS -- are so lucrative, you really can't blame the International Casino Investors for playing any single hand they can in the PR Game. They know they're loosing.
Slots EARN $5 MILLION each year for EACH machine.
If the state had any sense, they would apportion slot machines to each municipality --- 4 for Middleboro, 2 for Raynham, 1 for Plympton, 2 for Carver, 2 for Lakville, 4 for Bridgewater and so on.
Deficit solved!
Cut out the investors, put the slots in Town Hall and the money never leaves Town.