Monday, November 19, 2007

Dogs Playing Liar's Poker


Anonymous said...

Great job!
Good reminder of the Board of Clowns!
Did we hear church bells pronounce the death of Middleboro as this vote was taken?

Anonymous said...

Gladys, I like it, but a better choice of song would have been "I'm your puppet". Or,that one that goes.... 1,2,3,4. dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb!

Lakeville Lady said...


I love your site and thanks for what you are doing to help.

I hope you'll post something about Adam Bond's letter in the Globe South. This man is beyond unbelievable. I can't recall the Middleboro BS (oops, I mean BOS) asking for the opinion of the surrounding communities - but now he expects the surrounding communities to value his opinion and ask for his input?

I'm not sure calling out local Rep's, etc., is really the best way to go. But, his mistake might be our gain.

Anonymous said...

Gladys, Thanks for your efforts. This is very funny, but also very sad. The town I have called home for more than 48 years has been sold to the highest bidder, by incompetent fools.

Kathleen Conley Norbut said...


You're a hoot!

jacquie said...

No outsider would believe what has gone on in Middleboro for the past 8 months. It's truly a script from the twilight zone.
I thank you for continuing to write your're making a huge impact.