Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Talk to the Hand...

…because the town ain’t listening.

I found out something interesting today. In the minutes of the July 28, 2007 Town Meeting from Hell, discretely concealed within the antiquated morass of the Middleboro town web site, the only mention of Article 3 – is that it was defeated. No mention about what it was, or why it mattered.

You remember Article 3 – the one where an overwhelming majority of people stood up and said NO – they didn’t want a casino.

And it’s weird because every other article on the ballot got a write up.

The Casino No-Impact Study (Article 1) got over 20 paragraphs, including indents, underlines and a special font.

Article 2 - the vote to permanently sacrifice a portion of the 338 year old town of Middleboro in exchange for a temporary revenue stream, got a whole paragraph.

But Article 3 – just two uninspiring lines:

The Moderator informed the meeting that Article 3 has no force in law, and that it is only a public opinion question.

ARTICLE 3: This article was defeated by majority vote.

And it's a little worrisome since the selectmen have already voted not to mention article 3 in their letter to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior.

I’m sure there is a simple reason for this grievous exclusion. Perhaps you could call the town clerk at 508-946-2415 and ask that they flesh out Article 3 a bit.

For the people.


Anonymous said...

Maybe at the same time, you could ask her why only casino supporters distributed and counted ballots, or why so many non-Middleboro residents were allowed on the field - incidentally delivered by Mr. Limo from the IBEW in Lakeville with orange t-shirts and matching chairs.

Mrlimo08 said...

Just a quick comment.
Mrlimo chauffeured Middleboro Police, elderly and residents only.

I even picked up a few anti people.

At no time did MSM EXEC buses transport union workers.

I would have if asked but Union officals had there own bus.

Please get your facts straight.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Limo, thanks for bringing up union workers. I hope they all understand they'll get nothing out of the deal. Kerzner and Wolman DO NOT HIRE UNION, THEY HIRE SCABS. The IBEW etc. gave their time and effort for someone else's pocket. Nice plug too, by the way. NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO,NO CASINO, NO CASINO.

carverchick said...

Hey Gladys,

Maybe we should inform the DOI about the mysteriously absent article 3 vote. They didn't include it because then they would be saying the Town is against a casino and they aren't allowed to do that! But I can....and I think I will. In fact, I think I will fill in Mr. Kempthorne on an "outsiders" view of what went on in Middleboro this summer...and how it has already affected our wonderful region. It will probably be the most interesting read he has had in a while. If anything, he may find it interesting that the CRAC leader came to my town and disrupted a community forum on the proposed Middleboro casino by hogging the mike and repeatedly saying there would be no impacts...none to water, none to traffic, none to crime...completely disregarding the concerns of Carver citizens and cranberry farmers as if they didn't matter. He might also be interested to know that the Mashpee Wampanoags didn't even bother to send a speaker to talk to us even though they were invited by our BOS.


Gladys Kravitz said...

Yes Carverchick, I think you should write about all those things. They are part of the story. And the Carver meeting...I was there too! So I'll back you up.

Oh...so many things to write.

And article three? As long as it continues to be swept under the rug, I will continue to take the rug outside, throw it over the porch rail, and beat it with a broom.

Anonymous said...

With all do respect Anon9:10...You are calling 92.5% of the population "scabs." Where I come from we call them real Americans.

Leave the mouthbreathing thugs to fight their own battles

Anonymous said...

Interesting that mrlimo08 was not only allowed, but welcomed to transport "elderly and residents only". I inquired of the BOS at the BOS meeting that announced the rules for the STM if I would be permitted to drop off my elderly mother-in-law, who has difficulties walking, at the entrance to the HS, and was told "No-drop her off at one of the bus pick-up areas". I made it clear that I would drop her off, leave, and park off-site. Didn't matter. As a matter of fact, there was no mention of any special transportation for the elderly. Now tell me, mrlimo08, where was your designated pick-up area and who paid you? Surely, there was no announcement made ahead of time from the town that your services had been retained.