Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Blogfathers

Ok, let me see if I've got this straight...

First we were racists, then we were nazis, and now, apparently, we are the mafia.

This can only mean one thing... my favorite Middleboro selectman and casino cheerleader is blogging again.

Just when I think I'm out... they pull me back in!

In his tireless effort to raise the level of the casino issue dialogue, Adam Bond first removed a link on his blog to, because the website links to...

(O M G)

...other blogs.

(Quickly! Take the children out of the room!)

And blogs (translation: anti-casino blogs) according to Adam, are mean.

Yet, bada bing, in a display of irony, Mr. Bond continues to link to a web site which once opined that anti-casino folks were using scare tactics, bigotry, prejudice and hate to get their message across. (That was pretty mean.)

Stranger still, since Mr. Bond seems to think he's the one wearing the size XX-Large pearly white baseball cap in all this, is that his blog continues, as of this writing, to link to yet another certain pro-casino web site owner who

  • has publicly called anti-casino activists racists, terrorists and liars (oh my!).
  • ...and who, when desperate for a darker moniker, even sinks to the level of calling them pedophiles.
  • ...and who ran a contest with a real cash-equivalent prize to humiliate an anti-casino blogger with sexually suggestive photos.
  • ...and who threatened said blogger with violence
  • ...and who purchased a domain name in that blogger's real name with an offer to sell it for the right price,
  • ...and who's web site forum regularly features Middleboro town committee chairmen and others who lob threats of litigation at casino opponents like so many venom-filled intimidation grenades
  • ...and who's website front page offers an ever-changing daily rant of nonsensical accusations blaming anyone and everyone except himself for all his problems.
(Phew! That is super mean!)

But then, this volatile individual also sponsors Adam's weekly radio show, and doesn't. So, I guess that makes it ok. (I keep forgetting that money makes everything OK with Adam.)

Fuggedaboutit. None of that matters. Because in the upside down bizarro world of Adam Bond, we - anti-casino bloggers - are the bad guys using 'extortion' and/or 'coercion' to attain our goals.

From a Coffee Shop Talk blog about recent attempts by some bloggers to get the aforementioned scary-wierd web site owner to take it down a couple notches:

"Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups. The actual obtainment of money or property is not required to commit the offense. Making a threat of violence or a lawsuit which refers to a requirement of a payment of money or property to halt future violence or lawsuit is sufficient to commit the offense."

By the way, can someone tell me if is this an example of coercion?:

... Hurry up and vote for the agreement NOW or they'll come anyway and we'll get nothing...

Hmmm... sounds an awful lot like one of those offers you can't refuse...

Folks, wanna know why there are so many bloggers out there criticizing Mr. Bond and the casino project? Because they've done their research, that's why. They've read independent studies which indicate casinos bring increased violent and white collar crime, spousal abuse, divorce, bankruptcy, child abuse and neglect, gambling addiction and suicide. And because they watched a seriously, and horribly, flawed process take place over the summer. Not because they are any of the colorful labels that some pro-casino people have tired to pin on them.

Yet, our Mr. Bond feels personally persecuted, and perceives he is being held to a different standard.

Well... he is. Adam Bond is an elected official in the town of Middleboro. He ran for office, won, and became entrusted with doing the best job he can for the 22,000 folks who live there. But over the summer I watched him and the other board members cavelierly sell their town out to casino interests. And they never once appeared to understand or appreciate the magnitude and repercussions of their actions.

Outraged bloggers stepped in. We can't make policy, or sign multi-million dollar agreements or write off a portion of a 338 year old town, but we can comment on the actions of those who do.

Just look at the recent Middleboro town manager search. I know that many of us looked up the candidates on the Internet, and found them being discussed on blogs - and it was helpful in the decision process to read those opinions. People who are entrusted with profound responsibilities should be expected to come under such scrutiny. Yet Mr. Bond calls this a 'nightmare'.

What of the nightmare of those who may find their homes in the shadow of a looming 18 story gambling casino? Did he even hear the young man at the BIA hearing who worked hard and did his best to buy a home he now can't sell due to it's proximity to the proposed casino site? What of the nightmare of the father of twins who faces the prospect of raising them with a casino peering into their backyard? What of the nightmare of generations of future gambling addicts and their families?

What of my own nightmare, of being relentlessly harrassed for close to a year now by an obviously unstable and potentially dangerous individual legitimized by a sitting Middleboro selectman on his blog and radio show?

Why does Adam get to make the big decisions and get off nightmare free? Why does he seem to feel entitled to inflict carnage, then slip off quietly into the witness protection program?

I'm not trying to be some wiseguy, here. Democracy requires a system of checks and balances. Check, meet balance.

I have only one regret as a blogger - that our blogs weren't established before Mr. Bond and his crew had their way with the town of Middleboro. Perhaps then he, and they, would have thought twice before rushing into an agreement. Perhaps they would have done their homework. Perhaps they would have taken the time to hold public forums with people other than Glenn Marshall and a pack of money-hungry casino-shilling lawyers. Perhaps the gavel would have been given a rest. And perhaps, if they realized that someone, someday might be googling their name and clicking onto one of our blogs, they might have more fully considered what constitutes someone else's nightmare before inflicting one upon them.

Mr. Bond frequently states that he'd like to raise the level of the debate. What debate? He successfully managed to squelch any meaningful debate by rushing into the agreement, by co-authoring Section 22 B of that agreement, and by steadfastly ignoring the fact that the town voted No on Article 3 - that they didn't WANT a casino.

Let's face it, Mr. Bond just wants to raise the level of the debate so high that no one will be able to look down and see his own tracks in the mud.

Good luck, Mr. Bond. In the meantime, I’ll give your regards to Vito, Sonny, Tony, Paulie Walnuts, Uncle Junior and the rest of the family.


Middleborough Mother said...

Chasing my two-year old around, not much time is allowed for detailed analsis, but nap time gives me a few minutes to sort throgh this. I choose not to include my name for fear of retaliation from what has clearly become nasty, fueled by Mr. Bond's comments. He seems to think it's acceptable for name-calling and venom to be encouraged from Raynham, but no one should disagree with him. Mr. Bond is contributing to the outrage and needs an anger managment class himself. Please consider silence a worthy solution, Mr. Bond and stop attacking those who merely disagree with you.

Fiferstone said...

Hi Gladys:

Brilliant! Thanks for being so on the mark with this. True story: My great grandfather on my mother's side was the first Roman Catholic member elected to the school board in the town of Carmel, NY sometime in the early 20's. He was an emigrant from Bally James Duff in Ireland, and had established a successful business (blacksmith shop that ultimately became a gas station), and had raised 9 children. After he was elected to the school board, some gentlemen in white bedsheets came to pay his family a visit, said visit including a pyrotechnical display on his front lawn. Family tradition has it that he woke everyone up and had them come out to the front lawn. He then addressed the white-sheeted mob thus: "I thank you gentlemen for the honor you have paid me tonight and I wanted my family to see it. If I'm doing something to annoy the likes of you, I'm doing something right, good evening to you all." With that, he ushered everyone else back into the house, and they all went to bed.

The white sheeted mob, embarrassed by his lack of fear, simply drifted away.

We all need to keep going, as we are doing something right, no matter whom it annoys.

Gladys Kravitz said...

What a wonderful story, Fiferstone! Thanks you. From your pen to God's ears.

Anonymous said...

What a great point from fiferstone!
It certainly distracts from the issues when you're constantly being called names by WHSBN who is incapable of separating facts from fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Glady,
You always hit a nerve! and it's always the right one!! As fiferstone's courageous great grandfather went forth with a righteous heart to face his "enemy" so shall you!!!
For you Gladys:
Keep on your path.

Anonymous said...

It makes no sense that these people continue to fan the flames of hatred. No wonder they don't get anything done.

Jacquie said...


The BOS are bothered by you, carverchick and BB because you are all so effective.You each have your own, unique way of presenting the public with information. The 3 of you have done so much good (and now fiferstone is in the picture), that the BOS are just intimidated and can't compete.

What forums or educational lectures on casinos have the BOS independently conducted to educate the residents?

The answer is easy.

Thank God for the Blogfathers. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Adam Bond is up to his knees in casino mud. He was at the center and with megaphone in hand, Middleboro casino cheerleader in chief. And the last time I looked, he is still at it.

Blogs were not formed to attack Adam Bond.
Blogs were formed because the BOS, egged on by Adam Bond declared a moratorium on sunshine. And things happened in the dark that were not right.

Jacquie said...

May I add Middleboro Review, Carl's quotes and Ryan's take to the "blogfathers", they have contributed a wealth of info to the public as well.

Anonymous said...

Exellent points. You are the queen b (blogger). We all know you speak the truth and punch the keys for all to see. We all have the same thing to gain from all this,NO CASINO. As for Adam Bond, no comment.

Dan Kennedy said...

Gladys: I have been reading Adam's most recent posts for a few days, trying to make enough sense out of them to write something. I couldn't. Thank you for doing it. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I can't sign my name because I'm afraid of retaliation. I see what has been said about you and believe it's wrong. Mr. Bond and that other person have targeted you and many of us appreciated your bravery and courage in speaking out against such hatred. We support what you are doing. Please keep speaking out for those of us who can't risk or tolerate the attacks that you have endured.

carverchick said...

Jeez, you go away for a little rest and come home to the same old tired pro casino argument...."anti casino bloggers are mean". When will the pro side quit whining about us and actually come up with a good reason for a casino. Oh, right! There is no good reason so the only defense is to attack us and make us out to be the evil villians.

well, as long as I don't wake up one morning with a horses head in my bed, I think I will keep blogging!

Thanks Gladys -- once again a wonderfully educational and entertaining blog. What would we do without you?

cdplakeville said...

After reading a collection of posts others have sent to me verifying the nasty behavior, your blog only confirms that those wannabes can't hold a candle to the Blogfathers. They are trying to cut into our turf and are killing themselves. They just don't get it. Who needs to make a hit when they are making the concrete for their own shoes?
Just in case this comment about making "hits" offends anyone, I am using literary techniques to make my point. Have you figured it out yet?

Jenn said...

Mr. Kennedy, Your comment is appreciated as the voice of wisdom since many of us are frankly, puzzled by Mr. Bond's comments as well. He apparently can't tolerate criticism of any sort and lashes out in anger at any target.
This is the man who wanted to be Town Manager after selling the town. OMG!

cdplakeville said...

The horses are safe CarverChick. The Resort Bingo Hall will be no threat. Suffolk Downs needs all the horse they've got.

Maggie said...

OMG! Glad AB told me I was fraternizing with the mafia! who whadda know'd?
Wikipedia for a legal definition? Huh? What a joke!

Anonymous said...

On website, on August 4, 2007, Bond, after learning that Marshal was a convicted rapist and a liar, is quoted as saying "I'm not uncomfortable. I still trust the man".

So Bond learns that the man was a rapist - one the lowest forms of human being, and instead of being repulsed, he says "I'm not uncomfortable. I still trust the man".

This, citizens of Middleboro, is your new Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.


Anonymous said...

Why would any adult, well educated man, and an attorney at that, make such a careless and stupid comment about a convicted rapist?


This casino seems to be very, very, very important to Bond.

Actually, really important.

Smoking Owl said...

First, let me say, I'm not going to attack Adam Bond. I'm going to state my own personal opinion and if he is threatened by that, then too bad.

I don't like Adam Bond.
In my opinion he is ruining our town.
I think he's an idiot.
I wish he'd move back to where he came from.
I AM uncomfortable and I don't trust him.
I think he sold his soul to the devil.
I think he thinks he will get a free pass on his stupidity because of his position on the BOS.
I think he can't understand why anybody in their right mind would oppose him.
I think he thinks he knows what's best for everybody and we should just lay down and let him rule the town.
I think he doesn't understand that being a public figure makes him a lightning rod for criticism.
I think he is extremely thin skinned for an elected official.
I think he actually is Big Pussy.