Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bonfire of the Vanities

In case you missed it, in the comment section of my previous post, a poster related some of the disparaging remarks they've received when someone finds out they are from Middleboro:

...I travel around the state, when I pull out my license to confirm payment for a purchase, just about every time there is a comment made about the casino "town" and it is not in the best light. Sometimes it's been, "glad it's in YOUR town", "what are you people crazy?," "I have a family member in CT. that lived near (insert either casino), they had to move" OR "they wanted to but the property values dropped so low they couldn't sell to move" This goes on & on, even from people who like to gamble! DON'T WANT IT IN THIER TOWN/CITY! I now say, call my BOS & tell them what you said to me! I am against it, they are for it!! This is why I have becomed embarrased by my address! One person even had the rudness to say to me, "stupid people," & they didn't even know what side I was on.

Being from Bridgewater, I have been spared this sort of thing. But I feel bad for the people who have had to listen to it. Middleboro is a nice place. I'm not just saying that because I was born there.

Before flying monkeys took over town hall, I used to really enjoy going to restaurants, shopping at antique stores, taking my kids to sporting events and exploring parks and other outdoor areas in Middleboro. And, I admit I got a bit teary eyed when I saw what an amazing job the town did renovating the building I used to call Junior High.

But the thing is - it's a universal phenomenon - ask people if they'd like casinos to come to Massachusetts, and a lot of them will say, "sure!" But ask them in they'd want a casino in their own town, and you get a different answer. I even recall a speaker from Mass Taxpayers who'd traveled around the state asking these same two questions, and no matter what kind of town he was in, up-scale, rural, working-class, urban, suburban - it didn't matter - invariably he received the same lopsided answer.

So, I guess people just find it hard to understand why Middleboro seems so stoked about a casino in their own backyard. But, then, they only know what they read in the papers and see on the news. And, after last year's Town Meeting from Hell, the Globe only added fuel to the fire with it's headline, Middleborough goes all in.

Now sure, Middleboro didn't go "all in" - we all know that - but the rest of the State still hasn't gotten the memo. Nor have they heard about all the shenanigans that went on leading up to the meeting. And I bet they can't imagine in their wildest dreams that after the land sale, the Middleboro Board of Selectman were busy dissecting the finer points of dog complaints instead of researching potential casino impacts, or reading up on IGRA.

Let's face it. Most people just have no idea of what a bunch of goofballs you have running the town.

And yesterday, my friend and fellow blogger, Middleboro Review, alerted me to this frightening happenstance.

The rumor is, the man in the photo holding the Sacred Marshmallows and the Holy Fire Extinguisher of Antioch while attending a Native American religious ceremony wants to be the next Middleboro selectman.

Folks, please don't vote any more goofballs into office. Isn't it bad enough that people all over the rest of the State are dissing Middleboro about the casino business. Isn't it bad enough that when I do a podcast, at the mere mention of the name 'Adam Bond', two people from other parts of the State start cracking up.

Towns shouldn't have to come with a laugh track.

Stamp this thing out before it starts! Only YOU can prevent forest fires!


Anonymous said...

Just today, in a conversation with a customer of mine on the North Shore, I mentioned that I live in Middleborough. "Too bad about that casino thing" was his comment. I get this ALL the time, from people all over the state.

I haven't spoken with anybody who wishes that the casino was in their town.

Nobody in their right mind would want a mega-casino near their home (unless they were grossly ill-informed or corrupt)

Starting to get the picture??

P.S. The photo of BG leaves me at a loss for words.

Anonymous said...

I think the "deal" was made a long time ago. Wanyne Perkins summed it up. 2003 the Aquinnah: He pretty much said a casino would ruin Middleborians way of life. I think he was stalling for the Mashpee. It makes no sense that the BOS would be against even considering the idea, then be all in when the Mashpee come looking. The deal was too fast and too clean. As far as moving if it does come(it's not) I will take the loss and move on. I don't care to support something like that. If the BOS doesn't want good people with decent paychecks to live here, I guess they want $8.00 an hour casino slobs.

Anonymous said...

Lakeville friends who watch our bos meetings think they're hysterical and cant imagine voting for a funnier crew. Marsha blabbers we've already done it, or provides the historical notes, or repeats verbatim what Roger has told her. Mimi should have her knitting with her. Spataro is asleep most of the time or stammers an incoherent response, if he's even there.
The chair can't wait for the next cellphone call so he can take a cig break because, after all, town business is an intrusion in his life.
And your Tankman nods and lets the world pass him byebye.
It wouldn't get any better than this with comedy writers! And we voted for them!
I can't wait to see the board with marshmallow man on it! Now that's going to be funny!

cdplakeville said...

Gladys, Thank you for reminding us all that we are not alone in understanding that what has happened in Middleborough boggles the rest of the world's minds. Those who live off of casino Kool-Aid no longer think or act rationally. Keep up the great blogging.

carverchick said...

Yes Gladys, as Cdplakeville said, thank you. Those of us who live in Towns where our BoS and Town leaders actually care about community have been and will continue to be mind boggled by Middleboro leadership.

I have a NO CASINO bumpersticker on my car. The first and probably only bumpersticker I have ever placed on any vehicle I have owned. I am always being asked by coworkers, acquaintances and complete strangers if I live in Middleboro. I say "no, I live in Carver, but my home is closer to the casino site than most Middleboro residents". I cannot tell you how many times I have heard - so sorry...or...I couldn't imagine.....or, I would never want that in my town....

the comments go on and on. people outside of the koolaid spiked water supply of Middleboro get it. Not only do they get it, they are horrified by the idea of it.

Another great blog. As far as the marshmallow and fire extinguisher photo goes...break out the laugh track.

BTW - I am still trying to figure out why the Tribe held a sacred ceremony on land they don't even own.

NOT from Mboro said...

but I live closeby. I can't believe there are some in the 'boro who are stupid enough to vote the same jerks in over and over and over. Is it the water? Just look at the comments on topix that indicate the stupidity in the town. Have you ever seen such morons? And no one is watching the televised meetings or they wouldn't re-elect these people. Out of town residents who are property owners in other towns registered to vote in the TMFH and no one asked any questions. How do I know? They bragged about it. Some are my neighbors. That isn't town government, it's Saturday Night Live.

Anonymous said...

Confronted with a choice of well-educated, knowledgeable, informed candidates, Mboro voters chose to re-elect the Gavel Queen and Aunt Bea.
The Gavel Queen's gestapo tactics have been documented in this forum and need no further definition.
Aunt Bea knew nothing about the contamination at Rockland Industries even though it's been an issue for 40 years that the Selectmen have mostly ignored.
It's clear that only the current Chairman gains by having the 'dumb as dirt' crew surround him. Otherwise, they might actually accomplish something resembling running the town.

Anonymous said...

Another great blog. What particularly caught my eye was the rumor that Middleboro's own engineer/minister/politico/mensa master/fictionfinder is considering a bid for Selectman. Well now, isn't that special! No wonder he has recently abandoned procasino messages boards in an attempt to build credibility as the editor of a new online newspaper. Just what we need on our BOS......another egomaniac.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Gladys. It's nice to know that not everybody out there is in support of this (or any) casino. The media typically reports support for casinos in MA and often ignores the opposition to it.

As far as our BOS (M'boro), in the past there weren't many serious issues in M'boro so we never had reason to be concerned about the quality of our local elected leaders.

Things have changed. I think the casino issue woke people up and brought to light the deficiencies of our board.

Unfortunately, the largest voting block has been the town employees. They are the ones that keep showing up and voting these people back on the board. Can't they see beyond thier paychecks to realize that quality of life isn't measured in hourly wages?

So if M'boro wants and needs leadership of the highest quality by people of integrity, the best way to get it, is to show up at the polls and vote.

"Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote"
- George Jean Nathan

Keep up the good work, Gladys!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gladys,
For the first time I can't add anything to this blog. Every one of these comments are just what I feel and would have said myself here today. So, only comment left for me! Good work Gladys as usual, and to all the commenters:


Anonymous said...

goofballs doesn't begin to describe the bunch the town employees voted to represent them. Spataro spent the last meeting text messaging.


Steve isn't this the Big Leagues?

Anonymous said...

Anon: 10:26 good point!

What is REALLY interesting is to go back and re-view the YouTube postings of BOS meetings held over the past 18 months, and take a look at the body language of our "esteemed" BOS.

There is a story within the story. When will the "big reveal" take place?

danielle said...

Anon: 8:48, the contempt with which the Board treated voters, meaning those who actually put them in office is clearly evident in those videos, but it still remains. When Selectmen don't believe it is inappropriate to text message during a meeting as Mr. Spataro did, there is clearly a problem. And when others, like Mr. Bond are in and out of meetings to take cellphone calls or cigarette breaks, there is clearly a problem. And when Mrs. Brunelle's only contribution is to restate past history or to reassure viewers that 'we've already done that,' there is clearly a problem.
Mr. Hal Brown posted a comment that he believed you should elect the person and that fulfills your responsibility by casting a vote. For some, they largely believe they don't have to pay attention or participate or protest when they disagree.
That needs to change in order to change town government.
Isn't it a sign of disrepect to voters to textmessage during a Selectmen's Meeting? Is Mr. Spataro there to do the town's business or conduct his own?
And much the same might be said of Mr. Bond who creates the impression that being a Selectman intrudes on his life.
We've got a new town manager who hasn't brought the baggage of Dagostino, Yunits or Jack Healey. It would seem to be time for us to increase participation and work to make things better. And when Mr. Spataro's term is up nect April, we should work to elect a qualified candidate.

Anonymous said...

Dean Anon: 5:05PM

Your points are well made. I challenge anyone to find fault with your assessment.

However after reading your post, I believe more than ever that the BOS as it stands, is huge problem for the future of our town.

There are several ways to approach the problem of the BOS.

Continue to be BOS watchdogs and in essence, reactionary to their moves or lack of.

Be proactive and begin the process of peeling the onion so to speak.

Or do nothing but just wait and let nature take it's course.

The problem is, that the 24/7 effort that was poured into challenging the casino, was and still is exhausting, and has taken its toll to some extent.

I notice that some people are content to think the job is well on its way to being done, and that gaming will not get a toehold here.

Many of those folks are weary of the battle and roll their eyes at the thought of exposing the incompetence of the BOS.

I just can not imagine folding up my tent and walking away, knowing the BOS is loaded with such incompetence.