Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sign of the Times

A reader on my previous post enjoyed my new slogan:

"Those who can't lead, install slot machines"

and suggested I ask for variations on that theme - as in "Those who can't lead, (fill-in-the blank)" - which I thought was a great idea.

In fact, I'll go one better and sound the call for your best anti-casino/anti-slots slogans!

What do you think the sign in the picture above should say?

C'mon, kids - why not have some fun while we wait for Cedric Cromwell to figure out he's not getting a casino.

By the way, when I look at the blank sign in the picture, you know what I think? I think it would be nice to have leaders who could grasp how WRONG predatory gambling was - so that we wouldn't need signs and blogs and editorials and grassroots organizations and Statehouse hearings with experts getting shouted down by unions - just so we can try and give them a clue.

Oh well, in the meantime...


Anonymous said...

Slot machines collect Taxes for the Stupid!

Anonymous said...

What a great game.

How's this one:

"Those who can't think, elect incompetant politicians."

Not exactly a no casino/or no gaming slogan, but since the problem starts with incompetance, I thought it would be okay to address the cause of the casino/slots issue.

I can't wait to see what your readers come up with!

Jacquie said...

"Those who don't use their head, use slots instead"

Gladys Kravitz said...

Hey I've got one...

"Casinos Suck...Dollars from Local Businesses"

Jacquie said...

Slots do not = COMMONwealth.

Gladys Kravitz said...

If the machine addicts
You MUST restrict!

Fiferstone said...


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about Cahill's new 3 million dollar Mass State Lottery? The winner gets 3 dollars a year for a million years.

Nocasino said...







Anonymous said...

Those who can't lead, run for Middleboro Selectman.

Anonymous said...

A better one --

Those who can't lead are already on the Middleboro Board of Selectmen. Time for change!

Anonymous said...

My husband can gamble. But he can't pay child support!

Anonymous said...

Let's try a limmerick:

There once was a Governor from Mass
Who thought that slots should pass
Because the budget ran dry
and he didn't know why
He really was quite an ASS!

Anonymous said...

Slot machines: Better dead than fed.

Carl said...

You can put lip stick on a slot machine and it is still a slot machine.

Nocasino said...

There once was a town that was busted
In a lawyer from New York they trusted

He told them a casino was a no-brainer.
We just needed was his Pal on retainer.

So to the tribe we awarded a contract.
and to the state we supported a compact.

But, then Marshall was convicted,
As Amelia predicted.

The court has ordered the land can not be intrusted

Just wait to see who else will be busted.


Anonymous said...

Nocasino, that was brilliant!

And just too funny!

Your talents are wasted!

Jacquie said...

BRAVO Nocasino!!!!

Encore! Encore!

Anonymous said...

There all so good, I just don't dare to compete.

Love reading them!!

Thanks Gladys for getting it started.

Anonymous said...

The onslaught of slots must be stopped
for losing the money for your honey is not so funny
when you end up untying the knot
and losing the home we bought.

You no good for nothing ....................

Thanks for letting me get it out of my system with some humor.

Anonymous said...

Casino bites the dust.

A-bomb runs for cover.

Selectmen in denial.

I never drank the Kool-Aid.

Never trust a politician.

Oh my, the bloggers rule the day.

Anonymous said...

No propagation

No mitigation

No litigation

No 'C' situation

No landscape disfiguration

No more AB fabrication

No gambling habituation

No worrisome palpitations

No slot $$$ salivation

No land devaluation

No more PR propagation

Finally time for relaxation

Anonymous said...

Casino fix:
Deep Six.

Carcieri, he's my man.
I've become his biggest fan.

A Nosey neighbor led the way,
Her determination not to sway
Made her fight on, come what may
Gladys Kravitz rules the day.

Anonymous said...

Slots rot.

Anyone notice the "royal flush" on the Selectmen's faces? The antis "broke the house" hands down.

Anonymous said...

How did that myth of inevitability go again?

Anonymous said...

Hey pass the beano, I just ate a casino. Excuse me, that stinks.

Anonymous said...

Having moved from Stoughton to Middleboro in 2004, my personal message on that sign would read... "I moved to Middleboro for this?"

Boy if I knew then, what I know now....

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Middleboro for a long time (but not since the Mayflower), I might say

"We elected this corrupt BOS for a Mega Bingo Hall" ?

Anonymous said...

Never mind inevitability, wasn't there something about having the bingo hall up and running in 18 months? Who said that?

Oh, yeah! Now I remember. It was that guy with the pony tail in the orange jump suit. What ever happened to him?

Anonymous said...

Stoughton, you were no more blindsided than everyone else in town except the town manager, bos, and an elite few -- the old boys.

We would have forewarned you.

Who was supposed to forewarn us?

Transparency in government anyone? How droll!

Anonymous said...

Stoughton, Mboro's town election are April 4th.

My sign?

"If you don't like it, VOTE!
If you hate it, tell your neighbors, friends, relatives, acquaintances!"

April 4th

Anonymous said...

My sign?

I'm not clever and I really need to say

This Is My Town Not Yours

Nocasino said...

Because of a lack of due diligence
The project was met with ambivalence

The land was rushed into auction,
Then Jacqui questioned the concoction.

When Bumpkin asked about the size of the deal
He was told to sit and shut up,as it was ideal

When the DC lawyer was questioned on comps by Rich
He was told that was only a very small glitch

As we watched Adam and his power point show,
I could swear I saw his nose start to grow.

The investors thought they were too smart and too slick,
But they never counted on nosey neighbors named Gladys, Carl and Carverchick.

Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Town was given away by Wayne

Something not sanctioned by a voter that's sane

Moderator a position he now seeks

Would enable his pension to peak

Anonymous said...

The pedestal erected by Jack

Was truly higher than one would stack

Accomplishments, resumes and auctions,

Never caused Jack to caution

Out of his league and not very smart

Why should that cause the arrogant a start?

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy math solved Jack's dilemma

Why should that cause a problema?

$7 mill in the bank

Just enough to prevent a tank

Anonymous said...

Those bloggers are a dastardly sort

Not the kind the board ever would have thought

Would force the Gavel Queen to retort

In her kindest tone imaginable

"Trust me, I'm just like Hannibal!"

Gladys Kravitz said...

There's someone else we should thank,
A real-life one-man Bradley tank,
Who went town to town,
And, one by on, brought them around,
A tireless hero named Frank.

Gladys Kravitz said...

And then there's a firecracker named Judy,
A true no-casino American beauty,
The fiercest fighter,
Who made every day brighter,
Just doing what she thought was her duty.

Anonymous said...

Inevitability and backroom deals

Did the fate of this deal seal.

Gladys spoke out

Which caused a rout.

Leaders far and wide

Began to turn the tide.

Gladys Kravitz said...

In all this talk about leaders,
Let's not forget my fine readers,
For though I'd often work like dog,
Just to publish one blog,
Their great comments made the result so much sweeter.

Anonymous said...

The comments have impressed me with the creativity that surrounds us! Plus, I've had some good laughs.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 1:10,

Honestly, I just sat back and also delighted in the wonderful creativity and humor demonstrated on this post!

I got a little inspired myself!

Many thanks to the reader who gave me the original idea. I am in your debt for a much-needed break in the otherwise ubiquitous casino monotony!

- Gladys

Jacquie said...

The blogs would keep this fight alive,

mysterious commenters like Smoking Owl and Nocasino on our side.

Though it is quite bizarre,
that we don't know who they are.

We appreciate their wisdom and humor by far.

Smoking Owl said...

I just had to join in.

Take your casino and shove it.
We in Middleboro don't love it.
I love the red bellied cooter.
Don't disturb his home with a car, a truck, or even a scooter.
Don't cut down a single tree.
Your casino is not for me.
Don't pave the woods for parking lots.
Woodland creatures have no use for slots. Don't pollute the nightime sky.
I love looking at stars with a naked eye.
Don't think we're going away.
We're in this fight to stay.
I have no yen for shooting craps.
New selectmen will have more sense perhaps!
Before you ruin this town of mine.
Shove your casino where the sun don't shine.

Anonymous said...

A lady named Gladys added some sass

That helped thwart the felons' use
of investors' cash.

That Chick from Carver provided the facts

That put supporters flat on their ass.

And Carl exploded historical ties

That proved meeting the Pilgrims was nuttin' but lies.

Carcieri that Rhode Island Guv deserves hugs

For removing the threat posed by investors and thugs.

The fight isn't over

Not by a long shot

But we'll continue to give it the best that we got!