Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Survey Says...

Fellow blogger, friend and President of United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts, Kathleen Norbut would like us all to take this very quick survey.

Go for it! And thanks!



Anonymous said...

Did it, only took two minutes or less. Thanks Gladys for the heads up.

Fiferstone said...

Also did it. IN answer to "Why do you think Governor Patrick, Therese Murray, etc., want to expand gambling in the face of the declining economy and the decline in the industry itself, I said, "They are being lazy." 'nuf said. Also, on the front page of the Sunday Globe is an article that suggests our state economy may just be showing faint glimmers of recovery (temporary work is up, companies are hiring, the housing market shows signs of improving), and will likely recover ahead of the US economy. Kinda weakens the "argument" for expanded gambling, doesn't it?