Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bob DeLeo Hears Gambling Opponents “loudly and clearly”

The speaker told host Emily Rooney that he has heard gambling opponents “loudly and clearly” and plans to fund addiction recovery programs through funds reaped from the gambling expansion.
--Statehouse News Service 2/10/10



Middleboro Remembers said...

Duh ??????

I'm so reassured !!!

Atlantic City experienced an 80% increase in crime. So DeLeo must be funding that, too, at taxpayers' expense? Did Emily ask?

And what of the declining school performance, the elevated dropout rates? Guess DeLeo's got that covered at taxpayers' expense!

And I guess DeLeo's considered the low income housing that's required for those low wage workers who don't earn a living wage. You know, the issue that was addressed in the CT DOR Report? Surely DeLeo read the 290 page report.

And DeLeo surely has considered that those workers tend to be transient with a turnover rate of 40% and he'll fund their healthcare in the state budget, so we, the taxpayers can pick up the tab.

And surely the Speaker has noticed that anonymous posters are already preparing for the 'regulatory agency' to be a "hackorama" - filled with political hacks.

If Beacon Hill's reputation is already less than pristine in the public's opinion now, these types of issues need to preceed any proposal.

When a closed door meeting was held to discuss OTB legislation in the House, that merely confirms the public's view. Then a voice vote by the Speaker?

If leadership doesn't want the label of sleazy, slimey, unethical, corrupt and illegal in the public's mind, it needs to be earned. Guess DeLeo can't hear with the earmuffs.

Part of the argument is the effects of the end result, but the other part is how 'they' got here and it's clearly without thought, research, transparency or sincere consideration of facts.

Gladys, this is the only post for which I can truthfully fault you.

In addition to the ear muffs, where are his dark glasses so DeLeo doesn't have to see the evidence before him? Like Atlantic City or Maine or Michigan or Louisiana or ...the rest of the communities that have been detroyed.

When voters speak out in November and vote muttonheads out of office for their failure to heed the vote in opposition of expanded gambling at the Democratic Convention, let's send them some Kleenix.

Jacquie said...

Just like a politician to try and put a bandaid on a huge, self-inflicted, weeping sore that will eventually get infected, become septic, affect every limb and cause the host to die....not only that but the wound will have MRSA, be contagious and spread to all surrounding the host and infect and kill everyone. Bandaids will be seen for miles.....instead of the Medicaid state, we'll be known as the Bandaid state.

Sound jaded????

I better go have some morning coffee.