Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Factory

Cut and paste this short (2 minutes) video link and send it to your friends and legislators!


FrankD said...

Gladys, I don't understand, the Middleboro BOS. said this 5 ***** Resort would be like no other Factory. Lots of jobs, endless supply of $$$ for the Town to spend on schools, Police and Fire, new roads, and utilities, etc., etc., etc., etc. What about the tourists that would flock here by the thousands, and the businesses that would pop up everywhere ? What about the added traffic, pollution, crime, and addiction they promised ? Ms. Kravitz I'm glad you woke me from this terrible dream. I have taken my last sip of "kool-aid". Time to remove these guys from office.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Frank, if people knew a factory that would do all these things was going to be built near them, they'd do anything to stop it. It's not a salvation. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Honestly, after putting together all the pages, articles and statistics for the USS-Mass web site, it's repugnant for me now to watch these political hyenas jump on the casino band wagon without doing their homework.

Like I said, a factory in any other industry that had these effects would never be allowed to be built.

My inspiration for this video came from experience. I grew up in Middleboro only to learn, years later, that a factory there, one that my school bus drove by every day, had seeped chemicals into the ground and caused a cluster of Lou Ghehrig's disease. And everyone remembers the W.R. Grace plant from 'A Civil Action.' Would anyone really vote to put such a plant in town again, knowing that?

Anonymous said...

Gladys your short factory video might be short but it packs a gut wrenching reality and a stupid slap to those that did not do their research.

If this should happen, please keep this in mind. Five yrs. from the time one opens, you must print just one lone line on your blog, I TOLD YOU SO!, because you did, USS did, and legislators didn't listen.

Stacy from Middleboro

Anonymous said...

Send this to the state legislators, send this to DC.
We're a country of gluttens, we can't get enough of anything to the point it will destroy us.

Our economic problems are our own doings, over spending when we don't have it, and a factory/casino will not take us to the paradise of wealth & prosperity. Gamble if you want, however, how can my state condone a business that sucks money out of families?? Then these poor families will need to go to the state agencies for help to just survive with the bare neccessities?? Where is this extra needed money comming from??

One word, "YOU" This will be a state wide problem, (taxes), not kept just on a local level. So NIMBY'S unite, it will effect us all no matter where these factories are built.

It's the legislators jobs to come up w/better plans, this is why I voted for my representative. IT'S THERE JOB TO SEE WE AS A STATE HAVE SOLID REVENUE that will put money back into families pockets and the state and local funds, not the other way around.

Mark Belanger said...

Powerful and polished. Nice work GK.

truthtopower said...

Wow! Gladys your talent and truth are a gift to us ALL.