Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today in Low Expectations...

The Middleboro Board of Selectmen has approved funneling $50,000 in casino planning funds from the the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe to renovate the Lincoln Lynch school, which will be leased this summer to Massasoit Community College.

Chairman of selectmen, Pat "Tankman" Rogers justified the expenditure by calling the move...
a great use of the money to prepare an economic workforce to work at the resort, and an educational opportunity for our young adults right here in Middleborough... [or even adults] to learn locally and prepare for the future.

Rogers statement officially confirms Middleboro as the "Appalachia" of the Northeast.

Further cementing the town's utter lack of self-esteem, yesterday, Middleboro voters once again returned Steve Spataro to the board of selectman, a governing body where, in light of Pat Rogers remarks, he clearly belongs.

In neighboring Bridgewater, voters eagerly gear up to throw off the shackles of a similar system of government which, like that in Middleboro, has repeatedly returned entrenched, financially-incompetent, self-serving nincompoops to office.

And so Pat, in honor of your inspirational 'vision' for the youth [and adults] of Middleboro, a town where, last I heard, you no longer even live, this one's for you.


Anonymous said...

As usual Gladys, you are on the mark!

Middleboro Remembers said...

Speaking strictly from the Cheap Seats, how much training is required for low wage dead end jobs which will be plentiful?

BTW, it is my understanding that the Middleboro School Committee negotiated a lease for $2,000 per month to Massasoit. Since this seems like another closed door discussion, it seems we'll never know what kind of cost comparison was done.

Congratulations Middleboro!

You just got the government you deserve!

Anonymous said...

It is very frustrating to live in Middleboro on election day. :-( Boo to the 10,000+ that didn't even bother and a bigger BOO to the people that voted for the same old ----!