Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

After 3 long years, inevitability has finally left the building.

Everybody!  Sing!


Nocasino said...

Gladys, Thank you for everything. This is a great day for Middleboro.


Anonymous said...

love it.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Thanks Nocasino...

...but while it's a great day for Middleboro, it's a very bad day for Fall River.

Today I'm truly joyous for Middleboro and her surrounding towns. But tomorrow, I go back to work to stop the insanity from taking over the rest of the State.

Anyone who remembers how it felt to be told they were going to live next to the world's biggest casino and that they had no choice in the matter, and anyone who discovered that the chain of leadership from their town hall to statehouse was comprised of the corrupt and the clueless, and anyone who was threatened and harassed for standing up for what's right - well today, that's Fall River's reality.

As long as we keep thinking we're safe because there's not going to be a casino in our own backyard, we'll continue to be part of the problem.

Please, be part of the solution.

Middleboro Remembers said...

Thanks for always being there, Gladys!

If a federal study determined that casino gambling impacts communities within a 50 mile radius, it would seem that 'we' will be impacted and not compensated for those impacts even with a casino in Fall River.

Those of us who have continued to research and read about the issues and impacts of predatory gambling understand that even if you're not near a slot parlor by whatever misleading name is employed such as "Destination Resort," we still pay the tab for wealthy investors to become even wealthier.

Great link!

It's time to write a check to support what you believe.

Wally Glendye said...

Although I am on the other side of the issue, I give you credit for continuing to fight against Casinos. It shows that you are sincere and not full of crap like others who have walked away.

Keep up the good work!

Gladys Kravitz said...

Thank you Wally, that is very nice of you to say.

I won't deny that its been difficult to watch people drop out of the battle, but it's perhaps made me more thankful to those who have remained.

The truth is, the battle has taken it's toll on many of us. We've faced health problems, job issues and family tragedies. Others have found a calling in local government.

I became personally involved in this issue because I didn't think a casino belonged in my own backyard, but before long, I realized casinos are bad for everyone's backyard. In fact, if I hadn't wandered out of my own backyard 3 years ago to answer a call for help, this blog, and many other things that helped prevent a Middleboro casino would never come to pass.

And while many are now thankful for the local outcome, I fear they will also become forgetful. Some of us who got our start in Middleboro are still fighting for our State.

We refuse to see the citizens of Massachusetts go down to a predatory industry without so much as a whisper.

For that reason, I urge any of you reading this blog, if you've ever felt admiration, or had your own load lightened by the actions of local anti-casino grassroots activists, to please donate generously to USS-Mass.org.

It has been a long, extraordinarily difficult three years battling a well-funded industry that creeps forward on lies of inevitability, political ineptitude, and desperation. With only 2 months to go, we could really use your help.

Thanks again, Wally and best of luck.