Monday, June 21, 2010

The Agony and the Ecstasy

"Saturation is one of the biggest red herrings in the Massachusetts casino debate," he said. Barrow contends that adding additional gambling facilities actually increases the potential market by making it accessible to more people. There are 40 casinos in Colorado, 9 in Illinois, 30 in Mississippi, 17 in Minnesota, 26 in Wisconsin, and 17 in Iowa, 18 in Louisiana, Barrow pointed out. "And yet some people in Massachusetts agonize over the prospect of three casinos? Give me a break!"
--Prof. Clyde Barrow, UMass Dartmouth
Cape Cod Times, June 21, 2010

Alrighty then, with full thanks to Doug Bailey, formerly of Casino Free Mass., let's take a look at how those casino-heavy states are doing financially

According to this week's Time Magazine,
  • Colorado 21.2 % budget shortfall as a percentage of this year's budget (12th highest in the country)
  • Illinois (36.1 % - third biggest budget deficit in the country as percentage of total budget)
  • Mississippi (14.6 %)
  • Minnesota (26.4 %)
  • Wisconsin (25.3 %t)
  • Iowa (18.6 %)
For perspective, Massachusetts' deficit as a percentage of total budget is just 8.5 % - the fifth smallest deficit in the country.  Tied for 4th smallest is Virginia, another no casino state.

The two largest deficits in the country are in Nevada (56.6 %), and New Jersey (37.4 %), followed closely by Connecticut at 29.2 %.

Massachusetts continue to sees strong job growth every month. A full 17% of the nation's new private sector jobs were created here in the Commonwealth. Last month, 15,800 jobs were created statewide.  Compare that to the 12,000 projected permanent jobs for three resort casinos that will come at the expense of local business and individuals and require a new bureaucracy to regulate.

So, instead of agonizing over how many casinos we should have in this state, chasing gambling revenue across the border, or listening to Prof. Clyde Barrow at all, perhaps Massachusetts would be better served looking at what she's already got going for her.

Let's face it, the grass always looks greener in someone else's backyard, but for all her problems, as far as the Bay State concerned, there really is,  " place like home".

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C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Puleeze! Do not confuse the issue with the facts.

Our legistlature has big, biiggghhh decisions to make.

Gimmee a cigarette? Willya?

Your steppin' on the line from my oxygen tank.