Monday, March 28, 2011

The Boz

Four years ago when I scrambled to find some information on what casinos could mean for me, my town, and for Massachusetts, some of the first words I read were those of Former Rep. Dan Bosley of North Adams.

The Boz researched the subject of expanded gambling since 1996, always trying to look at things from a financial standpoint, as well as from a long-term vs. short-term perspective. And not surprisingly, he always found that it was bad economic policy.

When the issue ignited in 2007, starting down the street from where I sit right now, Dan became a champion to those of us fighting casinos and slot parlors, flying monkeys and the myth of inevitability from our home computers, in library meeting rooms, at town hall podiums and on sidewalks.

Unlike any of the others in this debate with his or her hands on a gavel, when Dan chaired the 2008 public hearing on Deval Patrick's 3 casino plan, he sat through 16 hours of testimony, allowing everyone as long as they needed to speak, and making gambling lobbyists wait as long as anti-casino activists.

The Boz was also one of the issue's greatest debaters, and in 2010 he debated it again on the floor of the House for the last time. His last speech on the issue, taken right before the House voted to expand gambling, is here. I hope you'll take the time to watch.

Thanks for everything, Boz. Thanks for never giving up the good fight.

You'll be missed.