Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a Dog's Life

While the irony is rather obvious, I nevertheless feel compelled to point out that last night, at the very same meeting where Middleboro selectmen gathered to firm up details on how to ram through the biggest decision in it’s town’s history like a quart of brandy down the gullet of a foie gras goose, by amassing thousands of it's residents for a vote in a baseball field for four or more hours on a midsummer’s day with no shade, seating or audio equipment, those same selectmen allowed Jesse the dog, local nuisance and wayward repeat offender, an additional year of clemency before considering whether he should permanently lose his rights.

This gives Jesse exactly nine months more than was the town of Middleboro.

I can think of no other reason to explain the considerably more leisurely pace of decision making awarded to Jesse, other than that he cannot speak, hold a sign, write an editorial, dial a telephone, contact his congressman, nor contribute to Adam Bond's campaign fund.