Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More from the meeting...

Outside the Town Meeting on Saturday, all was fairly calm and contained. The police presence was very polite. One Lt. asked if we, in the Free Speech Zone needed anything, and I wondered out loud if he wouldn't mind driving up to Subway and picking up a few hundred subs - but I don't think he heard me.

Some nice ladies from the League of Women Voters had flyers they wanted to hand out, but were told by the police to stand in The Zone. This was unfortunate since the voters were all told to stick to the sidewalk on the other side of the entrance. I didn't think, at the time, that this was a calculated maneuver on the part of the police, I just thought it was one of those things that doesn’t get very well thought out. I tried to get the ladies to stand up on the sidewalk anyway - maybe close to the same spot as whoever was handing out t-shirts, but no, they insisted that they would not do anything untoward.

I would later discover that inside the meeting, my sister had tried to hand out some literature, and was escorted to the gym, past throngs of residents in orange t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan "Vote Yes for Middleboro's Future" and told she would be arrested if she did it again.

Just one more thing that went unreported by the media. Do you have a story to share about the meeting?


Anonymous said...

So, where do we go from here?

You must realize that a lot of us plain folk feel pretty defeated at this point.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what you do...write to the governor, senator, everyone who will listen. DO NOT give up. They have not taken our town yet.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth - the governor is on Eagan and Braude (96.9 FM) today from 1 to 3. You can call (617-822-1969)or send him a comment via email( Braude is sure to bring up the casino issue - but not many know about our concerns about the town meeting itself.

Anonymous said...

Voters were simply coerced into voting yes.

I was detained while trying to present information to voters. The information was taken from me and I was not allowed to distribute. It was basic information, but obviously some didn’t want people to know the truth. What is so wrong about the truth? We teach our children to always tell the truth, yet many adults at this meeting were behaving like children.

During the meeting I spoke with several Pro casino people whom were feared into believing we had no choice. I was able to inform them about the process, and how the investors needed Middleboro to move this forward. The information I had on print (which was taken) contained this information. All those I provided this information to changed their vote to NO.

We need to continue fighting this.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wrote what i saw here:

I saw out-of-towners being admitted without question as long as they had on an orange shirt. I saw a moderator clearly in way over his head. I saw a board of selectmen who embody most arguments against representative democracy. I saw a town take a step toward dying out.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Hal Brown abandoned his camera at the most recent Selectmen's Meeting?
Has anyone ever seen his pictures? Does anyone honestly believe he has film in his camera?
Since he's not a legitimate journalist, why has Dictator Brunelle allowed his disruptions at meetings as he climbs over furniture or hangs from the chandelier?

Anonymous said...

registered voters have committed to writing:
1. Ballot box stuffing
2. Orange shirted non-residents allowed onto the field
3. that the Town Moderator was notified DURING the balloting about ballot box stuffing
4. that Roger Brunelle was notified during the meeting about ballot box stuffing
5. Police intimidation. Lt. Gates even escorted one woman into the gym, confiscated her flyers and threatened her with arrest.
6. Police ignoring the ballot box stuffing
If you have comments to add, please contact me at 508 946-9761
and your comments will be added to the growing pile.
Thanks. Jessie Powell