Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mr. August

The other day, the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth’s Center for Policy Analysis released a report which recommended that the state issue commercial gambling licenses for three casinos in the Bay State. None of which, according to the report, belong in Middleboro.

Clyde Barrow, author of the report, points out that, after much consideration by the Center’s New England Gaming Research Project, Massachusetts could rake in it's highest share of gambling booty by placing these three casinos in strategic locations.

Instead of Palmer, a Western Mass casino would be more successfully placed near the intersection of I-291 and the Massachusetts Turnpike to lure gamblers from Upstate New York, Western Connecticut, and Vermont.

A Suffolk Downs casino near Boston would capture and refresh the Maine and New Hampshire market, already weary from trucking down to Connecticut.

And… you heard it here first, a casino in New Bedford would offer more benefits and make more money than one in Middleboro.

Not to mention that the Southeastern Regional Planning & Economic Development District, or SRPEED has it’s own concerns about what a casino would do to our region. Many don't realize that Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun were necessarily located on reservations, but the State of Massachusetts finds itself in the enviable position of taking a more considered approach. Which we should.

Gladys, as you know, would prefer Massachusetts remain casino-free, but I also know that when someone whispers of gold, a gold rush will probably follow. In fact, it was while listening to Mr. Barrow give a presentation on the true depth of casino pockets, that I began to realize what an incredibly small amount of money $7 M would be for the Tribe to offer the town for it's troubles. How little even $25 M would be.

Mr. Barrow and I seem to approach the issues of a casino or casinos in Massachusetts from opposite sides of the divide; he from how much there is to gain, and I, from how much there is to lose.

Therefore, for taking the time to research this issue (much more time, in fact, than anyone on the Middleboro Board of Selectmen), and still managing to meet me in the middle, (and not in Middleboro) I hereby name Clyde Barrow, my official Person of the Month.


Anonymous said...

Let's make our region a better place by stopping one casino at a time. First up, Middleboro....and beyond.
Let's make our respective town's a better place to live by recalling one BOS at a time.
I can't wait to taste sucess.
sweet,sweet sucess.I love my home,I hate greed!, and destroying the environment. Oh, and stupid people, they can go too. Unless some of them say,"I'm sorry".

Anonymous said...

Recall one BOS at a time?
It works for me!
Let's make Middleboro a success, then move on to Bridgewater!
And making Middleboro a success will send Oliari, Perkins' goomba, quaking in his boots.
(They seem to need much help. Too many old boys.)