Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Casino Roulette

Ok… first, the Governor wants three commercial casinos. Then, today, he rejects the Wampanoag Tribe’s application for a casino in Middleboro.

Rep. Tom Calter, (D – Kingston) says he’s for gambling in Massachusetts, but not in Middleboro. He seems confident that the Governor is on board with that.

Then, the Raynham Call prints this story about Rep. David Flynn (D – Bridgewater), who is suddenly on the fence about retiring. The article cites the following cryptic reasons for this change of heart:

Two years ago, Flynn, who wears the honorary title “House Dean” for his earliest Statehouse service, said he would be ready to call it quits in 2008 to spend more time with his family.

Now, he says, there are many critical issues affecting his 8th Plymouth district constituents in Bridgewater, Raynham and Easton.

Topping his concerns are the budget, casinos, commuter rail, and the future of the Raynham dog track.

He says where the casino goes, so goes the train. If a planned gambling resort is licensed for Route 44 in Middleboro, 40 or 50 more trains will be running through Bridgewater 24 hours a day.
Meanwhile, the BIA will be holding hearings in Middleboro and Mashpee...

Palmer, East Boston, Plainville, New Bedford, Worcester, Chicopee. At the tracks, in the cities, in suburbia, in the countryside.

‘Round and ‘round and ‘round she goes, but where the casinos could land… nobody really knows.

So don’t do your victory dance just yet.

Deval is just as dead set on selling his casino plan as the Wampanoag Tribe is dead set on putting their casino in Middleboro.

Think they won't put one there if there's already casino in New Bedford? Did Foxwoods stop Mohegan Sun?

Still looking for a sure bet? Here it is. If Deval gets his way, three casinos will go up in someone’s backyard. And if that backyard isn’t in Middleboro, it doesn’t mean a thing. Because the Tribe will still try to put one there. They are following the Connecticut plan after all. That State fought casinos, too.

By making slots legal in Massachusetts at all, the welcome mat is being rolled out for them in Middleboro.

And a lot of legislators still just don’t understand that.

And remember, it’s not like the Governor sent the Tribe packing. According to this article in the Cape Cod Times:

State officials oppose the plan because the tribe did not build in adequate safeguards for environmental protection, zoning, transportation, labor, public safety, public health and consumer protection...

Sounds like nothing a good old State controlled commercial casino license couldn’t clear right up.

Folks, Gladys is sorry for the buzz kill. I know a lot of you see this development as a really hopeful sign. It’s just that I’ve watched what a game this has been for so many of the factions involved.

And speaking of games, think about this… what’s the quickest way to get rid of the opposition?

Let them think that they’ve won.


carverchick said...

Great blog Gladys, and a great reminder too!

I think that it is fantastic that the Governor rejected the application, but I also know it is a political move on his part to push his commercial casino proposal - much like the Wampanoags played their political game by going to the BIA and insisting that they could have class III gambling because churches in this state have Las Vegas nites. I am happy yes...okay, thrilled is more like it but I also know this is a minor victory and we still need to fight to keep a casino out of Middleboro as well as any casinos out of this State. I am still writing my letter to Secretary Kempthorne opposing land into trust and I encourage everyone else to also!

marylou said...

My goodness, Gladys! My eyes stopped at this sentence --
40 or 50 more trains will be running through Bridgewater 24 hours a day.

So 50,000 cars a day and 40 or 50 trains?

marylou said...

If I'm not so smart and figured out Class 3 Gaming will open EVERYTHING, why haven't these guys?
Sounds like campaign contributions to me.
Time for Flynn to resign!

Anonymous said...

The BOS. How are they doing? Good job or not?

marylou said...

"The BOS. How are they doing? Good job or not?"

anonymous, I hope you meant this as a joke because it's really pretty funny that anyone would ask.