Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I hate this. I hate having to interrupt blogging about interesting and educational subjects and everything else I’m trying to accomplish in life in order to address another needless pro-casino hissy fit.

As most of my regular readers know, I don’t generally visit pro-casino sites or forums, and I rarely blog about anyone who is not an elected official, policy maker or town committee member. This blog often employs parody, satire, and multimedia to express my opposition to the Middleboro casino project, and to tell the story of my involvment with it.

One thing I don’t talk about very much, however, is that, as a result of this blog and my vocal opposition to the casino project, I have often found myself often the target of pro-casino harassment, threats, and intimidation. Instead, I’ve tried my best to focus the content of my blog on the casino battle, the officials involved , and what I’ve learned from being part of it - except in those few instances when I have had to call public attention to some extreme behavior on the part on non-officials and policy makers.

Like now.

Tantrum One:
My fellow blogger, Carverchick recently wrote a post entitled Collateral Damage, which I consider to be one of the most extraordinary and moving efforts to present potential casino ‘impacts’ that I’ve ever read. Sadly, the post’s effectiveness has resulted in the generation of indignation and moral outrage on the part of a small few, including an internet bully who has attempted to harass and intimidate Carverchick by e-mailing her a disturbing YouTube video and photos of his own children.

The blog post is about a father who committed the ultimate act of violence and betrayal to his family which occurred as a result of his reaction, in part, to overwhelming gambling debt. This scenario is far from unusual. I have encountered many such stories of child murder or endangerment in the course of my research on the effects of addictive gambling. In fact, it was one of the factors that convinced me to oppose a Middleboro casino. And though these things are well documented, some pro-casino people either choose not to believe it, ignore it, or possibly even accept it - while misdirecting anger and indignation at Carverchick for being so bold as to write about addictive gambling's youngest victims.

I would ask that those people attempt to understand that calling attention to these sort of cases is not poor taste – but rather a taste of what our communities will face living in the shadow of a mega casino. We should be aware of these cases, and not harass and intimidate the blogger who brings us their story.

I wonder if Chris Hanson gets hate mail too…

Tantrum Two:
Someone, apparently, has been claiming that I currently have a lawsuit pending against a pro-casino person. Give me a break. How many things have been said about or done to me on the aforementioned pro-casino website and other venues. Contests? Rants? Threats? Insults? Did I run for the yellow pages to look up a lawyer? Again, no.

However, not long ago I did receive an e-mail threat that I felt severe enough, especially considering the escalating and increasingly delusional nature of the individual who sent it, to bring it to the attention of law enforcement authorities – who agreed with me.

Tantrum Three:
A surrounding town’s web site has been linking to my blog.

So? Can I help it if Plympton suffers from good taste? I’ve known about the link for months. I don’t brag about it. I was flattered. Plympton, as you may know, has a special place in my heart.

And besides, let’s face it, back in Middleboro, town officials are legally mandated by the odious section 22 of the intergovernmental agreement they signed on July 28th to “support the Project” and “actively work with and assist the Tribe and its contractors and agents to obtain any and all approvals, legislation, liquor licensing or other enactments required for the Project from governmental entities and officials of the United States, the Commonwealth and the Town.”

Sounds like some pretty big enthusiastic thumbs way way up to me.

So, can someone explain why Middleboro or its casino supporters have suddenly become the moral authority on what is acceptable neutrality?

Anyone? Anyone?

Tantrum Four:
In a preceding blog post I make mention of a “mystery blogger” who I am reasonably certain is none other than Brian Giovanoni, chairman of Middleboro’s Casino Resort Advisory Committee. Brian has protested this assumption, calls it unfounded and has asked me to remove mention of him.


When a member of e-mailed the “mystery blogger”, at the mystery blog e-mail address, guess who answered? Brian. Which means that his e-mail address is associated with the mystery blog. At that time, Brian quickly claimed to have set up the anonymous blog for “someone else”. Second, the blog sounds a lot like Brian, especially in his habit of trying to convince surrounding communities that a mega casino in the region will be open a floodgate of riches rather than cannibalize the local economy. I have witnessed this striking phenomenon in Brian’s writing and first hand. And third, Brian has blogged anonymously before, on a blog known as Factfinder where he once enjoyed labeling anti-casino people as liars.

Despite being anonymous, however, this mystery blogger continues to make repeated use of my name on their blog – the one Brian set up. This wouldn’t be so bad except that the ‘mystery blogger’ obviously doesn’t understand me, satire, or parody very well, and so most of my comments are taken out of context. Not to mention that, again, it’s anonymous, and that Brian, who objects so much to reading his own name on a blog, created it.

And what do you suppose my reaction was to this? Did I threaten a legal action? Did I boast of all the house liens I’m going to rack up alongside my folder full of libel?

Um… no.

Can’t say the same about Brian, though.

Brian, aka FactFinder on a pro-casino forum:

What happens is the people who write this stuff end up digging themselves deeper and deeper. As I have stated on numerous occasions. I do have my folder of all the the libel cases. Making a statement that I am committing a federal offense is actually a criminal offense. She may think it is funny but I do not. I have spoken with the Plymouth County DA's office on these matters. I will have to direct them. I know Carver Chics real name. I have passed it along to the authorities.

Nice. And, unfortunately, there's more.

It is getting out of hand and these bloggers will not be happy until I am the third, fourth or fifth lien on their homes (since I will have to get in line for most).

Compared to Brian Giovanoni, Adam Bond is starting to look like King Solomon.

A person in Brian’s position as a town committee chairman should be able to put his big boy pants on when it comes to criticism about his actions on the issue in which he is involved. And if he can’t, then maybe he should turn his chairmanship over to a grown-up who won’t point the non-neutrality finger at other towns while he himself creates pro-casino blogs and cavorts on a pro-casino web site owned and operated by a notorious loose cannon and internet bully who harasses and threatens the opposition and makes unpleasant scenes at public meetings, and where posters are constantly encouraged to pursue legal action against casino opponents by a litigious flame throwing lunatic known only as ’Vegas Val’.

The problem folks, is not me. The problem is not my fellow bloggers, my fellow anti-casino activists,, the Bailey brothers or CERA.

The problem is the shortsighted rush to place a mega casino and a sovereign nation in a region shared by over a quarter million people without appropriate forethought, research, public awareness and due diligence.

The problem is labeling a blog or post or comment as controversial while considering an 18 story casino leering 24/7 into people’s backyards a ‘growing pain’.

The problem is spewing outrage, venom, negative effort and moral indignation over words on a blog and the person who writes them - instead of raising up those voices in defense of the region, the environment, the safety, and most importantly, the people and their families who will be hurt as a result of bringing the world’s largest casino to the town of Middleboro.

"Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down. They know its power. Thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers, founded in injustice and wrong, are sure to tremble, if men are allowed to reason…There can be no right of speech where any man…[is] compelled to suppress his honest sentiments.Equally clear is the right to hear. To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker."

- Frederick DOUGLASS, American abolitionist, author, orator (1817-1895) speaking in Boston 1860


middleboro mom said...

Without commenting on the other issues you have raised, my 11 year old was posting on a lunatic's site today and I'm pretty outraged myself!

Bellicose Bumpkin said...

With the first link the chain is forged. The first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.

- Jean-Luc Picard

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Douglass

Seriously - the constant threats of lawsuits by the pro-casino core group are becoming tiresome - and laughable when one considers their own actions, emails, and so on.

carverchick said...


I too hate this. I too wish I could focus on the intersting and educational subjects and everything else in my life. I certainly don't like the fact that myself and my fellow anti casino bloggers are needing to adress this...but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As far as Collateral Damage goes, the story disturbed me from day disturbed me even more when news reports stated that Mr. Entwistle's gambling habits were being investigated. I honestly cannot understand how anyone could say that every negative can be mitigated...that money is more important the people's lives, families, homes or quality of life.

I hate that I need to face legal threats and intnet bullying because I believe in the first ammendment and I believe that everyone has the right to say what they feel and think. We...and mostly you have endured ridicule and harrassment on a pro casino site -yet you ignore it and persevere in your blogs. You are the rock...

I hate that we need to constantly defend ourselves....we're not racist, we're not liar's and we are not ignorant. We are a group of people who work hard for what we have and for what we want for our children. We stand up for what we think is right and we talk about it! We talk about the not-nice things. It's not so pretty when you take off the rose colored glasses and we know that A casino-resort...a it what you want, but it is what it is and what it is will bring the not-nice and the not politically correct things know, the things we anti's shouldn't talk about or face the wrath of they who should not be named.

Whatever.....I blog what I see as the true colors of this monstrosity do you and everyone who knows that this casino will destroy the place we call home.

Thank you for once again for having the guts and tenacity to stand up for what you believe in and to stand up for those who stand with you.

no casino! no casino! no casino!

A Concerned Middleboro Parent said...

Gladys and Carverchick:

I am very distressed to read that both of you have recieved threatening, harassing emails. That the level of this debate has sunken to a place where people have to worry about their (and their families')personal safety is shocking and totally inexcusable. That someone would send a video of their own kids as a means of harassment is way over the top. I don't know what the answer is, but I don't like where this is all headed.

Middleboro Mom: Today's kids are more savvy about internet navigation and all the technical nuances than most of us are. Look at the chatrooms they post on (Yahoo, etc.) It's all just another game to them and few seem to understand the real dangers that can befall them. Any responsible forum site administrator or moderator would not allow posts or materials of an adult nature that will attract kids.

Thank you Gladys for revealing how far over the line some posters have wandered.

alice said...

Wow! You've described the negative critics to a TEE!
Some of us who oppose the mega-monster did our research in the beginning. We called the towns surrounding the CT monsters and got the statistics that the supporters are too lazy to investigate. The crime statistics alone are staggering - drugs, prostitution, DUIs, arrests, larceny, assaults and so on.
Instead, you have mindless dweebs, blinded by the light of the proposed tall tower of a hotel, who want to pretend 'I drive down there all the time and don't see anything.'
The Middleboro School Committee and Superintendent in their rush to endorse this pending disaster, failed to adequately investigate the statistics and ESL issues and school performance. They endorsed the project without consideration of the cost or impact.
Those who should know better and could have presented factual information BEFORE the land auction followed like lemmings.
Brian is a condescending public figure, much like the rest, who deserves to have his tall pedestal kicked out from under him for his actions. His report was pathetic, poorly written, superficial and failed to address numerous issues raised. Brian has defined himself, defined his support. And for whatever reason, believes it's his right to defend this disaster at all costs. Why? What's in it for him?
When disagreement is addressed in this fashion, you're right! It's tyranny! Except in this case, it's tyranny by the mindless. Sorry they've sunk to such depths.
Please continue to speak out. You're effective and they're not.

talia said...

What I see on the pro-casino side appears rather irrational and unbalanced. Posters are deleted or banned from the site arbitrarily. Threads are deleted. Offensive and threatening posts are deleted when they shouldn't have been posted initially.
If the site owner were paying attention to his business, it wouldn't be on the verge of bankruptcy. We pass his business daily and his fleet doesn't move.
Those who are posting on the site should be ashamed of themselves for participating in this questionable endeavor.

carverchick said...

Concerned Middleboro Parent,

thank you for the support. No one likes to be threatened with lawsuits but I guess that is where we are now. I would like to clarify one thing. I was sent a graphic and heartbreaking video about child was video and pictures of small children who have suffered at the hands of cruel people and parents. It was disturbing and actually made me cry. The person who sent me this video was upset with me over one of my blogs and sent it to me for whatever reason. This person also attached pictures of their children (who are quite adorable)to show me that they are a parent too, but support the casino. I have been asked to clear up the confusion about sending video of their children. I hope I have done that.


laura said...

This is internet bullying and harrassment pure and simple.
Threats, harrassment, intimidation, and outright lies are posted on the site you refer to.
Poor looney pretends he's being sued, when he's not! Is this pretending to be a VICTIM?
No one views the site except those saving his hallucinations for future use.
Few post because it's a waste of time with no substance.
Those participating in this forum should be ashamed of themselves.

janice said...

I guess I haven't been paying attention to how desparate the casino supporters are.
They're loosing so that explains their venom.
They can't provide reasonable facts or financial projections, so they resort to desparate tactics.
This mega project will bankrupt Middleboro, but you don't hear them presenting solid information.
The tone needs to change. And it needs to change beginning with Brian. Please present the facts FactFinder and leave the threats behind. You've done Middleboro a great disservice.

Gladys Kravitz said...

The internet bully who threatened me via e-mail not only upset me - but caused my children a great deal of anxiety. Children can tell when their parent is very upset about something. Having to go to the police is a serious thing - but I was truly frightened, and with good reason. I am never quite sure if this person even KNOWS where the line is, nevermind not knowing when he's crossing it. And I resent the hypocrisy of this individual who morphs on a whim into some sort of parent-of-the-year, while obviously caring nothing about the families he injures with his tirades and haranguing.

numbers nannie said...

Any vaguely educated person who reviews the costs of the Indian casino to the Town of Middleboro understands that the numbers don't work and risk destroying the Town financially.
Fortunately, Rep. Calter addressed those issues.
The IGA stinks.
Selectman Bond addressed the need for additional funds when he spoke at the BIA Hearing.
How sad that a poorly educated, out of towner thinks this will benefit him and must threaten any who disagree. Maybe he should talk to his wife. She sounds like the smart one in the family.

middleboro mom said...

This guy allowed my 11 year old and a bunch of friends to post on his site and reading all of the information I discover that he sent videos of children to someone. Is that 'normal'?
It sounds like this guy needs to be investigated by the authorities.

carverchick said...

On a lighter note....Gladys, great picture!

Where can I get some of that flying monkey repellent?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Flying Monkey repellent is free in Emerald City - but first you must leave home, get spun by tornados, take a long arduous trek in someone else's shoes, figure out which forks to take in the road, survive a night in a poppy field, come under attack by Wicked Witches, apple lobbing fruit trees, face the prospect of coming face to face with lions, tigers and bears, and join forces with some of the greatest people along the way.

Concerned Middleboro Parent said...

Thank you for clarifying that point. Still, the author of those emails, which were posted but subsequently deleted on his site today, obviously doesn't understand the concept of boundaries.

Middleboro Mom:
It's a favorite past time of the pubescent set to roam message boards. It doesn't surprise me at all that they would intercept and post on a local,low brow site which endorses flaming. As I understand it from my own child the site host actually challenged anonymous lurkers to come out and "play" yesterday. What kid is going to walk from such a daring invitation? Is the site host so naive to underestimate the awareness and capabilities of today's kids? He should have anticipated that only the immature would take him up on a dare to "play". BTW, shame on the prominent Middleboro residents who have associated themselves with that internet garbage. A former Selectman? A newspaper editor? A local psychotherapist? What kind of message are they sending by participating there? Today's kids have internet access in many ways, including their cellphones. Frankly, IMO the site host set himself up and has no one to blame but himself by advertising for anyone to "come out and play." I hope he's learned something. The tone for a forum is always set at the top.

To all: In order to bring a civil suit against someone, a loss has to be demonstrated. As far as I can tell the only REAL loss I see is the loss of a sense of personal safety by the anti-casino bloggers who have been threatened. Name calling under the guise of screen names gets nasty but no one gets really hurt. Crossing boundaries and making real or implied personal threats to real people is absolutely unacceptable. I empathize with all anti-casino bloggers who are suffering real life, personal persecution for daring to speak out and defend what they believe in.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Dear Middleboro Mom,

The pro-casino web site I've mentioned in this blog post might appeal to an 11 years old because it's moderator isn't exactly what you'd describe as the model of maturity. He uses a lot of what he considers 'funny pictures'. I'm sure this would appeal to children stumbling across it. Sadly, he has more tantrums than most toddlers. What I truly can't understand are the adults, some of whom are in responsible positions, who frequently post there. I mean, I know of another forum in Middleboro - Why can't adults seeking a forum environment post there? Why do they have to go another, such ridiculous forum? Is it because the Nemasket moderator doesn't allow personal attacks? I don't know, this is just a guess, I only visit sporadically and it seems like a nice community of people.

The owner of the pro-casino forum I mention is grown man with a family - and a business. And yet, he spends his days looking for ways to attack people who don't agree with him. It's not a smart forum. It has nothing to do with humor or paroday or satire - it's just mean spirtited, and a place for him and this Vegas Val apparition to surround themselves with like-minded, or should I say, small-minded people. I think it started out being a place where a lot of people went to vent their frustrations or go and 'talk' but after a while most people saw it like I did and left. But it's still a good place for a loose cannon.

carverchick said...

concerned middleboro parent. I felt I needed to clarify the issue since the person who sent me the video and pictures proceeded to post my private emails to him on a public forum and demanding I clarify this issue....I have always tried to show this person respect but all it got me was a public display of my private information. Gosh, and here I am being the one threatened on a public forum with lawsuits and the taking of my home by one of his frequent posters who also happens to be a representative for the Town of Middleboro for the casino impacts. He is the chairpeson of CRAC - not paid, but then again, neither are the BOS. Perhaps I should give the Plymouth County DA a call myself.

Anonymous said...

Hope every blogger and poster is aware of the Homestead Act..........$500,000 of liability protection on your home for a one time fee of $35. As I understand it, you are protected from any litigant except Medicaid (not an issue for homeowners unless nursing home placement becomes necessary). :)

Scott from Lakeville said...

I had no idea this person was this unfriendly and desperate. I used to go to his site and haven't visited it a long time.

Quiote simply it's a waste of time. I do find myself reading this site everytime there's a new posting. Not only does it give me a laugh, sometimes, but it also gives me sanity in this insane time.

carverchick said...

Thanks anon 6:26. My house has been homesteaded since the day we signed the closing papers. I would be surprised if anyone didn't have their house homesteaded in this day and age of sue sue sue - Vals pal SUE!.

Middleboro Review said...

Gladys, I was so moved by your comments and what has been done to innocent people, that I have posted some additional information on my blog, as you know.
This attack rhetoric needs to stop.
Telling a child 'give me what I crave' is unacceptable.
Just because he removed it, doesn't negate his post.
Those affiliated with this site have defined themselves.

Gladys Kravitz said...

I wish I could get more laughs out of the site in question.

A friend sent me this. It is a small excerpt from a rather large forum posting made yesterday by someone only known as VegasVal, who's purpose in life appears getting someone to sue me.

As for your drivel about your children, I feel very sorry for them. It must be very embarrassing to live in the shadow of a giant "No Casino" sign and have a mother who is notorious for being a vicious blogger. Certainly, all the sexually suggestive innuendo you've posted about Mr. Bond (darling) must be very confusing to them. Instead of attending all those meetings and investing so much energy into blogging, maybe you should try spending more time with those kids your SO worried about?

VegasVal has been anonymously fanning the flames against me since October of last year. Who is VegasVal? If anyone knows who this person is please send a comment to this blog or e-mail me at

Not so I can blog about them or sue them, or shut them down. Instead, I just really want to see if this person, who considers my concern for my children so much "drivel", and who practically begs others to file lawsuits against myself and others, still has the courage to publish comments like this when his or her mask is off.

Thanks, Gladys

Oh and by the way - my kids helped MAKE the giant no casino sign, and are exceedingly proud of their mom for trying to do the RIGHT thing.

carverchick said...

I think we can call Val a jerkasauros!

Your a fantastic mom and a great friend!

hmmmm....I wonder if you can sue someone for calling them a jerkasauros...I am sure she will think so.

sue sue her pal SUE!

Anonymous said...

Gladys, I would be willing to offer a $500 reward to anyone who outs him/her. Of course to claim it the person must be able to offer irrefutable proof.

Pass the Plate Patty said...

anon 631, Spectacular idea!
I'll bet a collection to out this *&%#X&* would net a fortune!
But should she have a forum, surrounded by like minded *&#@ to post in when it's a vaccuum to begin with?
This has gone over the top and needs to be ended.

Anonymous said...

The threat of litigation comes with the territory, especially when opposing indian casinos. The fanatical proponents have tried everything to shut our homegrown,homemade machine down. The fact of the matter is they can't. These blogs are opinion blogs, born from facts. Bellicose,Chick,Gladys,etc. are an integral part of our machine. Proponents are afraid of the facts,one of them being that the casino is not coming.

Anonymous said...

anon 143, I believe you're right.
It's the wrong location, needs too much 'improvement' - infrastructure, water, sewer, electric, gas, .....
This was a pie in the sky Middleboro bailout begun by Jack Healey perpetuated by a board willing to mindlessly follow like sheep. Does anyone remember the 'Judas' goat that the sheep followed to slaughter?
It's not coming and the supporters will be out for blood when it doesn't. They certainly have created enough hatred.

Anonymous said...

We have chosen to live here, not because of what the area DOESN'T offer, but because of what it DOES.

For those proponents who love casinos, and think highly of them, I say, move. Go ahead, leave. And don't let the door slam on your way out.

We can not rest, until this issue has a fork stuck into it, and it is dead, dead, dead.

laura said...

We hate that you have to interupt posts of substance for irational rants.
While this irational person keeps atracting others, could you return to some substance? That's what we're looking for.

Anonymous said...

If Laura was speaking of me, then I apologize if I have offended anyone here.

In my defense, may I just add that I may be newer to this effort than others, and at a different stage of grief.

I have written letters in opposition to the casino, and have, hopefully, argued with substance.

Quality of life means different things to different people. My whole point was, and is, to say that the landscape and topography of this wonderful area is what attracted our family, if we wanted to live near a casino, then that is where we would have moved.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Hi Laura,

Keep the faith - I have nine unfinished blogs and two video blogs in progress.

But I did feel it was time to expose the escalating nastiness and overall weirdness happening behind the scenes.

These things take their toll. On me, my fellow bloggers, and our families.

It's difficult to focus on one's work while being threatened by an unstable individual, having an anonymous hatemonger constantly encouraging others to sue me, and now a town committee chairman carrying around what he imagines are folders full of libel and contemplating the taking of homes.

And it's additionally distressing to know that these things are also happening to my fellow bloggers and friends.

I think it's been very substantive to show this side of the battle.

People can read my blog and decide for themselves whether it's educational and satirical - or deceitful and vicious. But one thing you can say about me is that I've never resorted to threats.

I blog, I hold signs, I get involved, I stay involved and I encourage others to become involved.

I had nothing to do with the events of last summer. I have no power to bring a casino to the region. None. I've written about a hundred letters and even more blogs, but none of them ended up in the Mashpee Wampanoag's application to put the land in Middleboro into trust. Can't say the same about Brian's committee, the school committee, the Board of Selectman or their lawyers.

But I did watch and document last summer's events - and others - and I've always tried my best to understand the casino issue.

Bloggers have been messengers in this debate. Albeit, unexpected ones. To focus so much hostility on me and my fellow bloggers is unproductive for either side of the debate. What would happen if George Bush filed a lawsuit on Leno, Letterman and SNL every time they portrayed him in a way he didn't like? Ridiculous. Can Leno declare war, Letterman veto a bill or the cast of SNL sit in on top secret briefings? Southeast Mass is a long way from DC, but it's just the same process in a microcosm.

So, I'll keep doing the best I can, and hope that my readers will try to understand that when I do have to occasionally reach for the can of Raid, that's it's for a good reason.


Gladys Kravitz said...

Dear anon 2:21,

Sadly, many people who already live in this region have NO appreciation for how precious, beautiful and special this part of the world is.

For some it's the perfect spot to attract an optimum number of potential gamblers, while for others is a decent sized patch of highway abutting land on which to build a mega casino that their own town won't allow to be built, while for others still it is the myth of riches, the stroke of ego, a revenue stream or merely a place on a map where they pick up their mail.

You love your home. You can see beyond empty promises and glass towers. No need to apologize for that. The world's biggest casino is two hours away. No need for these others to move, just take a drive.

laura said...

Gladys, your explanation is appreciated, but my comment was intended to target the clowns who are inexplicably posting in the toxic waste site. Dysfunction attracts dysfunction.
Only the mindless are posting there so the owner has to make up phoney names and talk to himself to pretend he's important. He's not.
There is NOTHING of substance posted there - NOTHING.
Someone told me that the mindless dweeb who posts on that site has now taken the anonymous comment
We can not rest, until this issue has a fork stuck into it, and it is dead, dead, dead
and stated that it is a death threat. How sick!
This reminds me of Mr. Bond's deliberate efforts to amend and twist the comments of others. Might this be Mr. Bond posting on that site?
When they have to lie like this, Gladys, you know you're effective!

carverchick said...


the person you are talking about has no argument to defend the casino so she trolls through our blogs looking for something she can twist to fit her delusions of us being evil terrorists. What she doesn't know is that we have a secret meeting place where we scheme and devise our evil plans to take over the is similar to the bat cave, but much cooler. We even have a secret handshake.

Just ignore her....she is nuts, which is quite obvious since she really does think that comment is some sort of thinly veiled death threat (insert evil laugh here). Give me a break! She thrives on trying to cause trouble. Just ignore her.

Oooops...she is probably going to want to file suit against me for calling her nuts when she reads this so I had better clarify with this diclaimer:

....the "nuts" comment is clearly my opinon based on observations of her rantings and not based on any actual diagnosis by a mental heath professional...

cranberrycynic said...

Now, if we only knew where to find a mental health professional...

laura said...

carverchick, I'll pass the plate with patty and would love to join your secret group but only to take over Middleboro. The world? Too big for now. Maybe you have a subcomittee? But thanks for your explanation and disclaimer.