Thursday, September 25, 2008

All Hands

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.
~Jewish Proverb

On Saturday there will be at least four people, maybe more, who really wanted to be at the Stop Predatory Gambling conference in DC this weekend, and would have gone - but who couldn't - because they'd already volunteered to help out with some incredibly important anti-casino jobs on Saturday, one of which is a yard sale.

I know it's going to be raining on Saturday. Ok... more like pouring. All right, sure - downpouring. Just all the more reason I hope you'll all make the effort to get out there and show these hardworking, dedicated folks some support. They've done so much throughout the year to keep a casino out of Middleboro and the South Shore. And they're still going.

Thanks, guys. You know you always have my support. Let's save all those weekend buckets of water for the Wicked Witch.


cdplakeville said...

It may be wet, but we will have a roof over our heads. And the professional yard salers show up RAIN or Shine. Good stuff cheap for a worthy cause. No Casino! Thanks for the plug Gladys! You are always faithful to it. Best regards at the conference. Your videos will be the high light.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Thanks to YOU, cdp, and your forethought of location - not to mention the power of democracy and an extremely well written editorial by a certain Gazette reporter - you WILL be high and dry Saturday!

More reason for the non-yard-salers among us to get out of the house Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Gladys. I've never known rain drops to melt anyone. Besides I saved my poncho from Wally World just for these occassions.

Anonymous said...

You enjoy your conference in Washington and leave us hearty New Englanders to brave the storm to buy out that yard sale. Personally I love those Nor'easter winds and rain, jump in my car and head to Plymouth beach and park next to the storm surge wall next to the old Berts. Then I relax, drink my breve from Kiskadees, turn on a Beethoven CD, and enjoy the waves and sea spray as they engulf my car then recede. The wimpy Plymouth cops watch me from a safe distance on the far side of the parking lot. LOL

You bet I'll be at the CFO yard sale at 10 am sharp. Then when I almost run out of $$$, I'll hit that quaint little coffee shop in the old Lakeville library.

Ah, the wonderful defiance of the old Yankee spirit! NFW I'm not going to fight that casino in any way open to me. So, fear not--the yard sale will be successful.

Anonymous said...

Another Jewish proverb:
When you have no choice, mobilize the spirit of courage.

carverchick said...

Thanks for the support Gladys! The donations we got are amazing!! I want to give a big and huge THANK YOU to everone who donated items for our yardsale. This really is great stuff at great prices.

I hope you have a safe and fulfilling trip. We are with you in spirit as I know you are with us!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gladys for your kind words and your continued support!!

We all have kept in this each of us in our own ways and for the extensive research done by some of us, (Thank you ladies), we have learned that all those hours have paid off! We learned there will be NO CASINO!

Thank you bloggers for putting out there the true facts, starting w/Gladys who was with us from day one!!

Anonymous said...

The yard sale was a smash. And I noticed many people seeking more info about the cause. Here's to all the little topix trolls who wished us ill: neener, neener, neener! CFO rocks.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Gladys! Can't wait to read your blog about the conference.