Monday, February 23, 2009


Ok, what do you do if you're an ex-selectman with an irresistible sweet tooth for the spotlight but the candy dish is all empty?

Why, you call the local newspaper that you've dissed in the past, reinvent the role you played in the casino chronicles and mention that you've "joined forces" with a few "of the most vocal" members of the casino opposition.

(Heck, nobody saw that coming...)

Well I'm one of the most vocal members of the casino opposition - and frankly I wouldn't work together with Bond to bail out a sinking life boat.

Wanna know why? Because I'd know he'd turn around one day and say something to the effect of, "Gladys Kravitz and I managed to put aside our differences so that we could do something wonderful for humanity. And this proves that I am indeed swell."

That's why.

And then a lot of people who didn't know any better might read that sort of thing and imagine that this Bond character must really be swell. Perhaps he's just misunderstood. That's all.

They wouldn't know how Bond hadn't actually been suckered by inevitability - as much as he'd become the leading evangelist for the casino deal. Or how he'd labeled the opposition as "braying donkeys". And how he'd slipped a little mickey called Section 22 B into the IGA which effectively forces town leadership to do anything the Tribe wants regarding the casino project - then lied about it on TV. And how he promoted his participation in the whole casino circus on his professional web site. And how he once even tried to see if there was a way to stop much needed highway improvements to Rte. 44 to speed the way for the casino construction.

So much for humanity.

But rest assured, while he's
waiting to see what other indictments come down
he really wants us all to know that he's still working on that deal.

Bond wants to hammer out expectations that are unstated in the agreement, and points to the tribe’s brief and rejected attempt to negotiate with the governor as an example.

Because he's

not getting out of the fight, just moving it into a different ring

And you can trust him because ...

he’s had “one or two” meetings with Marshall since the scandal erupted


And when did he experience a "change of heart"? Why does he seem to realize that a casino is not inevitable anymore, which he states was his reason for brokering a deal for Middleboro, yet plans to continue fighting for the IGA? It makes no sense. Unless you're Adam Bond, I suppose.

While anyone who's gotten to know him can certainly understand why Bond would want to reinvent himself, as far as canoodling with con-men and hammering on the IGA - now that he's off the Board of Selectmen - hasn't this issue has become the proverbial dead parrot. In other words, it's not going anywhere. It's moot. He can't move it to a 'different ring'. He can't do anything about it.
"It's passed on. This parrot is no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to meet its maker. This is a late parrot. It's a stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. If you hadn't nailed it to the perch, it would be pushing up the daisies. It's rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. This is an ex-parrot."
Perhaps Mr. Bond should "come to terms" with that.


Anonymous said...

Bond was silent when significant legal 'oversights' passed the Board during his tenure on the BOS.
He NEVER raised a comment when the 'casino' land was on the list of auctioned properties advertised only in the Middleboro Gazette even though Stephen Graham was glued to Jack Healey's side as they poured over the Assessors' Maps and newspapers had written of the Tribe's interest in Middleboro.
Bond was the one who insisted the town get a 2nd and 3rd opinion when he was told town meeting approval was required for the TMFH.
It's entertaining to enter Honey Dew and hear Bond 'holding court' with his BS as the small town townies listen intently as if his pontifications are meaningful. Eavesdropping is unnoticed because he doesn't know me.
Bond didn't have the spine to do the right thing for the town when it really mattered because he wanted to be town manager.
Bond can re-write the history of events as much as he wants, but a jackass calling others "braying mules" is not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

This newspaper article is low picking fruit for sure.

The reporter took the press release and wrote, word for word, what Adam Bond wanted printed. She took the lazy way out because she was too busy applying her lips to the back of his trousers resulting in her kissing his butt.

If she bothered to spend one minute in his Grand Central Station office, the only clients the reporter would find are the seasonal clients, the kind who file tax returns this time of the year with Bond's new office mate. The guy who moonlights in Translevania.

Give me a BREAK, people! Seriously, does Bond think we just crawled out from under the cabbage patch??

Bond is fair fodder with this article. He has no room to cry foul. Bond is so Eddie Haskel, he thinks we are all Mrs. Cleaver and don't have a clue that he is not all he pretends to be.

He made a HUGE mistake with this newspaper article. Mark my word, a can of worms is about to open.

Anonymous said...

I can understand how the reporter could be taken by Adam...he works very hard at being charming.

He personalizes and winks and over charms...he mutters endearments under his breath and he will try to turn around an uncomfortable moment when dealing with authorities by interjecting self-deprecating, self-grandiose humor. So he is akin to a snake charmer and has charmed some in this town, no doubt about it.

Why didn't the reporter ASK what Adam was looking to happen if and when more "indictments came down"....why didn't the reporter ask what authority Bond had to "hammer out expectations that are unstated in the agreement"...or why didn't she ask what the heck Bond and Marshall talked about during the “one or two” meetings with Marshall since the scandal erupted?

I want to know what the heck they talked about. Was it before or after Bond resigned the BOS? Did Bond's discussion with Marshall cause him to resign?

Jacquie said...

It was 2 years ago when I was out to dinner with a friend and she said to me " Hey Jacquie, do you know they're thinking of putting a casino at KOA?"
I nearly choking on my food.
The next day, I called Adam Bond. I remember asking him for advice on how to go about fighting a casino. He offered help, and I actually talked to him quite a few times on his cell phone about a plan. I began to feel really confident that I had a selectman on my side.

Then, there was the meeting at the Nichols school. I remember standing at the mike. I read the letter from Nichols Mullane to Glenn Marshall and after I was done, Glenn proceeded to call Mr. Mullane a racist. Then Bond chimed in, he started ranting on about the tribe and the benefits of a casino. It took me ~5 minutes while standing there to realize Bond had changed his tune and was FOR the casino!

Are you kidding me?
Did Bond intentionally mislead one of the residents he was representing?

We all know Bond later became the head cheerleader, helped rushed a lengthy IGA through, wore casino-friend pins and marched in the casino-friend fourth of July parade. (Questionable ethics as a selectman, to say the least).

This is a man trying to be a chameleon, but a leopard cannot change his spots. The irony of him being part of the "community preservation act" after what he has done, is almost too much to bear. He should have thought of preserving the community back in the summer of 2007.

Too late to try to re-write history Bond. Fool me once Bond shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
Most of us, see right through you.

Anonymous said...

I was ready to let sleeping dogs lie, until this stupid newspaper article smacked me in the face like I had stepped on a two by four.

I smell something familiar.

The same kind of smell that Bill Clinton and Ted Haggard put out.

The smell of a cover up.
Clinton and Haggard share the same history. The history that tells us its not the crime, but the cover up.

Adam Bond tap dances his way through this latest article in such a flamboyant way, that sirens are tripped, and we are given a "sit up and take notice" moment.

But the only thing I notice, is NOT how he took one for the town and fell on his sword in resignation, but how he litters the landscape with excuses.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know why Bond met with Marshall, why don't you send a set of letters to the same addresses Gladys previously provided (that should already be in your letter files). I already have.
Same letter with the article, 4 different envelopes. Quick job.
If Marshal is cooperating, he has to tell the truth.
This is one question the AG, Justice and BIA need to ask. Make sure to include Ethics because it may be a violation.
The answer needs to be public, not Bond's spin.

Anonymous said...

Adam has a very short attention span and never finishes anything he starts. Just look at MOM or some of the other things he's been involved with.
It's called opportunism.
It looks good on the resume just like the casino agreement because most folks don't investigate any further.
It's just like the phone in NY that is answered as his law office except it isn't 'his office.'
All smoke and mirrors, just like the 2nd name on his window.
A phony is a phony is a phony.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know why Bond met with Marshal you should also ask why he met with the IBEW.

Anonymous said...


As usual, you got this one right!

Someone just can't stand not to have those reporters calling him and making him feel important, stroking his ego.

Bond was the one who set the date for the TMFH. Bond was the one who prevented a forum from being available to provide information about the IGA beforehand.

He's not the white knight riding his stead to save the town. Let's not pretend he is.

The reporter had a job to do. He was adequately crucified on the editorial page. Let's not confuse the 2. You got enough information in the article to see he's unchanged. Same Jerk Different Day.

Bond was never interested in running the town. That's why he quit right before the difficult work of balancing the budget.

Flash in the pan!

Smoking Owl said...

The article says his wife would watch the selectmen's meetings on cable and wouldn't hesitate to rush to Town Hall if she didn't like the way things were going.


Was she bringing him a dry pair of pants? Maybe she was bringing a snack? Was she running down to tell him he had a piece of broccoli stuck in his teeth? Did she think she was going to wrestle the gavel away from Marsha Brunelle and adjourn the meeting?

I just don't understand where these people are coming from. Adam Bond has no official capacity in Middleboro town government so why should he be "hammering out" anything related to the IGA?

Well, I'd like to go on and on about Adam Bond, but I'm hammering out a trade agreement with Venezuela today.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Every time my "wounds" start to heal, Adam appears and they open up again.

This thing about meeting with Marshall is quite puzzling.

I mean, isn't Marshall a bit of a dead parrot as far as the Tribe is concerned?

Apparently not.

Notice Jacquie mentioned that Bond changed his tune after Marshall went medieval at the mention of Selectman Mullane.

Remember that Adam backed down like a little lamb after Marshall balked at some language in the first draft of the IGA.

Adam still trusted the man after the first scandal in August '07.

And now that Marshall is singing to the Feds, Adam meets with him?

What IS it between Adam and Marshall, anyway?

Anonymous said...


You seem to have forgotten perhaps the best quote of all in the last 2 years.

Bond said of Marshal's rape conviction, additional convictions that Marshal couldn't precisely remember, Contempt of Congress, Stolen Valor, and all the sundry fantasies Marshal told about being undercover etcetera -

"Everyone has skeletons in their closet."

That sure took my breath away when I read it.

PS Smoking Owl, when you're finished with Venezuela, your comments would be appreciated.

Smoking Owl said...

What I was getting at is that I don't have any more business negotiating some sort of treaty for the federal government than Adam Bond does negotiating anything for the Town of Middleboro.

Does he remember he resigned from the BOS and once you do that, really dont have any business striking deals for the town. Like he said, he's just a private citizen now.

Gladys Kravitz said...

In other words, a dead parrot.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, Smoking Owl!

You just don't understand that New Yorkers are truly superior and whether or not the Mrs. understands how town government works is unimportant. It only matters that it doesn't work the way she thinks it should, dammit! You will comply!

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, Adam Bond resigned from the board of selectmen, why is everyone talking about him, including him! and the IGA? That door was shut the day they dropped of their application in Tenn. and Bond knows this, (as he finally admitted, but won't say it publically, as usual).
Why is this reporter doing a story on him?
He has no more clout, in fact him talking with anyone including the tribe, (so right Gladys, moot point) is like one of us residents talking to them.
His idea of the CPA is also a moot point, come on, in this economy, it might be a good thing to do in good times but this is hardly the time to try to introduce more taxes of any amount on residents, I don't care how small it might be.
But why at this time? It was his way of getting some of the anti casino people on his side, (to work together for the good of the town, after he already distroyed it), he made his phone calls, it worked they fell for it.
Your right Jacquie, some do see right through him. I'm so gald I hung up on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That casiNO would have been built if it wasn't for you meddling kids! CURSES!

Anonymous said...

And I'm glad I didn't return the message he left on my answering machine!

But gossip's always good for the soul! And of the many, many things you can say about Mr. Bond, he's such an egotist, that he reads them all.

His resignation defined his lack of commitment to the office he was elected to. To those who are anonymous, I would recommend that you buy a cup of Honey Dew when he's 'holding court.' It's worth the investment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what was that short but private meeting with those two IBEW members all about in the back corner of the town hall parking lot?? while the rest of the pro's were having their rally behind the town hall before the BOS meeting. Where were the other four selectmen???

I remember it well as these two identical shiny black cars parked right in front of me.

Anonymous said...

Slowly but surely, maybe those worms are staring to crawl out of that can. Very interesting comment.

Anonymous said...

To the comment
"...Adam Bond resigned from the board of selectmen, why is everyone talking about him, including him!"

In the future of Mboro, Adam Bond is unimportant, but to provide a record that is accessible to others at some future date when his ego compels him to run for higher office, comments are important. He may not be important but your comments are.

Middleboro will move forward as a town when SCOTUS rules on Carcieri v Kempthorne. The BIA will deny LIT because the Mashpee Wampanoags have no historical ties to the town and for all of the other reasons carver chick raised. The Tribe is unable to govern itself and many other issues have been recently raised about election fraud and corruption.

The casino will fade into the archives and become an unimportant part of the town's history as Mr. Bond will.

Voters will become more attentive and active. They will eventually elect a BOS that is consistent with the Boards of other towns - more professional, articulate, well educated, unlike the current buffoons.

Mr. Bond will still use the IGA on his resume but no one will care.

Anonymous said...

I think Adam is a patient of Hal's - he really needs to try and work through his dillusional tendencies. Seriously - throughout the whole article, bond is pointing the finger at, well, himself. This wasn't done right, and that could have been done better - well guess what, your the one who caused it all and got the Town in this mess in the first place.

This "joining forces for CPA" is a joke. Does anyone inside Middleboro realize the irony? Here's bond, who takes credit for championing the casino deal that, if built, Mass Audobon says could be one of worst environmental disasters in the state - and bond is supporting CPA? Isn't it a little late to be trying to preserve the community??!?!??! Delusional - the kind that requires heavy, serious medication.

Nocasino said...

In my opinion a man who prefaces his comments by saying he would "deny" his comments if they are repeated, is not a man.

This is an opportunist.

Anonymous said...

It's helpful to listen to the perspective of others.
I was disgusted when I read the article because Bond is gone. He resigned.
What others have said has provided me with greater understanding of the ego involved that can't tolerate not having the spotlight or the phone calls from reporters.
I greatly appreciate the insight of others and hope you'll continue to share.

Anonymous said...

In a city of millions of people, an egotist can take a person aside and pretend they are a confidante and relay information intended to stroke their ego or impress.
It doesn't work so well in small town Mayberry where those small towners share stories.
Mr. Bond hasn't yet figured out that the stories and gossip and criticism he shared 'in confidence' quickly found its way to the subject.
Oh! The stories I could tell!
Don't buy it!
What he tells you about others 'in confidence' is the same he's repeating about you to others.
He doesn't 'get it.'

carverchick said...

But the only thing I notice, is NOT how he took one for the town and fell on his sword in resignation, but how he litters the landscape with excuses. long as the litter doesn't stay in Middleboro. Right?

I see this article as nothing but litter for the casino chronicals landscape. Jacquie, your right...his immovable support for CPA is in direct contridiction to his immovable support for a Middleboro casino...a stance he has not changed, even though he is -ahem- moving it into a different ring.

Which ring is that exactly? It certainly isn't the anti casino ring....he supports the project so he is automatically denied access to that ring.

I won't even get into his myth of inevitability excuse as quoted in the article...bottom line is he gave adivce on how to fight this casino to the founder of CFO and then blatantly blind-sided her in a public meeting.

What can I say....first impressions last a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

The IGA looks good on the resume. Passage of CPA looks good too.


Some of us get it.

There is no "Middleboro" in that resume. It's all "Adam."

This isn't about anything other than "Adam." Sorry some haven't figured this out.

Anonymous said...

You're right. You don't screw the town you live in with the world's largest slot parlor and then support CPA.
You are to be saluted for your courage and bravery. I could never have stood before the rude crowds at TMFH and poured my sincere thoughts out.
Bond had a lot of us fooled then. He preached anti-casino and even the Mrs. seemed opposed.
You don't love where you live and support the world's largest casino run by a rapist and felon.
I love Middleborough enough to oppose casinos, gambling and slot machines. This makes no sense, will create no jobs and will bring crime adiction and waste with it.
It's not inevitable and it wont happen.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Not long ago I heard a rumor to the effect that Bond really wants to renegotiate the IGA in order to break it - and so we should embrace his help.

And then there was the whole thing about renegotiating to get a better deal for the town. (An obvious attempt to sway the opposition's commitment.)

But once again, after he resigned, these plans became dead parrots.

Of course, it's unlikely Bond would have actually worked to break it - despite what he says in this article he was still pontificating about it's potential benefits on his radio show in late January, shortly before he resigned from the board.

If he truly planned to renegotiate the IGA it would have been to mend the errors he made the first time, sweeten the deal, and use the whole thing as another PR opportunity - further weakening the opposition.

It's long been my observation that Bond was hoping to work his magic of "divide and conquer" on the casino opposition.

Or maybe he just wants a friend. In which case he should get a dog.