Thursday, July 19, 2007


Damn that Roger Brunelle!

There I was, standing on the helipad on the roof of my secret lair in the heart of deepest darkest Bridgewater, when my assistant Gustaf handed me a copy of today’s Boston Globe.

Gustaf nervously pointed me in the direction of an article regarding the upcoming Votestock, (so coined by yours truly as part of my brilliant plan) which revealed that Roger Brunelle, the brains and the brawn behind the colossal operation, was finally on to me.

How did he know that I had operatives from the 48 contiguous states armed with carefully constructed fake ID’s, eye link communicators, voice scramblers and concealed automatic weapons, already in place to move in on Saturday and infiltrate the town meeting? I felt for sure that we in the surrounding commnuties had thoroughly mobilized and prepared for every possible scenario to avoid detection. Except, apparently, for the steel trap mind of Roger Brunelle.

And further, how could he have possibly known of my plans to personally pilot my blackhawk helicopter directly over the air space above the baseball fields and release 14,000 ballots with the NO already checked?

So much for my plans for world domination!

Damn that evil genius Roger Brunelle!


Anonymous said...

Hee...Hee...Hee...You're so crafty! :) Although I agree that restricting airspace is a little over the top, I think there is the potential for some nasty happenings during the debating part of the meeting. Tempers on both sides of this issue are red hot.

Anonymous said...

This proves only one thing.....Gladys, you really do have way too much time on hands to sit and write all this ' crafty' comments. Instead, you should run for a seat for Selectman in Bridgewater......Isn't that the town that said NO to more money to open the beautiful new High School? Seriously, get a life.

Anonymous said...

Your a joke!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You must be hitting a nerve....the name calling has started. You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

When those unable to compose a grammatically correct sentence among us begin criticizing, you know you're a success!
(Incidentally Anonymous --- Your a joke!!!! should be 'You're'...)
Way to go, Gladys! It says something when the Luzzas are commenting and name-calling! Too lazy to examine their own town!

Anonymous said...

Which was Roger's comment, speaking of Luzzas? His qualifications for this fiasco are what again? His qualifications for $85,000 a year IT Director are what again?
Before we criticize another town, we might want to look at the 4 surplus school buildings in Middleboro. Anybody paying attention?

Anonymous said...

This town meeting has to be the biggest logistical nightmare ever dreamed up by this current Board of Selectmen. If, just IF, they can pull this off without tying traffic up all over this town next Sat'll be a miracle. On the topic of buildings in Middleborough, 2 Town Halls.......not one like most municipalities....Talk about a WASTE of MONEY........ keep up the good work Gladys, you're enjoyable to read .