Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Maintaining a Long Tradition of Stewardship of the Land through Conservation:
9.4 Acres

Preserving a Unique and Precious History & Culture:
14.9 Acres

Locating the Seat of a Newly Recognized Sovereign Government:
55 Acres

Building Housing for Tribal Members:
58 Acres

Creating the World's Largest Casino in the Middle of Suburbia:
539 Acres

Understanding Your Priorities:

For conservation, history, housing, culture, government, and more importantly, unbridled greed, there's Land-into-Trust.

For everything else... there's MasterCard.



Anonymous said...

Im about two hundred pages deep into "Without Reservation". I can't believe what happened there,the whole tribe are imposters. I wonder.... nah. Middleborough will not be another Ledyard.

Gladys Kravitz said...

I would encourage EVERYONE to read "Without Reservation."

At first I resisted reading it, thinking it would be hopelessly dull. In fact, it was a page turner - and the best TEXT book I ever read. (Way more useful than any of my Calculus books proved to be!)

Wait 'till you get past page 200 - my highlighter gave out underlining paragraphs!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad anonymous wrote about the book.
The Plymouth group actually sent free copies of 'Without Reservation' to each state rep and state senator when the Aquinnah proposed a casino at Cordage Park and attempted to inform others.
The sad thing is that Middleboro has refused to inform itself about the facts, figures and bogus claims.
Gladys, you're right about one thing - not only will we have Land-into-Trust, but we'll have MasterCard for gambling addicts.
And as an added bonus, Middleboro will have Glenn 'the rapist' Marshall! How special! Not even CT can boast such a presence!