Friday, August 29, 2008

Exposing Casino Facts!


Anonymous said...

4:30pm, just received a call from my daughter, "Mom, you have GOT to go on Glady's current blog!!" it is the best yet, EVER!!!, AND IT'S SHORT!!"
Well, I said, "OK, but we've said this before, I'm sure she has to be running out of these great ideas for a blog, and it's short, so how (extra) good could it be?"
Ran upstairs, just finished watching it, yup, it's short, BUT, another grand slam, out of the park for Gladys. And it's short! How can you make your point and do it a minute???????????????

Gotta go, have to call some friends!!

Anonymous said...

This is another one for which I have to wait to stop laughing before posting a reasonable comment. Just beautiful!
They sure do love those shorts!

Anonymous said...

Excellent...simply wonderful!


Carl said...

Gladys, you are never short on ideas. Continue in your quest. Thanks for the plug. Its our site. Your work is always excellent.

Anonymous said...

OMG! They're still talking about it? They're those folks who only wish they'd fit into that size again!
We love you! We support you! And we were aiming much higher than those posters.

Anonymous said...

Save those shorts. Someday they'll be worth a fortune especially after the promotion they receive in other forums. We don't know how you do it, but that was just so wonderful and funny. You have great talents to condemn with wit. Maybe after the bestseller and screenplay you could consider a clothing line.

Quriltai said...

So if I understand this correctly, Faneuil Hall and the MBTA have both endorsed Or am I just incredibly stupid?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Guriltai, I don't know if you're incredibly stupid or not, but you do seemed to have missed the point of the video.

The point is, I wore that shirt all over Boston, was televised and photographed in it, and a lot of people saw me in it. And therefore, they saw a person opposed to a casino.

Which is why one pro-person who was at the protest, made up a lie about my shorts - which they have perpetuated for a year now - to sully the message of the shirt.

And my message, therefore is: Aim higher.

Anonymous said...

Quriltai, Gladys is ever the modest diplomat, and subtle criticizer of the crass monsters amongst us! Because Gladys is talented, creative and more importantly, EFFECTIVE, her opponents are forced to resort to the rudest comments they can conjure. Because their side lacks the facts to support their position, they must assassinate character, resort to the crudest name-calling imaginable, and target Gladys continuously as the bullies they truly are. It's a motley crew incapable of rational discussion of the issues that have formed a mindless gestapo, accused casino opponents of racism, called them Nazis and tossed the most vile insults at them.
The anonymous posters, as well as a local business owner who incorrectly believes he will profit from this endeavor, are widely supported by the local Board of Selectmen, who themselves have perpetuated the venom.
It's a sad time in Middleboro, but one worthy of commenting on to forewarn other communities of the tactics that are employed. Cockroaches run from the light.
Aim higher in all endeavors.
It was NEVER about the SHORTS! They just didn't want to see.

carverchick said...


What a totally awesome SHIRT!!

Love the blog, as always you are able to put things into humorous perspective.