Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Avert Thine Eyes

In the course of my research on another subject, I stumbled across an interesting Boston Magazine blog post from last year which attempted to explain why casino investors didn't do background checks on Tribal leaders before partnering with them. It also features this classic quote from Mashpee Wampanoag spokesman and cheery Kool-Aid cocktail waitress, Scott Ferson.

“Trading Cove did extensive background checks on the investor group. And that’s appropriate,” Ferson said. “But not the tribe, which I think would be wholly inappropriate.” The reason, says Ferson, is that the tribe is no average business partner: It’s a sovereign government, with its own elected head of state."

Yeah, because one sovereign country would have no vested interest in knowing whether another sovereign country is oh say, stockpiling nuclear or biologicial weapons, or assembling troops on the border, or participating in genocide.

That never happens.

And it's nobody's business if a small tribe with a penchant for pointy weapons and whose previous chairman and the guy who signed the Intergovernmental Agreement with Middleboro is a lying rapist who wants to operate an industry reknowned for it's ability to corrupt on an essentially gated community potentially servicing upwards of 50,000 people a day on the borders of Bridgewater, Halifax and Carver.

Yes, please avert your eyes.

And as far greater scruitiny concerned... Scott learned that the hard way on a trip to Mashpee,

“A tribe council member had what I think would be the reaction of the tribe,” he says. “If an investor came to them and said ‘We’d like to do a background check on you,’ one said, ‘I’d tell them to go to hell.”

Well, I feel completely reassured, how about you?

Besides, this is all just dust under the carpet, er... yesterday's news anyway.

Instead of continuing to put investors or tribe and town officials under the microscope, people should focus on the truly despicable and dangerous players in all this - anti-casino bloggers who can't stop digging up dirt, er... leave poor innocent casino supporters alone.

Group hug everyone!


Anonymous said...

They didn't even have to do a 'background' check. The rapist's claims about his military record would have been discredited by the facts alone if anyone had paid attention - and that includes the Tribe.

Someone might want to do some financials on the investors. It wasn't an issue last year, but casino creep in RI and Colorado because of the whining and lost revenues, the default in RI, maybe they're not so $$$$ solid any more.

carverchick said...

You have once again made some excellent points here. Why is it always the same old argument when a Tribe doesn't want to disclose any information -- they are a sovereign nation. Okay, I get that they are a sovereign entity but correct me if I am wrong here, aren't they still American citizens? Hiding behind sovereignty is not a great way to make friends and influence people. It makes people wonder what exactly are they hiding? Oh, that's right....the shady past of a Tribal leader who lied to Congress, raped a woman, and lied to a community and yet, it is still an anti casino blogger who is the real criminal in the eyes of some supporters. Yikes!

your picture is great, and your blog reminds me of the three little monkeys who hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil....but if your a flying monkey? well.... then it is hear and see no evil from the Tribe and speak evil only of anti casino anyone.

avert my eyes? never.....

Carl said...

CC you stole my quote, "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." I should sue. Just kidding. These flying monkeys always threaten to sue US citizens, us "evil" bloggers, for speaking the truth about them. Of course they only threaten anonymously. I'm still waiting for the anonymous subpoenas to arrive. The tribal council got their real ones from the feds a long time ago. At least there is some hope of conviction for some of their alledged misdeeds.

Gladys Kravitz said...

cdp and Carverchick -

I was going to use a see/hear/speak monkey graphic for this post, but when I saw this particular monkey with his hands over his eyes, heck, it was like I was back at a Selectman's or pre-CRAC meeting in Middleboro last summer.

Without the monkey wings.

Anonymous said...

Gladys, not only on "background checks" KEEP DIGGING, there is more to this story about investers & officals. I'm sure of it!! FOLLOW THE MONEY, WHERE IT WILL TAKE YOU WILL BE VERY INTERESTING!!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the investors don't really care who is running the Mashee. I would guess they don't care because the tribe is just a vehicle for them to make money.

The investors and the tribe members don't have to live in Middleborough, send their kids to school in Middleborough, raise a family in Middleborough or run a business in Middleborough. (they will be their own country).

They are going to lay this stinking turd in our yard, and leave us to deal with it.

AB and BG with their 7million dollar pooper scooper won't be enough to clean up this mess.

Anonymous said...

Gladys - this is just too creepy and Anon 7:52 AM really made me sit up straight and slap my forehead with the palm of my hand.

Holy Cow Batman! Could it be that elected officials are fronting for the casino effort with a hidden agenda.....like money??? NO! Not in America! Unheard of says Jack Abramahoff.

Was our little town the unfortunate beneficiary of a game of darts? Was Middleboro selected before or after Selectman were "selected"? How and why Middleboro? Do we have a reputation for being "easy"? Or did we/do we look like we have a welcome mat on our foreheads, inviting all sorts of creepy characters to walk all over us?

Thank goodness I woke up and smelled the instant coffee. I know authentic coffee when I smell it. Speaking of background checks,and it may be too late, but maybe we need to do a background check on the coffee grinder peddling his wares...instant coffee is "so yesterday".

Thank you bloggers all! We are SO lucky to have Gladys, and each and every one of you. True patriots.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Dear ANON 8:46,

Money is the not so hidden agenda in most of American politics. Especially when voters don't care, look the other way, or make apologies for it.

But the buck stops at the small town. If you can't be the protector of your own town, of your own community, you don't belong in office.

Ameila Bingham came before the Middleboro Board of Selectmen early on and told them to beware of the man they were dealing with - Glenn Marshall.

Middleboro officials could have done thier due diligence. Instead, they simply averted their eyes to what they did not want to see...


Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that now after the whole (no) casino thing they're (BOS)starting to drop out of the picture? Perkins,Spataro... its probably nothing. Reminds me of Godfellas, after the Lufthaunsa hiest.

Anonymous said...

If voters were attendng meetings and paying attention, maybe just wandering into town hall during the day, they might notice that Mr. Perkins and Mr. Healey seem to be very much active and involved, contrary to anon 9:20. As for Mr. Spataro, during his previous tenure, he was frequently absent and disinterested. It would not be reasonable to believe his conduct would change. During his current tenure, he has been frequently absent, late, unprepared or distracted. At one televised meeting, he ate his supper. At another, he spent the entire meeting text messaging. He has no listed telephone number for voters to contact him. He frequently doesn't pay attention during the meetngs and asks questions that have already been asked or answered. Although you might wonder why he ran for office that he is clearly not interested in, you might wonder why anyone voted for him. There is no other explanation than that voters can't be bothered to pay attention and allow town employees to determine who runs your town.
Those who complain could get off their couch and attend a meeting.

Anonymous said...

Jerry, Do you think it's a coincedence that in 2003 the Aquinnah of Gayhead were told to go sh*t in a hat, and the Mashpee were welcomed with open arms? Mr. Perkins and Healey were active indeed.The casino,that will kill the region, has been in the making for years.Don't kid yourselves. As far any future development in Middleboro,it should smart and environmentaly friendly. This means reusing existing structures and making them pleasant to look at. A good place to start is the center of town, kill your downtown, kill the town.Get people interested in Middleboro for what it is. The downtown would a be goldmine if we add some nice shops and get rid of the crap.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:32, I fuly agree with all you wrote, but the patern was there before and remains litle changed from what I see.
Jack Healey and Wayne Perkins are very much active and involved and each time I see them at meetings or wandering through the town hall, it begs the question 'what's in it for them?' If other voters were paying atention they might wonder also. Their are several other people who keep popping up behind the scenes that no one is noticing. If voters were payng atention, the bored [sic] wouldn't be composed of such unprofessional and unaware members.

Anonymous said...

I agree!
If our BOS had half a mind between them they would see the promise of a revitalized downtown area.
If our downtown was turned into an old fashion downtown shopping area with quality stores how much revenue would the town gain just from parking fees?
I can envision a downtown crowded with shoppers going from store to store, almost like an open air mall, with sidewalk cafes.
People might say, nobody will come to Middleboro unless the casino is built. I say if you put quality stores and quality dining establishements downtown, people will come. There is so little to do in this region, it would be a welcome addition.

Anonymous said...

smoking owl, we've intruded in Gladys' unrelated blog, and the potential of the Winthrop Atkins' property also holds GREAT, GREAT potential, but only if it's not in the hands of this mindless bored [sic]. Remember, this is a bored that had to form a comittee to address downtown parking and it's still not resolved. It seems like 2 years ago. Jack Healey was the one who prevented the town from considering the purchase of St lukes, which at the time might have cost $500,000. There is much that voters never heard because they werent involved.