Thursday, October 30, 2008


Once upon an April cheery, a casino knocked, and somewhat leery,
I checked the 'net for clues as to what might be in store,
And then, with my heart beating, drove to the 'Boro for a meeting,
And hoped this proposal would be fleeting, ever fleeting at our door.
But a lawyer at that meeting claimed there was no use in pleading,
The deal was done - and nothing more.

The Town must now approve a contract, the State negotiate a compact,
As per some governmental regulations that you can't ignore.
It's all right there in writing, and therefore no sense fighting,
But those words – they were inciting, inciting some to war.
For quality of life they would be fighting even if it did come down to war
Over this 'done deal' and nothing more.

Then came another meeting, where a Tribal leader was entreating
The people to support his great casino and furthermore,
If you didn't, you were racist - even though these claims were baseless,
But to me this was a tasteless, really graceless show of what's in store
When you let these tasteless tactics open up the door,
To a casino - nothing more.

It was just around this time, they started stealing all our signs.
But rather than accept that all was over, I decided to explore
And learned so many facts along my travels, this done-deal did sure unravel
Though we were silenced by the gavel, a gavel choosing to ignore
Our voices pleading and imploring, to hear those facts you can't ignore
About a casino - nothing more.

Our home values will get lower, local business even slower,
We'll see more crime and traffic and addiction - yet they still assure
That seven million will suffice, and make us all think twice
And heck, casinos are so nice, super duper nice (that and other horse manure)
But that's how many voters were enticed, and the truth was made obscure
By casino money - nothing more.

Some town Selectmen seemed hellbent, on raising a big tent
While threats and orange t-shirts were handed out to those unsure
And on a July day fairly steaming, flying monkeys filled the air with screaming,
And so ended three short months of scheming, scheming just to lure
The despondent and the beaming to approve an agreement and endure
A pro-casino circus – nothing more.

But supporters weren't home free, thanks to an article known as three,
The non-binding referendum some since have chosen to ignore.
Or the chief who declared himself the winner, then turned out to be a sinner
The Governor, a mere beginner, a beginner who should have thought before
Feeding the State a three-casino dinner, which became a thankless chore
He should never mention more.

Since then I've weathered many seasons, and collected many reasons,
Why bingo halls and casinos and done deals are not so sure,
So please don't speak of mitigation, or count on initial reservations,
While there are twenty-five mile limitations, and limitations otherwise galore,
Or neglect grassroots determination, which allows me fully to assure
That a casino will be coming, never, never, nevermore.


Anonymous said...

lol! thanks Glydys.

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carverchick said...

Awesome! Happy Halloween Gladys.

No Casino!

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Right on!

Raymond Tolosko said...

Happy Halloween Gladys

Another great blog!

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Happy Gladoween to all.

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You're truly talented.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Thanks, everyone!

The second best part of creating this special Halloween post was that my daughter, after reading the first two stanza's I'd drafted, was inspired to re-read an entire Edgar Allen Poe anthology.

But the absolute best part was hearing her tell her dad that my casino-oriented rendition of Poe's 'The Raven' "rocked".