Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Skies Are Blue

Take a break from casino-fighting, my darlings, and enjoy this vision of what will likely be the fate of any Middleboro casino in the year ahead.


Anonymous said...

I can't get the vision out of my head, seeing our selectman Bond, sitting at the BOS meetings wearing proudly, his support pin for the tribal casino! AND, being a big part of the pro meetings that took place in the parking lot behind the town hall just before the BOS meetings!!

Now he's trying to look like this was all the "others" idea?? AND, now he is trying to look like he is saving Middleboro from Middleboro??
Please, Middleboro voters, don't let him back peddle, we are where we are because of his big push. I know he was not alone, but the "others" are not crafty enough to know that things are bad, change pews, (same church, different pew).

I will admit, he is correct in how to treat this Agreement, but I will not hold him up to be a hero because of it. Remember, he decided to back and support the casino without hearing the other side, he cannot now be just. He was one of "others" that heard right from the heart of Amelia Bingham, he was forewarned from one of the tribe's own elders that this could happen. Where was his sense of obligation to Middleboro then? Wouldn't that send even a small red flag to at least investigate who he's doing business with, and him being a LAWYER???

I still hold him accountable for Middleboro being where it is today!
In one big mess!

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Bond, I will not be in the back peddling group.

Just think about all of the work and the research the opposition had to mount just to get his attention.

If there was no opposition to the casino, Bond would have slid across home plate and scored and pulled in behind him, others with questionable characters. Have no doubt.

He is an opportunist of the most undesirable kind. A carpetbagger that swept into town and took upon himself the mantle of authority. He delivered his opinions with such arrogance and in a manner which made him believe he knew better than "the locals" and would show us the way.

Now the Eddie Haskel himself, has stuck his finger in the wind to test which way he should blow. A CYA move if I ever saw one.

And we are supposed to look the other way and forget his blundering and arrogant role in all of this? NOT!

Surely one can see, that he never did and might not ever have, a sense of obligation to Middleboro.

Vetting those who want to run for political office, is the obligation of every voter in this town. We need to do better in the future. We need to know what kind of experience, vision, and ability to play well with others, our future candidates are able to demonstrate.

We still don't know that much about Bond and the kind of clients and cases he is involved with....he seems to have a lot of time on his hands. We have a right to know if we are going to intrust that his vote will have the best interest of Middleboro at heart, and not his own.

Anonymous said...

Beyond the details, the more important opportunity that Mr. Bond missed was that of leadership.
Those who possess true leadership recognize the opportunity when presented. Carpe Diem!
Instead of seizing that opportunity, Mr. Bond squandered it, further polarizing and dividing the town, surrounding himself with casino supporters and treating opponents with contempt.
Mr. Bond worked to surround himself with a BOS of the least qualified candidates who ran for election who are incapable of rational thought. A pretty mindless bunch!
Unfortunately, the potential to create impressive deeds was concealed in the glare of Mr. Bond's ego, much like that of his radio show.
And his true contempt for all shined brilliantly when he commented before an open mike about voters being stupid.
When you're convinced of your own brilliance, maybe you can't see the value of others.
[sigh!] Opportunities missed!

Anonymous said...

As the year ends and we reflect on the previous year, why is it that only Bond merits criticism?
The BOS is composed of 5 members, most of whom seem to have priorities other than Mboro.
Tankman seems to be involved solely to gain pension credits.
Mini Mae is intellectually lazy, hasn't attended any of those free workshops that explain how government works, freely violates ethics stuff then gets mad at those who point it out. She should be home baking cookies or preparing for a Charter revision that includes her lifetime appointment as groundkeeper. Nice lady, but not a clue!
Marsha, Marsha, Gavel Queen goes to Foxwoods regularly according to reports. Maybe she wants to save gas and travel time with a casino in the 'boro. As Chairman, Marsha, Marsha did little, but now proclaims 'we've been trying to do this for years,' which begs the question 'why didn't you do it when you were chairman?' but voters don't notice. She was chairman when the tax bills were sent out late. She defends hubby even though she hasn't figured out that new fangled internet stuff and supports his BS about quarterly tax billing and the PTWS (Pathetic Town Web Site). Is she there solely to protect his $100K job?
Spataro? If anyone can explain his presence on the BOS or his re-election, it should be posted. After all of these years being on the BOS, he recently disclosed that he didn't know that the excise tax collected by the Town Treasurer went into the town's wallet. Each BOS meeting provides stupid comments from Steve. Can someone who has his unpublished phone number please ask him to go back to text messaging during meetings?
And Bond? Has anyone noticed how much better the meetings are without him? No one is pontificating. There is no ego constantly grabbing the podium. And the meetings end sooner because there is no purposeless monologue.
Not one of the Selectmen seems to have a clue about how to govern, lead, manage a town or what goes on in other towns.
Who voted for these people? Maybe they should be watching more regularly.

Anonymous said...

These comments sound like they are spoken from voices with frustrations of not being able to speak when it's their right to be heard. What kind of elected, (I want to remind you voters), official's run a town meeting with exclusive rights and to pick and chose who will speak?

I came to Middleboro right after the Town Meeting from Hell, reading about it in the local papers every week, reading the Letters to the Editor every week, watching the Board of Selectman's meetings every week since I have moved here is enough for me. Lucky me I rent, lucky me I have to leave!

Before I go, Congratulations to all the anti-casino people, you have won!!! For the Middleboro anti-casino people, stay courageous as you all have been, you still have the same Board of Selectmen and with the last town election I don't see it getting any better!

Thank you Gladys for helping to keep me informed, really informed!
This blog was a good one for me to leave on.

Anonymous said...

As the New Year is about to strike, I am reminded as I read these posts that those who strive to leave this world a better place than they found it, are true heros.

I raise my glass to those who choose to stop and offer help, instead of looking the other way and crossing the street to avoid getting involved.

Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

anon 5:04 PM,
What is striking about your comment is that those who spoke out against the casino and tried to share the facts should NEVER have endured the consequences as they did.
They should NEVER have become the heroes because they spoke the truth.
When the town has suffered under the Gavel Queen who denied voters the right to speak, what happened to town govt? How does such arrogance endure?
There is something drastically wrong with Mboro that needs to change and it has nothing to do with the casino.
How do we value our democracy?

carverchick said...

Happy Casino Free New Year Gladys! Where would we be without you and your tireless efforts this past year? Thank you again for all you have done, and continue to do.

Middleboro casino, RIP. Voting in a new Tribal Council will not resurrect this pipedream, Glenn Marshall and friends have made quite sure of that.

Crumbling casinos on the strip - crumbling casino plans in Middleboro. What a wonderful, wonderful way to start a new year!

Anonymous said...

Visions of Sugar Plums and Crumbling Casinos to greet the New No Casino Year! It doesn't get any better than that!
Best Wishes for a Peaceful New Year filled with visions of folks working together toward a sensible and prosperous economic development of the region.
And let's await the feds announcing the next 'shoe to drop.' Will it be a local? Will the AG do a little pre-election campaigning with some local indcitments? The suspense is killing me! Someone made a comment about the clothing that Bond returned to the tribe because it exceeded the value allowed by state law. Did the other selectmen do the same? And what else was done? This could be an exciting year for the 'boro! Stay tuned

Raymond Tolosko said...

Happy New Year Gladys and all my no casino friends!

We are ending this year on a great note. The casino debate is crumbling all around us.
The issue is all but dead at the Patrick camp. Glenn Marshall is headed to the slammer( but not before he sings like a canary and takes quite a few people with him.)

...and look at the BOS. It's comical listening to them try and weasel their way out of the mess they got themselves into (and the video proves they were forewarned!).

What it boils down to is truth will prevail in the end.

Unlike others, we have no excuses for our behavior. We do not blame someone else for actions we have taken. We are accountable.

With all of the corruption and deception revealed over the past year, CFO's message has remained constant and has strengthened with time.

Why? Because we know that we are right.

Here's to a casino free new year!

Here's to Amelia being unshunned in the new year as well!

Anonymous said...

What a fearless cheerleader Jacquie has been as well!
You guys just rock.
May rainbows fill the New Year!

Carl said...

Happy No Casino Year!

Middleborough will not get to see their bingo hall built, let alone blown up. The more time goes by, the more self-destruction happens.

May all here enjoy another casino free year.

Anonymous said...

Since taking shots at our BOS is one of my favorite pastimes, let me throw this thought out for folks to ponder.

Marsha Brunelle sits on the BOS. The BOS approves budgets and allocates the funds for town departments. Her husband is the grand and mighty IT Director for the Town. The IT department was allocated funds at the last Town Meeting to purchase undisclosed "computer equipment". Has anyone asked exactly what he is buying? I was out of the state during the Town Meeting but I watched it on local cable when I returned. I was astounded that nobody questioned what computer equipment and software Mr. Brunelle was buying. Computer equipment is pretty open ended. Is he buying desktop computers, servers, network switches, network cables, or just a few power strips? What software is he buying? I guess what I'm saying is how can funds be appropriated for purchases of this kind without any details about what is being purchased? Is anyone overseeing his puchases on behalf of the Town? Who would that responsibility fall to? The BOS?

Do you see where I'm going here? Isn't there an inherent conflict of interest when a member of the BOS is voting on funds for a Town department headed by their spouse?

Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, but something here just does not seem right. Maybe everything is on the up and up but any situation that raises a hint of impropriety, should also raise a red flag with our citizens.

carverchick said...

smoking owl,

maybe the IT director is buying computer equipment for a small building with nothing but servers dedicated to internet gambling? You know...leverage or options for land use for when they renegotiate the IGA with the "new" Tribal Council.

seriously though, it's your tax money and you deserve to know how and where it is being spent.

keep asking questions.

Anonymous said...

Smoking Owl,
In fairness to a new town manager, he seems accustomed to doing things in a certain way from having conducted business in Hingham where residents were not suspicious of the BOS and hasn't figured out the baggage that came with the job, his predecessor, the town and the BOS.
The BOS sets the date for the opening and closing of the warrant and the town meeting.
Although I'm not sure which article you're referring to, that may be because it was satisfactorily explained during the 'hearing' portion of the process.
I'm not sure whether the time frame is governed by the town charter or by statute, but the BOS conformed to the requirement. This might be one of the things we need a Charter Commission for in order to define the time and provide voters more time to understand, digest, examine, ask questions, share their thoughts on the internet and with their friends to make sure we understand what we're voting on.
(This is one of the reason I would oppose Mr. Spataro's attempt to call for a single issue Charter Commission for ONLY a Public Safety Commissioner. There are other things within the Charter that need correction and not simply his fantasy issue. If you review the 'boro Charter with others that are available on line, there are changes we could make that are sensible, several recommended in the DOR report that could be considered and if we're going to do it, let's do it right.)
For the recent Special Town Meeting the warrant closed, as I recall, on a Thursday, so the articles were not publicly discussed at that time.
Prior to the Special Town Meeting, the BOS held a public hearing at which the articles were discussed.
That would seem to be the appropriate place to appear and ask questions about an article and expect to receive a detailed reply now that Mrs. Brunelle is no longer the chairperson. (You might remember that she didn't allow questions to be adequately explained because she has no interest in allowing people to speak.)

When you have a town meeting, one might hope that adequate information has been presented ahead of time to allow voters to have a good idea of the facts and how they'll vote.

If the town manager and BOS worked to ensure that the warrant articles and information was available EARLY, it would ensure that town meeting would go Zip Zip, with little discussion/debate.
That is not to suggest there should be no discussion/debate, but if voters are properly informed, there is no need for floor fights as were common under Jack Healey.

You might also consider attending the Finance Committee meetings or reviewing their meeting minutes. The FinComm was the outcast with Jack Healey and Wayne Perkins running the show, but have done their due dilligence in a responsible manner and made informed recommendations that were frequently ignored. They were unable to make recommendations on a number of items at the Special Town Meeting because the contracts were not available from the new town manager. Hopefully, he will adjust his schedule and recognize that voters need the complete information prior to town meeting in the future.

Gladys, sincerest apologies for hijacking your blog.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:04,
Thank you for the information. I personally will try to be more diligent in the future.

My suspicions are the result of having a mega resort casino shoved down my throat by our BOS. I guess one of the tasks for our new Town Manager is to restore our faith in town management.

Raymond Tolosko said...

Since the discussion has drifted to the new town manager. I do have one question for Mr. Cristello.

Would he be for this mega-casino if they planned on putting it within a 1/4 of a mile from his house... in Hingham?

Anonymous said...

smoking owl, you might join the nemasket forum and pose those same questions for others to offer their opinions.