Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Carcieri Met Salazar: A Love Story

For Tracy, who never let a little inevitability stand in the way of the truth...


Middleboro Review said...

Beautiful job, as always, Gladys!

At least Glenn Marshall will have a few years in a federal country club to contemplate your Love Story. Maybe he'll even have company if he's a good boy and cooperates. Wonder who that might be?

Blogger Shark said...

Thanks for letting me do a cameo.

I love love, happy endings and all your videos, Gladys.

Anonymous said...

Great video!

You always do a good job of making the point with humer.

I second what blogger shark said.We would be lost without you!

Gladys Kravitz said...

...perhaps not lost - but certainly grumpier!

Anonymous said...

Who said "inevitable" anyway?

Thanks to all who worked so hard to prove it wasn't inevitable.

Now onward to Beacon Hill so the truth can be heard!

Anonymous said...

Not everyone who follows this blog lives in Middleboro.

What are the casino "players" up to? Seems kind of quiet.

Anonymous said...

Gladys, we've watched this several times and it's just wonderful choreography! Thanks again for a wonderful video.

Anonymous said...


What a clean new look!

I didn't recognize the place.

Anonymous said...

Palmer needs someone like Tracy to squash that inevitability bug.

Anonymous said...

Another fanstastic video!

I'm not sure which makes me happiest; my name in your blog, or the fact that you mentioned THE HAWAII DECISION!!!

Thanks for all the laughs. Its been quite a ride.


PS - Just in case I haven't mentioned it before...


Anonymous said...

Gladys you've gone and done it again, and again I have to thank you.
I have heard Tracy talk at meetings, I have had her answer my questions, and she has gone back to do more research if she didn't have or thought to have had the complete answer. She educated herself to find out for herself what process does a tribe have to go through to get a tribal casino.
Her parents must be very proud of her, I know we would be.

Keep telling us the the truth Gladys.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gladys and thank you Tracy. What a team, and one that you can't beat even though the pro-casino's have tried for two years, and thanks to Gladys, Tracy, & the other fact-finding bloggers, never ending fact finding quests, I am now a die hard believer and have the facts to back it up.

Yes, thank you both for always being able to back up your comments with documentations and where you found them.



Gladys Kravitz said...

FYI everyone - Carl has a comprehensive blog here which goes into much more detail about both the Carcieri and Hawaii decisions and why they spell


Check it out!

Raymond Tolosko said...

Tracy and Gladys,

You both Rock.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Back at ya, Jacquie.