Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sucker Zone

For Chuck Shea...


Carl said...

That was great.

Anonymous said...


After all the rain, you're a ray of sunshine. Thanks for being there.


Gladys Kravitz said...

Thanks guys!

I've been contemplating this video for almost 2 years, so that's really nice to hear. This sci-fi morality tale from decades past perfectly foretells our present.

But today, we're not facing "Kanamits" - it's "Casinoits", "Slotwits" and their prey and our State's potential downfall, "Nitwits".

If you like the video, take it viral. Send it to all your friends and your favorite elected decision makers!

Devan said...


I suspect most of our representatives are already sneaking peeks at your blog to see what you're saying, as are the Flying Monkeys and the casino mangement teams.

Gladys Kravitz said...


One can hope.

But it means so much more coming from a constituent, along with some personal message like "please don't be an idiot like the guy in this video - because right now - that's what it looks like." Or something else from the heart.

As for casino management teams - I suspect not. They're all convinced of a "done deal".

nancy said...

The current media coverage is certainly well orchestrated and overwhelming. Especially Adelman offering to expand his Las Vegas crud to Marlboro.

You were right from the beginning about the destruction caused by gambling addiction! I've been reading everything I can about the deliberate tactics employed to sucker in the most vulnerable. The most interesting things I've discovered have been that gambling addicts are more likely to commit suicide because the debts and dishonesty destroy their safety net and the gambling industry consistently promotes underestimates of the problem gamblers.

I'm still waiting for someone to step forward with a state that has solved its fiscal problems with gambling. California just keeps sinking deeper in the muck with all of their casinos and slots.

jeremiah said...

If "impartial" sources with no connection to the gambling industry are saying that it costs $3 or $4 for every $1 slot machines pay to the state, is this telling us the mathematical competence of Beacon Hill?

Nocasino said...

Great Job Gladys!

Anonymous said...

nancy, check out the addiction and crime stats in Nevada.It'll knock your socks off.

Raymond Tolosko said...


"The Sucker Zone".... absolutely.
"not the brightest planet".... you can say that again.
tying in the twilight zone like you did


Great job.

Gladys Kravitz said...

And yet... the really truly madly sad thing about our situation is - there's a lot of legislators out there who've already interpreted the book's title correctly - and don't care.

We'll win this, but it still makes me sad to think these people are our reps.

reps. As in someone who speaks for those he or she represents.

Or, as they would actually have us be known: "An ingredient in someone else's soup."

Raymond Tolosko said...

It's the DELIBERATE deception on the part of the reps. that is even more maddening.

Tell me they can't look at Ca. and see what casinos are doing there. They can, they just CHOOSE not to.

Raymond Tolosko said...

Let me correct that last statement.
The reps. are looking at Ca., but (like you said) they just don't care

...which is even more pathetic.

carverchick said...


Your best by far! Loved it....

to serve man - oh, I get it. It's only entertainment and a nice meal at a five star restaurant!