Saturday, June 27, 2009

Still Standing

According to The Persistence of Pseudo-Facts in the U.S. Casino Debate: The Case of Massachusetts, perennial casino cheerleader Clyde Barrows makes his case as to why his opinion is worth more than anyone else's.
(Emphasis mine)
While the findings of academic policy researchers are not infallible, they are generally something more than mere opinion, but in the policymaking arena, academic policy research often appears to the decision maker as simply one more opinion to be processed and weighed in the course of decision making. The public policy arena is always crowded with noisy ideas and chatter, including the views of constituents and clients, heart-rending anecdotes and testimonials, personal letters, testimony to committees and task forces, ant the minute-by-minute interpretations of "the chattering class," i.e., talk radio, headline television, newspaper editorials, and the Internet blogosphere.
In fact, his opinion is not only worth more than yours or mine - ours is actually just chatter. Noise. Something one might feel the need to scrap off their shoes.

No longer are we activists, scholars, leaders, researchers, residents, and those with first hand exposure to gambling addiction, we are, in fact, "the chattering class".

Well Clyde, while you were trying to convince anyone who'd listen that the casino industry is good for America, while removing your credentials from your web site so we couldn't see who was paying your bills, and co-authoring this odious attempt at discrediting anyone who isn't bought and paid for by the casino industry can't slap "public policy analyst" after their name, I - yes I - a mere blip in the chattering internet blogsphere and maker of silly videos, was explaining why Indian casinos were NOT inevitable in Middleboro or Massachusetts.

Something that an army of lawyers, selectmen, legislators, Governors, experts, scholars, editorials, journalists, Tribal chairmen and more blowhards and flying monkeys than you can shake a stick at were saying WAS A DONE DEAL.


So Clyde, stick that in your sack of PsuedoFacts and smoke it.

I am a blogger. Hear me roar.

And... Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Good Job!
to everyone else who's still standing here with me after two years!

So far, so good.



Anonymous said...

2 years? OMG, Gladys, thank you for the reminder of how time has flown.
No one with an ounce of sense believes there will be a casino in Middleboro and that's what you've said from Day One.(I'm not sure if the Flying Monkeys get included in that."ounce of sense.")
Keep on chattering!

Anonymous said...

big yawn....big vacation out of packed up, reservations made...newspaper cancelled...don't give a damn what happens because I'm on a much needed vacation and time with my family.You think I care what Clyde says?When my paper delivery resumes on our return,do I care?
Spilka,Clyde,Pacheco,Deleo-no one is listening.Make all the phony baloney noise you want.Pacheco wont get his slots for Carney and may not be reelected.He'll get his 20%bump in pension if defeated.What's he care?Nice knowin' ya Marc.Heckuva job!IBEW thanks ya.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your continued "chatter". You have been correct on this issue all along. Come July 1, when the tribe defaults on it's 250,000 payment, the Middleborough BOS will have to change it's tune. I wonder if we can use the leftover money to plug our 500,000 budget mistake, or was it a mistake?

Smoking Owl said...

I'm reading between the lines here.
Did Clyde just say in his academic, scholarly way, that those who oppose casinos are "people of a certain caliber" who are voicing their opinion from "the cheap seats"?

He should know we hate that!

Clyde, I hereby bestow on you an honorary degree in B.S. from F.U.

Add that to your list of academic credentials!

Not bad for someone who is nothing more than an organ grinder's monkey for the casino industry.

Anonymous said...

All this stupid noise about the Tribe needing to put it in writing that they won't ask for their money back is just that --- stupid noise.If Clyde wants to label "chatter" he hasn't been listening to the casino supporters.
The Tribe will default on the agreement in time.It's a given.That's when we ask for our money or take the land for back taxes.How come if the Tribe is a comin' they're not paying for the additional personnel for the ambulance?How come they didn't kick in for the ladder truck that was justified for the Mega Bingo Parlor?

Anonymous said...

A man's true wealth is the good he does in this world, poor, poor, poor Clyde Barrows.

Anonymous said...

Clyde who??

an elder said...

Smoking Owl,I'm older than you and in the Olde Days,we used to call it Prostitution.

Still Standing and Proudly said...

Congratulations on the 2nd Evil Birthday! We couldn't have done it with you Chattering Bloggers! You never lost the faith and you were right.

Anonymous said...

So many big words were included in Clyde's article, it must have been ghostwritten.

Nocasino said...


For everything you have done for Middleboro.