Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Know What You Did Last Session

Having built the web site for United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts, I know from the many examples of other states that the impacts of expanded gambling are inevitable.

But it bothers me to read story after story, news article after article, report after report about crimes committed, communities hurt and lives destroyed, with seemingly no consequences for those decision makers who passed legislation without independent cost-benefit analyzes, public input, or even bothering to do their own homework, especially after gambling lobbyists pumped millions into the process.  I mean, taxpayers pay legislators salaries, and we should expect them to make sound decisions, without caving to political pressure.

My regular readers are familiar with my one of my most-read posts, Ring of Fire, which is about a young boy growing up without a dad, a dad who lost his hope and all the bill money at a Rhode Island casino, then took his own life.  And when you think of it, a few years ago there were legislators in RI debating whether or not to expand gambling, just like they're doing here in MA right now.  And they weren't thinking about that boy or the other consequences of their decision.  Those sort of things don't happen right away.  They were giving in to the short term promises of gambling revenue.

Therefore, I've created one more web site, I Know What You Did Last Session, to give credit where credit is due, in the event that legislation is actually passed to expand gambling in Massachusetts.

The site is a work in progress, I'm still adding pictures etc, collecting news articles, hoping people will eventually share their stories and leave their comments there.  I'd appreciate your suggestions as how to make it better.


FrankD said...

Gladys, the new website is awesome.
It reveals in black and white how our elected officials succumb to peer pressure like Jr. high school kids trying to "fit in". Everyone should make note of these lemmings and hold them accountable in Nov.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gladys for reaching deep and finding the inner strength to carry on.

Agree w/FrankD, not one will get my families vote this Nov. and not because of how they voted, because of why they voted the way they did. Lobbiest w/lg. sums of money to give away. Disgusting that most of them sold out. Don't anyone tell me that's politics, I'm sick of hearing that excuse.

We will remember in Novemember.