Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lawmakers see eye to eye on gambling bill, fail to notice iceberg

Yesterday, members of the House and Senate conference committee reached an agreement on a gambling bill for 3 casinos and slots at 2 of the State's race tracks.

In other news, Wonderland and Suffolk Downs have decided to combine operations and bid for a single casino licence - ironically leaving only Plainridge and Raynham to "bid" for the remaining 2 "competetive" racino licences.

Governor Patrick, meanwhile, insists he can't sign the bill as it is now, preferring to reserve outrage for additional 750 slot machines, rather than the crime, addiction, corruption, tribal casinos, growth in government, reduction in the lottery, social harm and other collateral damage that any bill would cause.

As the session comes to a close the remainder of the State legislature appears anxious to head off on their 5-month paid vacation.  A majority profess complete confidence in number of lifeboats.


MiddleboroRemembers said...

Loved the picture!

It'll make a great postcard when the ship sinks, but rumor has it they're headed back to Kentucky.

carverchick said...

The Governor needs to veto this bill. This bill is absolutely let me see if I have my math right...three commercial casinos, two comercial slot or two indian casinos so the grand total for a State that is ranked as the seventh smallest in the United States will be:

5 casinos
2 slot parlors

seven gambling establishments to "control through regulation" two of which will be exempt from local and state law....yeah...awesome....have a freaking fantastic vacation Senators.

MiddleboroRemembers said...

We seem to be among the few who can do the simple arithmetic.

Slap Dash Legislation with inadequate review guaranteed to have major flaws comparable to the original versions?

Standard Operating Proceedure for this crowd it seems.

So much for the phony promises of 'we'll get it right.'

See you at the ballot box in November!

Anonymous said...

is there anyone running for office who doesn't support gambling?

Skoorey said...

Jill Stein.

Anonymous said...


"Waist deep in the Big Muddy, and the big fools say to push on!"

Pete Seeger

Anonymous said...

Glady's and friends,
It's been a long road.
For all the battle worn/fatigued fighters:

You made the public take notice

You made us care because of your never ending publishing of all the other state's situations w/casino's, (didn't solve their revenue problems), and for all the facts about everything casino and slots.

You made us laugh w/your tongue in cheek humor and the wise guy comments on the lack of fiber, no morals legislator's, sometimes, (most of the time), boardering no intelligence, (stupid).

God bless all of you and I raise my glass to salute you soldier's.

With graditude for my state to have people like you.

Friend to all of you always.