Saturday, July 21, 2012

Taunton Casino Theme Song

An update to my 2007 classic, Middleboro Casino Theme Song, sung to the lyrics of For the Wonder of It All.

Mashpee Tribe
Knows what they're doing
Don't care about
Supreme Court's ruling.
After all
That's what money's for...
Be the King
Not the Goat.
Make things up
And buy the vote.
Gentle stewards
Of the slot machine,
Let's lie...
For the plunder of it all!

Is A Governor
Who buys the hype,
And the wonder
And a press
That couldn't care less for the truth...
Keep the public
In the dark.
Talk about
That water park.
Who wouldn't want a casino
Next to their kids' school???
Let’s live...
For the blunder of it all.

Gambling bill
Just a game of Keno
At Beacon Hill
Resort casino
Where Legislators
Can be bought and sold...
Jobs and horses,
Used as bait,
Plus a quarter
For the State.
Pass the bill!
And save some billionaires...
Yeah, let's vote!
To knuckle under for it all!

Cut a deal,
Let’s get going
Break the ground
Before it’s snowing
Spin the truth,
Around and 'round it goes…
Drain the swamps
Steal the stars
Get you drunk
Jump in your cars
Take the wheel, and head down 24….
Because we live...
For the plunder of it all!


Anonymous said...

Well Gladys you got the casino corruption right again. I never gave it so much thought until Patrick actually flipped on his original decision(s) well stated in his strong dis approval(s) comment letter on their first application.

East Taunton is even more of a feeble attempt for this tribe to build a casino, and he's supporting this?????

I finally realized what the difference is this time around.

It's more than corruption, it's also job security.

right or wrong, my two cents.

As usual a good A+ job. You always do "get it" right & put your excellent brain to work to put the facts out w/so much thought put into each blog.
Thank you.

Our majority of legislator's and the Governor of our state

Town of Mashpee gets screwed said...

2007? Seems like only yesterday!

Thanks for the updated classic!

In this case, Mashpee gets screwed - they just haven't figured it out yet. So much for backroom deals, secret meetings and corruption.

carverchick said...

Gladys...I got the tribe's application and sent it to you last night...if you didn't get it I will resend and/or drop off a copy on CD to you....let me is blog gold and Patrick is a fool for negotiating a compact.

Gladys Kravitz said...

CC, I got your e-mail about the app but didn't get an attachment. I'm sure you're on the case as usual!

If Patrick looks like a fool, look deeper.

Patrick is a true friend of the rich, thinks he is a friend of the poor - and doesn't know the middle class exists.

Who really makes out in this deal? Certainly not the town of Mashpee, and not the middle class working families of Southeast Mass. And the tribe had to give away some of their tribal rights to get their casino.

Who wins in this?

Anonymous said...

Pure genius! I'll be humming that tune all day.....