Friday, September 14, 2012


In case you hadn't heard
The final tally shows Brunelle beating fellow Middleboro Democrat Adam Bond by just 12 votes, 818 to 806. In the unofficial count, Brunelle led Bond 818-804.

One small step for a democrat. One giant Hail Mary Pass for democracy.


Middleboro Remembers said...

This certainly proves many things, beginning with the importance of voting.

Some of the anonymous comments were interesting in the venom they aroused.

The Snake Oil Salesman succeeds wherever he goes in creating hostility, animosity and division. Is that what we want? Is that what we support?

Few seemed to have noticed how Mr. Bond's absence from the BOS has created a productive government that accomplishes the town's business without the grandstanding.

It's curious how many have such short memories.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is not bliss. Brunelle literally squeaked in. I will always be amazed at how many were suckered in by Bond's snake oil charm that so many in Middleboro saw during the Bond regime. Hearing him talk in E. Taunton once, (once was enough), if I closed my eyes it brought me right back to the early days in Middleboro before he became a real down & dirty fighter.
The 3 things Bond cares about are 1. Bond 2. Bond 3. Bond

But just as sad, another step for the casino side is how I see it.

Gladys Kravitz said...

This is why I was against Bond speaking at the East Taunton event. I know how he works. I was, and still am disappointed that the organizers of the East Taunton event, despite the ocean of publicly available evidence against Bond decided they should trust him more than the very people who've worked their volunteer butts off for over five years for the same cause.

Adam Bond has proven himself to be very good at two things - manipulation and self-promotion - and very, very bad at at least one - elected office.

When I saw a facebook photo of an E. Taunton anti-casino leader holding a Bond sign - it felt like the world had tipped upside down.

I get that most people don't bother to research their candidates but still, it just never ceases to amaze me that folks will actually buy what this guy is selling. He should stay out of public service and go into sales.

During the campaign I was driving in Middleboro with my daughter when we came upon a neighborhood awash in Bond lawn signs. As someone who has witnessed what this guy has said and done for years, it was unsettling and even shocking to say the least. But my daughter, who only witnessed it second hand struggled to say it best, "How can... how can it be right for someone like that to hold office?"

So if a teenager gets it, why do so many other people NOT.