Friday, March 1, 2013

Massachusetts News Serves New Hampshire Well

"the regulatory and social costs of expanded gambling could very well cancel out the benefits of increased state revenue."
I saw this same story on Channel 5 WCVB this morning - complete with requisite stock footage of slot machines and flashing lights.

Anyway, good for New Hampshire!

It would appear that the effluence from their own casino cesspool has finally seeped across the border and into the muddy consciousness of the crack news team at WCVB, Boston.

Though, I'm not quite sure where they were when Massachusetts studies were attempting to point out the EXACT same thing - time and time and time again.

Oh that's right... squirrel on the waterski.  Thanks, I'd forgot.

Not to worry, the local mainstream media seems to have fixed this minor glitch in their sump pump, and in the few short hours after it aired, I was unable to find the story anywhere on their site.

But hey, at least the people of Massachusetts looking down the barrel of a mega resort casino or slot parlor in their back yards can otherwise rest well informed knowing that Giuliana Rancic puts marriage before motherhood.


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