Friday, November 22, 2013

The In Joke


carverchick said...

hahahaha....Deval's master plan. Love it!!!

Gladys Kravitz said...

I don't think Deval planned on this at all. I do think that from the beginning he assumed that everyone but affluent, educated folks like himself living in upscale Whole Foods communities would clamor for a casino - especially in East Boston which was supposed to clamor the most, being especially blessed that so many of it's political leaders had spent years making it inevitable.

And I also believe he was convinced that a tribal casino was a done deal, or at least wanted to look like he did in order to keep getting tribal campaign contributions.

I think he felt removing surrounding communities from the equation would grease the greed skids and remove pesky obstacles for potential host communities.

But when things started shaking out differently, when the MGC started kicking casino CEO's to the ground, when the populace refused to fall in line, Deval had to adjust his world view.

Tilt, adjust, see... all better. Everything going exactly as planned.

The important thing being that he will never personally live next to one of the monsters he created.

MiddleboroRemembers said...

Right on!

After spending $25 MILLION in Palmer, wining, feeding and schmoozing, who could believe the local 'hicks' wouldn't welcome the community destruction the Mega Monster that has no water and no flyover offers?

How come no one in the Casino Cheerleading media asks 'WHY?' these esteemed leaders who supported this Folly don't want to live next to this great revenue generator?

Is it the increased CRIME they all deny? 24/7/365 noise and traffic?

Is it the prostitution and drugs they insist doesn't happen?

Is it the DRUNK DRIVERS caused by FREE ALCOHOL that make everyone a target on the roads?

Is it the homelessness, personal bankruptcies, family destruction?

Or is it the invasion of LOW WAGE EMPLOYEES into their rarified lives, who will need LOW COST HOUSING [i.e. substandard housing], ESL classes for their children that will impact local school budgets?