Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fear and Loathing on the South Shore

Dear Adam,

I just read the Globe article in which you and representative Calter exchanged disparaging comments.

I wanted to let you know that both Calter and Rep. Canessa did indeed argue passionately for Middleboro at the regional task force meeting that night. The only thing missing were some lighted candles and a man playing a violin.

As for insisting that they not attend further task force meetings as some sort of protest - Adam, must I remind you again, that it’s not all about you? These men represent other towns. And by not attending meetings, they miss the opportunity to listen to the concerns other towns have regarding your beloved proposed casino.

In fact, they also represent the town of Middleboro, which, though it authorized you and the other riders of the apocalypse to sign the casino agreement, also voted overwhelmingly that they didn’t want a casino.

But you keep forgetting that fact, don’t you?

But then, facts aren’t necessarily important to you, are they? Because if they were, you’d know that our region does have serious water issues. Nevertheless, you seem confident that "there's plenty of water". Perhaps you’ve already added the title “Aquifer Engineer” to your resume?

Had you ever bothered, Adam, to hold an informational forum for the people of Middleboro with anybody except lawyers or Glenn Marshall, you’d have heard about the water issues, and many, many more issues your pet project has raised - including the anticipated 50,000 cars a day.

Fortunately, Rep. Calter did listen to the issues raised. I applaud him for doing so. I wish he were my rep.

By the way, Adam, I find it interesting that you suggest Rep. Calter should be speaking to the Tribe. I’d like to turn the tables and suggest that you start listening to someone other than the Tribe.

As a matter of fact, why don’t you come to the next meeting of the Regional Task Force? You’re very popular there ever since you responded to their concern about where the all the garbage generated from a casino would go by saying that you didn’t care where it went - as long as it didn’t stay in Middleboro.

I’ll save you a seat.



Anonymous said...

LOL - Aquifer engineer.

Anonymous said...

The Town of Middleborough sells the initial site and inturn says to the public,oops!, we just lost our bargaining chip. What a plan! What leadership! What cowards!
Gladys, why would anyone with any sense listen to Adam Bond. He is and ever shall be for the tribe and investors. I trust Ted Bundy more than any Middleboro official.The Task Force should lock the door and swallow the key, it's the responsible thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gladys for blogging on that article. Everytime I see Adam Bond being quoted in an article I just know my skin is going to start crawling! But, let us not forget, town officials have sold their souls and, per the agreement, need to uphold the tribe and/or developers of the casino. On another note...I was just wondering, if our town charter is going to be revamped, I was wondering if Mr. Bond is going to campaign for a change in the name of our town to...Adamboro. Good luck with the fundraiser!! :)~

Anonymous said...

Rep. Calter is my rep., I applaud him for listening!!!!

Chick Renfrew said...

Gladys, Thank you for your blog. Isn't it funny how Mr Bond now states that it is irresponsible for Rep Calter to not support the project because of traffic issues that "have not yet been studied". Well?? wouldn't it be irresponsible to support a project before it is studied? This is the backward thinking that Mr Bond has given our town and it is the reason he must be voted out at the earliest possible date. Anyone got the stomach for another recall? I do.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Rep. Calter did listen. I spoke to him several times and expressed my concerns based on FACTS -- dollars and cents facts. I am aware of others who addressed issues with him. HE LISTENED!
Alan is too filled with ego to hear anything but his own voice.
The same voice that labelled those who disagreed with him as 'braying donkeys'and called the voters idiots. And created his own paranoid fantasy that anyone who disagrees with his future plans based on Glenn Marshall's promises, is his enemy.

The same voice that said of a convicted rapist that 'we're a lot alike,' and 'everyone has skeletons in their closet.'


That same convicted rapist said in a Boston Globe interviewed after he listed 4 arrests, that was all he could remember.
He earned how many Purple Hearts? Contempt of Congress anyone?
Why aren't the Middleboro Veterans' groups jumping all over this?

Have you sold your souls?

Anonymous said...

Alan's grandstanding performance protesting the excusion of Middleboro on the pretense that somehow Middleboro 'had the facts' and had done all the research was a laugh line that most missed.
If Middleboro 'had the facts,' why weren't those facts ever presented to voters to make an informed decision? Does anyone remember the informational forum that was never held?
If Middleboro has such wondrous research and information, why isn't it posted on the Town's Web Site for all to see?
When questions were asked about the water and sewer figures used in the Ageement, the answer was filled with gibberish - a non-answer.
Nothing in the Agreement offers anything of substance.
It's the original $7 million offer cloaked in meaningless rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Re: Recall
No sane person would run for election after these clowns have bankrupt the town. Watch for what they stuff into the new contracts that the joke of a town manager is negotiating. Besides, what would we do for laughs on Monday nights?

Anonymous said...

This is not funny. I am very concerned about the future of this wonderful town. Is it possible that some back room deal which would make Adam the next town manager took place? How successful of a lawyer is he really? What if he just needs the money?
I am so worried that more damange will be done by that carpetbagger.

I hope someone really looks into his reputation before his is given the job.

carverchick said...

I read this article and almost choked on my lunch. There's plenty of water?? Is he kidding? I personally invite Adam Bond to come over to my house in late August when it hasn't rained in a week...I show him how much water there isn't! Thank goodness Rep. Calter sees the negative impacts for what they are -- real!

Anonymous said...

People with over-inflated egos blame everyone else for the fallout they have caused by their careless rhetoric, stupid comments, and anti-social behavior.
To Adam's current confidantes: if you believe his personal comments and criticisms of others are limited to 'others,' think again! He's saying the same things about you to other people!
Middleboro may not be that small, but Adam somehow thinks that comments he makes won't be repeated. Toto, this isn't Manhattan!
Although his public rhetoric may have provoked, his arrogance knows no bounds!
Dear Adam:
A little self-reflection and humilty might work wonders! Only Mom thinks more highly of you than you do.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Is it possible that some back room deal which would make Adam the next town manager took place?
...someone really looks into his reputation ...
1. Courtesy of Glenn Marshall, the Feds will undoubtedly crawl into nooks & crannies most of us never thought of. When this unravels, it won't be pretty!
2. Should the Board of Clowns appoint Mr. Bond, who lacks the qualifications or temperament, you can bring your friends, neighbors, relatives, acquaintances to Town Meeting and cut the funding for the position.
It's already being planned for the Town Accountant and will probably be necessary for the union contracts the buffoon of a town manager is currently negotiating.
Town meeting is important, but so is paying attention and informing yourself about the negligent conduct of the clowns.
If you care about your town, get involved!

Anonymous said...

This is not good. I tried googling Adam's name and I can not find much of a law career.

Do any of you really think he will get appointed?
How does this work? Can it be stopped?

Personally, I think he needs the money and has put himself in the right place at the right time. And our town will be the loser. This is just not right, and for sure not good.

Should our town manager be competent and qualified? Are we going to dumb the postion down just so he can fill it?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anxious Anonymous: Aunt Mabel says: For many of us, the last 8 months have been a blur of activity and frantic education about town government, casinos, grassroots organizing, and familiarizing ourselves with a ghastly cast of characters.
Confronted with vast casino profits, true character and incompetence was revealed in the willingness to sell the town for $7million.
Take a deep breath and don't panic! Should you feel the need to take immediate action, you can contact 3 of the Selectmen whose names and phone numbers are listed on the Town's Web Site. Selectman Spataro has a non-published phone number for which you'll have to call the town offices on Monday.
It appears to some that Mr. Bond has abandoned his pursuit of the position of Town Manager, but instead is campaigning for the position of Town Counsel. Since one could make a credible argument about Mr. Bond's conspicuous lack of qualifications for Town Manager, he apparently believes possession of law credentials qualifies him to be Town Counsel. His inattention to legal details and his disruptive behavior during Selectmen's Meetings seems to prove otherwise.
In a Town Meeting form of government, contracts need to be approved by Town Meeting voters. That includes personnel/union contracts.
Town Meeting is important. If you want your voice and your opinion heard, you need to participate and attend and inform others of the issues.
We need to work together to create the town we want and re-take town government from the incompetents.

carverchick said...

"you responded to their concern about where the all the garbage generated from a casino would go by saying that you didn’t care where it went - as long as it didn’t stay in Middleboro."

Hmmmm...NIMBY anyone? Wait a minute...isn't NIMBY a bad thing? Oh...right, only when it pertains to a casino.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I need to calm down. And I will. Thanks.

Attending the meetings is a citizen's responsibility to be a citizen watchdog, and to be on the record. I guess we just need to be as proactive as possible.

I just get this creepy feeling that's all.........

Anonymous said...

Dear Anxious & Feeling Creepy:
Aunt Mabel says: the Board of Clowns sold the 'Bargaining Chip' because we, as voters, weren't watching the Clowns.
Selectman Perkins said 'The Town isn't in the real estate business.' Chairwoman Brunelle said 'We're not going to discuss the land auction.'
Selectman Perkins said towns that have casinos don't pay taxes.
The rest of the clowns sat like bobbleheads.
We surrendered our rights because we weren't paying attention.
Let's not feel 'Anxious & Creepy' but instead vow to learn about town government and how we can effect change.
That change begins with us informing ourselves and then working to explain important issues to others.
The Town Charter & ByLaws are posted on the mrmiddleboro site. That's a good beginning to understand that the Finance Committee is being excluded from the budget process and the Town Manager Buffoon is going along.
That's how we got into this fiscal train wreck.
You need to ask questions when you don't understand the process. And YOUR elected officials need to ensure that your questions are answered, unlike the current clowns who have come to believe they are annointed rulers, above questioning.
Much damage has been done to our town, but by working together and encouraging your friends and neighbors and acquaintances, we can repair that damage.
One need only look at those from surrounding towns who have crossed Middleboro's borders to get involved. Middleboro has many friends in our fight who recognize bad government when they see it.
Sometimes 'Anxious & Creepy' comes from not understanding how you can control your town government.
A few of us are working very hard to overcome what the clowns have done.
Aunt Mabel is more than willing to provide additional information or answer questions.
Surely Cousin Gladys will indulge if you send your contact information off-line.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Cousin Gladys will happily indulge.

Anonymous said...

To all antis: Help shut down MrLimo's site down by not posting there. His forum is fueling the fires in our town, and he just deletes what doesn't suit his purpose.

Gladys Kravitz said...

The owner of this site is like a small child who desperately requires attention, whether positive or negative. Without this attention, he suffers like an bug in a jar, slowly deprived of oxygen. And he will do what he feels he must to bait people in. Flaming and selectively deleting, included.

As for me, I manage to survive perfectly well, without either regularly visiting or lurking there.

It would be interesting to see what a mass anti-casino exodus of his site could accomplish. Perhaps it could actually compel the site owner to make some changes. Especially if you demanded them as a condition of your return.

But, if he is deleting forum posts because he doesn't agree with them, and not because they don't pass his own rules, then the site is essentially baseless and a waste of everyone's very limited time.

I'd highly recommend that instead - anti's post comments on various anti-blogs, develop their own blogs, send editorials to the papers, call their legislators, show up at meetings and rallies, volunteer, support each other, donate, educate, motivate and stay involved on a more positive level.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ssshhh! Mr. Limo thinks he gets a lot of visitors. Don't tell him that there are thousands of antis just watching him & copying the posts before he deletes them!
He thinks he has a lot of subscribers, but many are not active. The antis are too busy! He hasn't figured it out.
Sssshhhh! Don't tell Mikey! Mikey won't like you! Mikey paid to go Big Time!

Anonymous said...

It's become the VegasVal site over there. Lots of hits, few bites. I've been lurking for awhile. And MrLimo lets this woman threaten and delete without standing up to her.

Val posts as a Native American, which is fine. But didn't Victoria also proclaim herself a N.A.? Funny: VegasVal/Victoria? Could it be?

Anonymous said...

Does it matter?
Whoever it is has been deleting benign comments and is becoming increasingly irrational.
She is convinced everyone is stalking, guilty of libel/slander/defamation.
It's truly a waste of time/effort/energy, unless mental illness is your joy!
It is clear she has no life and is posting at ALL hours of day and night. Feel sorry for her. She has a sad life!

Anonymous said...

I don't think VegasVal is irrational. I think she's just plain mean. Not a site I will spend time reading anymore. The one I feel sorry for is the Limo Guy.

carverchick said...

I of the moderators is quite abrasive and rude to some posters for no apparent reason. I started posting there against my own good judgement and it took me about a week to get repremanded - I apparently asked the wrong question and I didn't even realize I was doing it. oops! I was told in a genal post of causing trouble so I apologized and have left. I just knew that I would regret signing up and posting on there!! Oh live and you learn.

Gladys Kravitz said...

I recently decided to check this site out again for myself.

But as always, it was disturbing.

I was able to find this pricelss quote made by the site owner himself:

"I want friends to grow from this not enemys."

Hmmm... then maybe he shouldn't create contests to make up for his own lack of computer skills so he can offend people who don't share his views.

Jeekers - one might think folks could be a tad put off to be vocally anti-casino on that site. Could the possibility of ending up the subject of their own virtual temple to hate be slowing down the alleged thousands of potential posters?

I also (still) found references to myself in a pair of shorts.

Perhaps if the site were clever instead of lewd, insightful instead of beligerant, interesting instead of desperate...

...He'd have as many visitors as Gladys. ;~)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Gladys, hope you get to watch the BOS meeting! Poor Alan! Thin skin! Still hasn't figured out the criticism comes from his comments!
When will someone tell this man to keep his mouth shut?
Leadership? He missed the boat on that one!
And he just keeps getting worse. Maybe he's really Vegas Val posting ALL night & that's why he looks so tired.

Anonymous said...

The poor man has put his foot in his mouth so many times and offended so many people that now he's whining about being persecuted and casino supporters are soliciting work for him!
Must be a marketing strategy that MOM thought up.
It's embarrassing that the Globe published his offensive letter as a representative of the town.

Smoking Owl said...

I've heard Adam Bond has made comments regarding the good people of Middleboro as "not all that intelligent".

Maybe that's why he moved here in the first place, he thought he finally found a place where he would fit in!