Monday, November 26, 2007

Mitigate This

I know that, to some, it seems like I pick an awful lot on Adam Bond and the other Middleboro Board of Selectmen.

It’s just that they give me so much material.

Back in the day, folks made liberal use of the expression “going off half-cocked” to describe a person who’s actions preceded their better judgment. Or any judgment. And if someone was in fact, “going off half-cocked”, they were dangerous. They did foolish things.

And so “going off half-cocked” pretty much perfectly describes how I perceived the Board of Selectmen and their flock of feathered followers over the summer.

Land was sold, lawyers and UMass Dartmouth professors were marched out, dissension was squelched, opponents threatened and never, ever was there any thoughtful public discussion about the appropriateness or the regional impacts of a mega resort casino.

Except to say that “mitigation” money would solve everything.

It was one big three-month-long Kool-Aid soaked orgy of promises, threats and potential mitigation.

After the Town Meeting, as the dust settled, I figured they'd settle with it. The hangover would fade, and they’d come to their senses.

But no. They’re still going off half-cocked.

In a recent letter to the Boston Globe, Middleboro selectman Adam Bond, double-dog dared Massachusetts Legislators to pinky swear that they’d take all the money they’d collect from a Middleboro casino and return it back to the town and it’s surrounding communities.

See what I mean about going off-half cocked?

First of all, the only reason Deval Patrick wants to carve up our state like a trio of virgin sacrifices is so he can pay for his campaign promises off the backs of the people living in the bull’s-eye.

So it’s a little late for call-outs, don’t you think?

And if a casino, or several, are ever built, do you really believe the State will serve us up a big juicy slice of mitigation pie?

"Mitigation" is a magic word which implies much while offering nothing. It's a word spelled with promises and erased with pet projects. It's the scraps that the kitten gets after the fat cat gets done eating.

Legislators vote themselves pay raises while servicemen and women in combat zones go without effective body amour.

And what portion of the sky-high cigarette tax goes to help wean the nicotine addicted? Well… let’s see… when’s the last time you saw a state-funded anti-smoking commercial?

Believe me, if any casino ‘mitigation’ money ever actually trickles it’s way down to my town, they’d just use it to buy fur-lined sinks for the high school - and I’d still have a traffic jam in front of my house.

And the fact remains, you can’t mitigate every wound with a wad of greenbacks.

I mean, you can fill an empty well with thousand dollar bills, but you can’t bring the water back once it’s gone.

And if Adam hadn’t gone off half-cocked this summer, he’d have known that.


Anonymous said...

That arrogance prevails in Middleboro is impressive!
It's Monday night.
Please watch the Boggleheads perform!
It's the best entertainment Middleboro has to offer.
And it's FREE! (Well....except for your tax dollars they're misspending.)
Middleboro sold the Town for $7 million & that's it! What don't they understand?

carverchick said...

I would hardly think that speaking the truth and "calling it like you see it" as picking on anyone. If the truth hurts, too bad for them. You are absolutely correct in saying the Middleboro BOS went off still amazes me that they continue to try to tell the region that we have nothing to worry far as the double-dog dare and pinky swears...damage control on Mr. Bond's part. Saying what you think we want to hear after the fact? Please...your a day late and a dollar short...these things should have been thought about and discussed regionally before any deal was considered, never mind signed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bond has repeatedly proven that he is incapable of saying anything or taking any action without offending EVERYONE!
Thanks for your comments yet again! You do a great job.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who watched last night's meeting must have noticed that this was the first meeting where Mr. Bond wasn't disruptive, carrying on side conversations, eating, shuffling papers, and basically protesting that he wasn't in the spotlight. He occupied himself throughout the meeting writing - perhaps another letter to the Globe? the 1 & 2 AM posts under Vegas Val that were deleted? a letter of apology to the many he has offended? Nah!
His silence was much appreciated and if your posts made a small contribution, thanks need to be offered. Keep up the good work. You're doing a lot of things right by criticizing this horrible board.

Anonymous said...

From the look on Mr. Bond's face, I thought he might be filling out a job application.

Why so quiet?

Anonymous said...

Your lips to God's Ears!

(Keep your mouth shut & give him a good reference!)

Anonymous said...

We all know you're busy, but this sounds like a contest:
What was Selectman Bond writing?
1. His next Supreme Court brief for a Middleboro resident
2. His next marketing campaign to expand his legal practice featuring persecution, ideas suggested by Vegas Val
3. His next casino agreement because this $7 mill deal was so successful, but this time he'll work for the developers who have deep pockets
4. An ad campaign featuring Glenn Marshall & Jack Abramoff explaining the virtues of casino gambling
5. His next letter to the editor of the Globe threatening secession if the legislators refuse his demands

Smoking Owl said...

The following excerpt from Mr. Bond's letter to the Boston Globe brings a question to mind.

"Tom Calter and others know, in the compacting process, casino proceeds are intended to mitigate impacts on the host community and the abutting region. Consider that, if the casino makes $1.5 billion and the state compacts for 25 percent, that means $375 million annually goes to the state. Those funds should go to infrastructure and road improvements in the host community and region. Those monies should not be going to bridges and tunnels in Boston.

Therefore, I hereby challenge our state representatives, our senator, and our governor to publicly commit to the following:

"I acknowledge and will argue to the House or the Senate that all casino revenues that come to the state from the tribe are monies intended to mitigate the impacts on the host community, and the region in which that host community is located. I promise to argue and vote that all monies received as casino revenues first must be spent to mitigate the impacts to the host community and the abutting region, and only after such mitigation is paid for and completed will any casino funds be distributed to any community outside the region."

Mr. Bond states in his letter that $375 million would go to the state and that those funds should go to infrastructure and road improvements in the host community and region.
If Mr. Bond thinks the state should fork over $375 million to Middleboro for road and infrastructure improvements, WHY DID HE SETTLE FOR ONLY $7 MILLION FROM THE TRIBE IN THE BOS/TRIBAL AGREEMENT?

As for his "challenge" to our state representatives, our senator, and our governor, well, Mr. Bond is showing his ignorance of Massachusetts politics. Apparently Mr. Bond is so full of himself, he actually thinks the boys in Boston give a rat's ass about a pimple like him on the ass of the Town of Middleboro. In true Adam Bond fashion he seems to think the State of Massachusetts revolves around him and his little fiefdom he's established in our town. Why in heaven's name would state reps, state senators, or the govenor argue only for the benefit of one town when their political future is tied to their representation of all the state's communities and the well being of the Commonwealth as a whole?

Once again Mr. Bond comes off sounding like a whiney bitch on a statewide scale. He sounds like a person who, as a kid would take his ball and go home if he didn't get his own way.

carverchick said...

smoking owl...WOW!!! (insert applause and cheers here) A pimple" on the ass of Middleboro....oh, BRAVO smoking owl, BRAVO!!

Anonymous said...

smoking owl you're really smoking with that one!
But do you hear the rest of the board disagreeing?
Wayne Perkins has said the same thing about our reps. and refused to open a dialogue.
Not sure Mr. 'Major League' Spartaro knows how to dial the phone or who our reps are.
Middleboro got screwed on the deal and these clowns have been so busy telling everyone the deal is great, our reps think 'the deal is great' and Middleboro doesn't need any more money.
Keep it up Owl. You got that one right!

firefly said...

The BOS is dancing with malfeasance with this issue.
It won't be too late until the steam-shovels appear on the scene.

Because we are no different than any other "any place in America" seems like most in Middleboro just don't want to be bothered, want their snow removed and garbage picked up and expect elected officials to to their jobs.

Door to door leaflets, (newsletter) something, anything...sooner rather than later.

Smoking Owl said...

Thank you for your supportive comments.

I have a question, has the town received the first $250,000 payment from the Tribe as the excerpt from the "Agreement" below requires?

A. Pre-opening Mitigation – Planning.
Within ninety (90) days of executing this Agreement, the Tribe shall pay
annually, using the Fiscal Year of July 1 to June 30, to the Town the sum of $250,000 for
the purpose of mitigating the Town's staff and outside consulting costs for supporting the
planning, development, and coordination of the Project, excluding costs relating to offsite
permit issuance by the Town. The Town shall provide written certification to the Tribe
that the Pre-opening Mitigation Payments in this sub-section are utilized for these
purposes and, if requested, copies of detailed invoices of outside consultants. The
payments shall continue annually thereafter until the date that Annual Impact Payments
described in Section 5.C commence. The Tribe's payment shall be prorated for the first
and last years.

Anonymous said...

smoking owl - Auntie Jane (Lopes) would be mightily disappointed that you have missed her front page coverage of the first installment of the purchase of the Town on Sept. 20, 2007 - one week before the Recall Election, as surely requested, and somewhat ahead of schedule.
Tribal Council Chairman Shawn Hendricks Sr presented the check to Selectman Adam Bond, head political prostitute, as Selectmen Patrick Rogers and Wayne Perkins looked on.
Council members Martin Hendricks and Cedric Cromwell, Powwow Princess Brailyn Frye, council member Cheryl-Frye Hendricks were also included in the photo.
Casino signs were conspicuously displayed throughout the room.
The Casino Handlers remained conspicuously out of sight at the back of the room monitoring compliance, audience reaction and the appropriate obedience.

Smoking Owl said...

Thank you for that answer. I guess I missed that milestone in our march to becoming a mega resort casino host community.
Who says this site doesn't provide a wealth of information?

firefly said...

If we believe that the oath of office has been breached, and fiduciary responsibility has been violated....then shouldn't we say so?

My head is still swiming with the prior lack of forsight the BOS had and now, Bond, is trying to cover his ass.

Aren't his public letters, and transcripts of his public statments enought to indite him?

Good grief.

BOBBI-G said...