Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You Can Get Anything You Want, At Gladys’s Restaurant…

In honor of the silent auction at Thursday’s CasinoFacts fundraiser, Gladys is asking you to make a bid to:


It’s not much – just a bite - enough to get you in the door - and once you’re there – you might want to spread the word that a Middleboro casino will not only siphon off restaurant customers, but their employees too!

So, while they're still open, come sample our fabulous restaurants! See what wonders exist on the other side of Rte. 44! Find out what it's like to dine with folks with no orange t-shirts in their closets! Get to know your neighbors!

Featured bites:

Castaways - Rte. 18/28
Two bars, live bands, dancing or just a nice place for lunch. My recommendation - save your certificate for summer, and then lean back in an Adirondack chair and stretch your toes in the full sand beach out back!

The Chatta Box – Winter Place Plaza – Rte. 18/28
Have an exceptional out-of-continent experience. Voted the Best of the Bridgewaters several years running. A favorite of Gladys and the whole family! Truly - an eat-in or take-out treasure!

Ron Emma’s – Pleasant Street – right off the Bridgewater exit on Rte. 24
A great place to hoist a beer with your foursome after an afternoon at Olde Scotland Links, or to sit out your nightly commute with a pizza or perhaps the legendary lobster roll. And while you’re there – tell Crazy Ron that he’d be CRAZY to support a casino!

99 Restaurant and Pub – Roche Bros. Plaza – Rte. 18
Take the family! Meet old friends! Make new friends! The 99 is fun and friendly and always a comfort food heaven.

Roche Bros. Supermarket – Rte. 18
This supermarket was one of the reasons I moved to Bridgewater. Never cook again once you see the new prepared food section. Behold the incredible produce, fine and affordable wines, walk-in cold case, delectable seafood deli and vast ice-cream wing. And much much more! And if that still isn’t enough, experience the rare priviledge of having a nice person cart your groceries out to your car for you.

TAKE A BITE OUT OF BRIDGEWATER is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the Bridgewater afficianado in your life!

And please! If you’re going to be at the fundraiser – make sure to introduce yourself! I want to meet you! Give me your ideas for future blogs! Let’s share flying monkey stories!

Come on people! (as Adam would say...) Bid 'till it hurts! Bid 'till it bleeds! We need the money!

Take a chance! Make it happen!

See you there,


carverchick said...

I can't decide between The Chatta Box or Castaways. Guess we will have to pick one on Thursday! Hmmm..but the Roche Bros. has excellent honey drummies....

Gladys Kravitz said...

There's no need to choose!

I put all five bites in one bag! It's a veritable Bridgewater buffet!

Anonymous said...


The Chatta box is A+. A fresh take on traditional Asian fare. One of my favorite places.

Anonymous said...

I support the Chatta box twice a week,and I'm still skinny! Healthy and delicious.Can't make it to the fundraiser, but I'm buying two tix anyway.Good luck. Casino's can go to hell.There's plenty of their own kind down there.

carverchick said...

No choosing, even better! I am all set to bid on a bite of Bridgewater tonight! Either way, I will be heading out to the Chatta Box in the very near future...healthy fare that is good too...what more could a girl ask for?