Saturday, December 20, 2008

But Noooooooooooooooooooooo...

According to today's Cape Cod Times Mashpee Wampanoag Chairman and all around bad boy Sean Hendricks
criticizes tribal council members who, he said, ignored legal advice by speaking out about Marshall.

"It will serve no other purpose but to implicate and tie the tribe to something it did not do," he wrote. "It's the ultimate power play that will definitely hurt our gaming strategy and other economic development plans.
And not only that, but Hendricks
also blames newspapers and complains about information being "telegraphed" to the Cape Cod Times by "certain tribe members."
Yeah, that's right. By exposing the truth about Glenn Marshall, Herb Strather and the dirty dealings behind the Mashpee Wampanoag's recognition, some tribal members have gone and ruined it for everyone else. I mean jeekers - what the hell is wrong with them! Honestly, what's more important to these people - a casino or their integrity! They coulda been contendas!

But noooooooooooooooooooooo...

Listen, casinos aren't about buying ostritch-skin boots or funding firetrucks. They aren't supposed to damage the environment or make millionaires out of the middle-class. They're supposed to bring assistance to people with actual need.

"Gaming strategy". Good one. Is that the strategy that required paying for Federal recognition, shunning anyone who didn't agree with you, and assuming Federal policy would give you a free pass all the way to the bank?

And "ultimate power play". Another good one. As if Hendicks and anyone else in love with this mega casino insanity weren't more than delighted to use any method of power they could get their hands on - from political 'contributions' to a wooden gavel to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in order to help it along.

And so, for every Tribal leader, local selectmen, business owner, CRACpot and flying monkey who has, during the course of this casino debacle, blamed shunned tribe members, newspapers or anti-casino bloggers for exposing their criminal activities, causing them to lose business, blemishing their reputation or revealing their embarrassing foibles, repeated excesses, or overall stupidity - I have just have one thing to say.

Look in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

Good blog as usual!
You've raised good points, but I'd like to know when the casino supporters will finally figure it out that casino opponents were right and stop the mindless attacks?
When will they look in the mirror?
From the juvenile conduct many on us have been subjected to this past 19 months, they still don't 'get it.'
This thing was a looser from the beginning and the Tribe let itself be blinded just like the town.

Anonymous said...

Shawn's letter is a hoot!
It sounds like he didin't have any help writing it.
Note to Shawn: Request help before circulating the written word next time.

carverchick said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Gladys!

The gaming strategy all along has been made up of empty promises and outright lies. One would think that maybe Sean would be thinking hmmmm....tribal members are talking to the press instead of the tribal council, something must be wrong here....

But as you said....noooooooooooooooo...he has to point fingers and blame everyone else for this mess. Yes, it does seem that he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Scott from Lakeville said...

Gaming Strategy 101
written by Shawn Hendricks
Step 1 Buy Lobbyists
Step 2 Bribe Key Politicians
Step 3 Deny, Deny, Deny
Step 4 Spin what you can't Deny

Blogger Shark said...

Maybe Shawn can get Ramsey Clark as a lawyer. So many people in denial. They sit there after wetting their pants and need to have someone else come and clean them up, "Its not my fault, they scared me." They should be afraid, very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Gladys, your posts have raised issues that are readiliy available on the internet.

The comments posted by others in response to your blog raise additional connections whether it's Investor B or the names that keep recurring.

I am extremely concerned that Dennis Whittlesy will continue to represent the town, maybe even on my tax dollar when he is procasino and I'm not seeing that he represents impartial counsel.

When he spoke at public hearings to townspeople, he wasn't impartial. He misrepresented the information.

I am still feeling as if I'm being cheated and expected to pay for a lawyer who doesnt represent me or the town, but is representing the tribe to get the best deal.

Look in the mirror? I've done a lot of that in the last year. This is my fault for not speaking out about the town before the casino. It won't happen again I promise, but now its shawn's turn.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous posted on Dec. 20, 7:45pm.

At least you have admitted to "not paying attention" before the casino issue and are willing to admit to it, and more importantly, will change that fact!! Good for you!

Help to keep them honest, and if they aren't, get rid of them by VOTING!!