Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who is Investor B?

From the Marshall Indictment:
Item #23: In or about 1999, Investor B, who had done work for the Tribe and was aware of its recognition petition, contacted Investor A to see whether Investor A would be interested in providing financial support to the Tribe's recognition effort in exchange for a financial stake in any casino that the Tribe, once it obtained recognition, might build. Investor A, who had successfully lead the effort to legalize casino gambling in the State of Michigan in the early 1990's agreed to meet with the then-tribal chairman of the Tribal Council
What else do we know?
Note #6: At all times material to this information, Investor B was a resident of Michigan, an investor in AtMashpee, and an acquaintance of certain members of tribal leadership.
(Strather) confirmed last night he is the investor in the tribe who helped Michigan legalize casino gambling, matching the description of "Investor A" in the court document.

From Marshall admits embezzlement, fraud
Cape Cod Times, December 16, 2008
So, who could have worked for the Tribe in the late 90's, and lived, at that time, in Michigan? What is the connection? And what kind of work exactly did he or she do for the Tribe? I mean, was it legal work? Could investor B work in the Indian Gaming biz? And how did Investor B know Strather (aka Investor A). How much did Investor B actually invest?

And my goodness! wasn't Investor B quite the enterprising entrepreneur and pitchman - connecting the dots from Federal recognition to casino, successfully selling the idea to investor A, and managing to get a cut of the deal. Who is Investor B?

But more importantly, could Investor B be one of the stars of my video from October: Six Degrees of a Casino?


Jacquie said...

I think we need to call Spielberg....

this is ABSOLUTELY a movie.

Smoking Owl said...

We all know "A" is for apple.
Is "B" for BOND?

Gladys Kravitz said...

UPDATE: Off the Tip Line...
One of my knowledgeable readers who does not want to be identified, writes that investor B is likely Larry Deitch - the guy in the glasses sitting at the far right of the stage the Heally agreement meeting - the one where the Middleboro Board of Selectmen decided not to vote on the (Jack Healey's) first agreement.

Deitch is listed as an attorney for Bodman LLP where he apparently practices gaming law - but not necessarily Indian Gaming Law - like Dennis Whittlesey . So if Deitch is investor B - what did he do for the Tribe - how did he get to know them?

Deitch is listed on AtMashpee LLC - which makes him one of 200. By the way, he's a regent at the University of Michigan, where he also received his law degree.

This, incidentally is the first meeting where we all first met Dennis - and you all know how I feel about that guy - the same guy who, in August of 2007 was quoted as saying about the Middleboro project"

“The Detroit involvement in this project is no accident,” Whittlesey said, “and don't be surprised if you see more of it around the country.”

Well, I'm convinced it wasn't an accident. But I'm not so sure we'll be seeing a whole lot more of it - especially after this investigation gets through.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone's got some 'xplainin' to do. Law licenses anyone? Please keep us updated about your anonymous tips. This is better than daytime tv.

Anonymous said...

Gladys time to crank it up again.

Go gettem. I think you now have more material to blog.....They're all about to start dropping like flys.

BTW, does anyone know what ever happen to the annoying Mr. L from Raynham anyway? Is he signing up for a bailout or something?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 7:21 - Crank it up? LOL!

I haven't accomplished 1/4 of what I need to do for the Holidays because I've been sitting at this PC researching, blogging and sharing my knowledge of our situation and off-reservation Indian gaming with various interested parties!

Honestly, at any given time I have about 100 blogs/videos about this insanity I wish I had time to work on and share.

Actually, I thought I'd get a big break this week after publishing "Rhymes with Need" but then the news about Marshall broke about two minutes later. So much for the sugar cookies.

But I have no intention of slowing down or giving up. Thanks to you and my other visitors for staying in the fight and for making this blog worth writing!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Same group of investors tried to build an indian casino in Barstow CA. Same M/O, lack of transparency. Guess who represented the city?? Our friend Dennis.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Bingo Anon. 9:59. Hence the video. Connections connections everywhere.



Anonymous said...

Gladys...going back and re-reading the DOJ document makes me believe that whom ever "Investor B" is, he/she has pulled some mighty powerful strings for Middleboro to get all of this attention.

Investor B, is only mentioned in a few counts, but had the most influence as far as I can see, in getting the casino syndicate to notice Middleboro.

Does Investor B, know our very own Eddie Haskle??

Golly gee wiz Mr. Cleaver (says Eddie Haskle) Middleboro could USE a casino, lets make a random call to a random casino attorney...Dennis Whittlesey. Golly gee wiz Mr. Strather, welcome to Middleboro, here is our land! Help yourself!! Don't worry about the size of the check...we will be just fine!!

Anonymous said...

Myself doing a small amount of research I know you got the right cast! and your connecting to the right dots!
Keep it coming, PLEASE!!

Verifiable said...

Hey Gladys, mystery solved. I think we've found our "Investor B."

According to a 10.24.07 post at CCT: "A few years ago an MIT-educated Yaqui Indian named Floyd Gallegos, who works to help tribes across the nation by gaining for them grants and other help, introduced a real estate developer from Detroit, Herbert Strather, to the Mashpee Wampanoags."

Further research indicates Gallegos is resident of Battlecreek, MI.

Also documents filed with DOI indicate Gallegos was doing work on the tribe's behalf.

carverchick said...


The connections are painfully clear and what is even more painful is knowing that the Middleboro BOS allowed themselves to be bamboozled by these crooks. That, or they just had visions of dollar signs dancing in their heads. The whole thing is sickening. There are a lot of people who need to be going to jail. Sing Glenn, sing....throw them all under the bus!!

Anonymous said...

Plenty of interesting stuff here, Gladys!

Who said 'sleep with dogs and you get fleas?'

I think the town got worse than fleas! Sounds like a good case of STDs!

Sounds like CFO and those terrible casino opponents were right after all! Dammn!

Gladys Kravitz said...

Thanks Verifiable, for the info! Much appreciated!

And hey, guess what?? This Floyd Gallegos guy, who lists a New Mexico address gave $200 to Massachusetts senator John Kerry. No word yet on how much his friends sent in.


Gladys Kravitz said...

BTW everyone, here's nice post to check out on The Verifiable Truth blog!