Monday, December 29, 2008

Keepin' It Real

A year and a half ago, the Middleboro Board of Selectmen, after gaveling public opposition, forgoing an accurate assessment of economic impacts, declining to research it's potential 'partner', refusing to personally review Federal regulations, fast-tracking negotiations, rushing a town meeting, listening only to lawyers, one of whom was a non-impartial advocate for the gaming industry, and labeling dissentors as 'braying donkeys' and 'idiots', proudly signed an Intergovernmental Agreement for a Sovereign Nation Mega Casino with Glenn Marshall, convicted rapist and pathological liar, and the Mashpee Wampanaog Tribe, which had cooked the books, lied to Congress and purchased it's recognition with payoffs to various elected officials, with help from nefarious investors and convicted lobbyists, and shunned anyone who got it's way.

And so, in light of the fallout from recent allegations, I think it would be productive to take a walk down memory lane and hear what the town of Middleboro had to say on that proud day, after the tents were dismantled and the ink had dried on their signatures.



Nocasino said...

Thanks Gladys,

BOND is half right,

The innocence of our BOS is truly gone. However, I wonder when we will get to the sophisticated business practices?

Anonymous said...

If there is ever an indian casino in Middleboro, it will have absolutley nothing to do with Middleboro as a town. The townspeople signed off on the land that saturday in July. Sophisticated? I think not. More like irresponsible. May that land never be put in trust. We can always control it's destiny with rezoning.

Smoking Owl said...


I love the way you tell it like it is without pulling any punches. You really are "Keepin it Real" when we all wish it wasn't real and could wake up from this casino debacle. Our BOS were in way over their heads dealing with the Tribe's casino juggernaut, just as if our Middleboro All Star Little League team was going up against the Red Sox.
The casino investors play in a whole different league than our country bumpkin BOS.

Fiferstone said...

I too, am waiting for the sophisticated business practices. The casino gods thus far have only answered half the then-selectman's prayer.

Isn't that how they always answer 'em?

Anonymous said...

So where's the part where you comment on Mr. Bondo saying last week that the investors are the ones who forced the TMFH?
Revisionist history?
Mr. Bondo was the one who forced the BOS to 'force the investors.'
Amnesia anyone?
He was the one who produced the agreement that most voters didnt get until they walked into TMFH.
No one, absolutely no one, could script the joke that is the town government from top to bottom that he is part of.
And now he's peeved at his fellow BOS members that he helped elect?
All I can think of after watching every joke of a meeting is McArthur's comment about pushing on a string. Anyone with a brain need not apply because Bondo wants to be surrounded by dolts and has done his best to get them elected.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Dear Anon. 11:13,

I really wanted to go to last weeks meeting but wasn't able. One thing I've discovered with the Middleboro Board of Selectmen is that you really can't let them out of your sight - especially when it concerns a casino. I will try to view the tape to hear for myself this comment by Mr. Bond. Because if he is trying to blame the rushing of the town meeting on the investors, then he is mistaken. (Surprise).

He may well have gotten pressure from the investors - but we got the pressure from HIM.

Mr. Bond and the Board are NOT in that office to support the Tribe or it's investors, but to support YOU the resident. And whether you are pro- or anti-casino, the Board should have put YOUR BEST interests first.

I suspect that even some of the folks wearing the orange shirts that day would have left them on the asphalt had they known that their Board, the Tribe, and the other powers-that-be weren't actually offering up the golden calf but a big fat cow patty instead.

Yeah - some of those powers-that-be who were no doubt laughing all the way back home, first class, toasting champagne and smirking in the glow of yet another small-town casino conquest.

For the record, I was there and I understand. The T meeting FH was needlessly rushed by an agenda not forged by the citizens of Middleboro - but by non-local parties worried about changing regulations, local support, and a growing and vocal opposition.

And also for the record, your nearest neighbors, the ones who share your greatest concerns - those in Lakeville, Carver and Bridgewater - may as well have been non-existent.


Anonymous said...

OMG, Gladys!
That BOS meeting was one for the books!
Marsha gagging at the prospect that citizens, voters, the riffraff she gavelled to silence might actually speak out and have a voice! What is the lady afraid of? Marsha, Dear was ready to fight Adam for the gavel! She was so afraid of the truth coming out. Marsha, you screwed up, dear. Get over it!
And Mini Mi? with her 'let's not offend my friends'? I didn't vote for her. You folks who did need to take her aside and give her a quick course in government. She doesn't represent her 'Indian friends.' She represents the Town of Middleborough.
During the discussions involving the joke of a town run ambulance, it finally ocurred to this dear lady that it would cost the town more than the tribe was going to pay. Her response? 'The tribe ought to pay.' She must have missed the part in that agreement.
Will someone please tell the nice lady what's in the contract? Has anyone, other than CFO read the agreement?
And Spataro? Well, the poor man. He's out of his league. The Big Leagues, that is. He's still his sputtering stuttering unprepared self. Hasn't read the indictment. Hasn't read the plea bargain, but, somehow, in his wealth of knowledge, he just knows this is such a great deal, we just can't offend our new found friends.
And Tank Man? You can have 'im!
What a pathetic bunch! A sight to behold. I didn't vote for them.

Smoking Owl said...

So is that right? Bond is saying the casino investors forced the TMFH?
Is he admitting the investors had our BOS in their pocket too? Are we discovering that the investors not only control the Tribe's actions, but also those of our BOS?
With the investors pulling all the strings, may I suggest we now refer to the TMFH as the PSFH (Puppet Show From Hell).
It will go down in history as the largest puppet show ever, complete with Tribal puppets, BOS puppets, labor union puppets, and even orange shirt clad citizens of Middleboro puppets.


Anonymous said...

Gladys and any commenters, I'm confused?
Didn't we have a town meeting due to the CFO and concerned citizens pushing to be able to have a vote on where the residents could have a chance to decide on whether they would want a casino in their town? Why is Bond now saying the investors pushed this???
By the way the place and date was the fault of the BOS. I was told and believe, it could have been done much easier and more convenient but the BOS wanted it to be unconvenient, (to put the blame on CFO), but the REAL reason was to have this town meeting QUICKLY before CFO could pick up more support as they were gaining more STRENGTH and SUPPORT each day!

This was what everyone in town was discussing and writing about for sometime after this TMFH. Investors were never mentioned or blamed ever!

Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Smoking Owl,
You're such a dear!
PSFH? How appropriate!
But, Mr. Bond must have forgotten to tell you that it's NOW, suddenly, entirely the investors' fault.
(And Mr. Bond seems to have forgotten that he voted to auction the casino property.)
But those nasty CFO bloggers keep reminding people that Mr. Bond was the one who named the date to 'force the investors to come up with the agreement.'
Remember that agreement? The one that most voters didnt have time to read before PSFH? The Agreement that even if you read it before PSFH, you didnt have time to 'digest' and discuss the facts, the impacts, the costs? That's the Agreement that the rest of the BOS can't be bothered to read. That's the Agreement that clearly Minny May hasn't read. The very same agreement that the school committee, in an informed and reasonable fashion, wholeheartedly supported before it existed, a stellar performance on their part, with the swim coach leading the crusade!
My, oh, my! How fuzzy Mr. Bond's memory is when it comes to facts to fault him for as Chief Casino Cheerleader that Wayne Perkins passed to him!
Remember that Mr. Perkins was the one who promised Mr. Bond the town manager's position?
But just keep watching Mr. Bond and you will note how fact and fiction blend over time to embellish his image and ego.
You're smokin' Owl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Smoking Owl! So much to remember. Ahhh, Mr. Perkins, "the art of making much show with so little substance". How could I forget him! We have to pool our memories together so this town doesn't forget the smallest detail.
Thank you bloggers for helping with that.

Sorry, I am not on the side of those that want to mend fences and carry on like nothing happened, well a lot did happen and I won't be so forgetting while each one of the current selectmen are still running this town. Perkins replacement is just taking up valuable space! God help us!

Anonymous said...

7:38 PM, There was substance with Wayne Perkins that was overlooked. It seemed mostly behind closed door and in the dark, but those 36% pay raises that Perkins negotiated were pretty public even though he repeatedly denied them. And BTW, you might want to check the last names of folks who got raises or maybe a family tree or two. Seems like there's a Healey and a Perkins in the bunch. Might be a few other relations as well. Nepotism anyone? That must be what happens when voters don't participate.

Anonymous said...

Perkins replacement is just taking up valuable space! God help us!
I needed to begin the New Year with a good laugh and a reminder of Perkins' replacement. The cookie lady? Thanks casino supporters for putting her in office. There is no other candidate who ran for election that could have been as poor.
I hope you're watching these meetings.

Anonymous said...

For auld lang syne, lets not forget that the RECALL was early-on Bond's manuvering to clear a path of senority for himself. Devide & conquer.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11:01 AM,
I hope you're not a 'boro resident who voted against the Recall for that reason.
I circulated Petitions and supported the replacement candidates because the board you have now is pretty consistent with the board you would have rid the town of.
Mr. Bond opposed the Recall, maybe because those running were articulate, well-educated, willing to do their homework, willing to work in the town's best interests, willing to invest the time to network and achieve the best results for the town, and not looking for higher office as Mr. Bond has always appeared to be. Did Mr. Bond feel threatened at the prospect of being surrounded by people with brains on the board?
If you believed Mr. Bond supported the Recall, you might have attended the event held at the Elks at which Mr. Bond couldn't have misrepresented those running against the incumbents without his nose growing longer. People only believe the lies they choose to and your statement is incorrect. Mr. Bond was convinced that defeating the Recall would gain him the position of town manager for which he was wholly unqualified and totally unsuited.
To some, to call your opponents braying donkeys or state that voters are stupid before an open mike defines the contempt that person has for all others. Would you vote for him again?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:29;

You completely missed the point.

Read, 'early-on manuvering,' as, before the recall took on a momentum of its own. Ask yourself; 'How do I get these monkeys on the BOS out of my way...? I know, I'll play Mr.Niceguy and whisper to a few select activists that these bad guys should be recalled, and if anybody ever says I said so, I'll deny it.'

When your plan gets away from you, THEN you're against it.

BTW, I NEVER voted for him.