Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hang Fire - Day Four


carverchick said...

Only 18 months? whoooo-hoooo!!

Hey, if Stan the Man says it's must be so!

You totally got me cracking up at (ha ha)....freaking awesome.....

boston rover said...

I'll know its true when I hear it on TV or DeLeo tells me it is so

Anonymous said...

Dear Stan,

Thank you so much for the head's up! I am sure I can negotiate a responsible compact with the Tribe and get the trillions of dollars back from Connecticut too.

Dude, I told you Obama was on our side. He is one cool cat and I just knew he would pull through with a fix. are the man and together we can!

Your BFF,


P.S. I know this fabulous shop on Newbury Street, a little pricey but no prob...the State will pay for it out of the money from what the Lottery set aside for the MA Arts Local Aid Fund, it's all been diverted to the State's general fund. Might as well get yourself a manicure while your at it (ha ha)

Anonymous said...

Thats right it is all about the arts and entertainment value. That is if you think that rising divorce, crime, money laundering, suicides, bankruptcies, child abandonment, and the kicker higher taxes is entertainment. because we all know low paying service jobs and higher addiction rates will bring us out of the economic downturn.