Monday, August 9, 2010

Hang Fire - Day Six


carverchick said...

Those frickin racinos ruin it for everyone! Imagine the will bring.

Funny, I just heard our oh-so-concerned President talking today in Austin Texas about how a college education and good paying jobs are the most important thing...that we need to motivate our kids to get higher his words " K through 12 should only be the beginning of our children's education"....then I hear some speaker for the AMFCME Union telling a talk show host on NPR that the Guv has taken away 15,000 jobs...good blue collar UNION jobs all because Patrick doesn't like racinos....first of all, I cannot even imagine where that 15,000 job number came from, nor can I equate the jobs that will available at the casinos as blue collar jobs. That is an insult to the so called "blue collar" worker in my book. Why? Well because both my parents were blue collar workers - non union blue collar workers. In my opinion, if your a labor union leader, instead of whining on a radio show about lost racino jobs that never existed to begin with ...insist that that "responsible" bill requires casino investors to hire locally for construction and all casino related jobs...which they don't have to do. not about the law, or right or wrong..its about jobs...low paying jobs...

Oh, and he also said that 40 other States have gambling casinos and are doing just need to worry about social impacts or any of that other silly stuff....40 States??? Have I missed something here?

Gladys Kravitz said...

15,000 jobs = 30,000 jobs/2

30,000 jobs was the highly paid Mass. AFL/CIO spokesperson's estimate in Oct. 2009.

By July of 2010, predatory gambling opponents had proven that number pretty much insanely inaccurate. So, he cut it in half - still high, but it worked for their purposes.

Not 40 states. Some states, like Virginia and Massachusetts have only race tracks. 28 states have casinos. Most states, but not all, have lotteries. People who want to promote gambling as just another form of entertainment like to suggest that "gambling is everywhere", and lump places like CA where they have over 40 casinos, with VA where there is one racino.

As for all those gambling states doing just fine - the two largest deficits in the country are in Nevada (56.6 %), and New Jersey (37.4 %), followed closely by Connecticut at 29.2 %.

Comparatively Massachusetts' deficit as a percentage of total budget is just 8.5 % - the fifth smallest deficit in the country. Tied for 4th smallest is Virginia, that other no-casino state.

Massachusetts continues to sees strong job growth every month. A full 17% of the nation's new private sector jobs were created here in the Commonwealth.

See this post from June on how "well" some other casino states are doing.