Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hang Fire - Day Three


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Gladys, you have made me laugh many times, but this one was the absolute BEST!!!!

I have to finish my comment now because I need to go back and read this again.

Benny's for shovels and Quickrete. A text message from Obama. Too funny. You are a genius!

Still laughing,

carverchick said...

Gladys -- Hilarious! I wonder where the Tribe is getting all it's cash...Benny's isn't cheap you know! must be all that Federal Assistance money they know, so they can govern themselves as a "Sovereign" Nation and be better stewards to the land. Heck, those gosh darned WINDMILLS on Nantucket Sound are terrible for the environment....why not build a bunch of casinos that happen to have a resort instead. Oh, and the Tribe, they will build one to the likes of Foxwoods right on the coastline...oh goodie, only 18 months and counting!