Monday, July 23, 2007

Why Gladys will never vote for Stephen Lynch again

Every month I get a terrific newsletter from my congressman, Stephen Lynch, detailing what he has been busy doing to protect my interests down in our nation’s capitol.

This month I wrote to Stephen to thank him for his dandy newsletter and to tell him how much I appreciated all his good work.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve written, of course. I’ve fired off plenty of letters regarding the proposed casino in the town next door, but have yet to hear back.

And so, I started thinking - as long as I was writing to my congressman to thank him for all that he’s been doing for his constituents, I might as well fill him in on all that I’ve been doing for his constituents as well.

So, I let Stephen know how I’d never skipped a selectman’s meeting, or an informational session, or a gambling impact study meeting. How I’d made the effort to travel to the next town and to become a grassroots activist, despite being a work-at-home mom, because I felt that this issue was so important.

I informed Stephen about all I had learned since I’d embarked on this journey, about Indian sovereign states and casino gambling and how gambling casino resorts not only negatively effect the host town, but also the surrounding communities. Meaning my town. His town. Bridgewater.
At the end of my letter I asked Stephen to get in touch with me. That I desperately needed to know how he was planning on representing my community on this issue.

And , as usual, he never wrote back.

The year is 2007. Officially part of the information age. And Gladys cannot understand how someone elected by the public can’t utilize a free summer intern to access a free program like e-mail to let a responsible and active constituent from his district that he got her message. Maybe a simple ‘Aattagirl, Gladys!’, ‘Thanks for the update, Gladys’, ‘The following is my studied opinion, Gladys… ‘, ‘Keep me informed, Gladys!’, ‘ I’m listening, Gladys!’

But no.

Now, I realize I live on the outer edge of congressman Lynches district - but if he doesn’t want to fairly represent my town, then why doesn’t he just give it up to someone who does. Someone who’ll pay attention.

I’m already sick of small town selectmen curbing free speech at town hall.
And I’m getting really tired of being asked to hand my vote to reps who won’t acknowledge my concerns.

But then… why should an important guy like Stephen waste an essential moment of his time on the likes of me? Just a constituent. Just a mom, veteran and small business owner who attended the same college he did. Just a life-long democrat with an irreverent but ridiculously popular political blog read by thousands of regional voters, quoted and printed in the papers and heard by the good people in Steven Lynches district.

Just not by Steven.

Which is why I, Gladys Kravitz, will never vote for Stephen Lynch again.


Anonymous said...

Gladys, didn't Mr. Lynch take some of those 'fact-finding' junkets offered by Abramoff et al?
(you know, the lobbyist that Glenn Marshall contributed to?)
Perhaps, just perhaps, you have misintepreted his disinterest.
Could he be on a fact-finding junket to Monaco? They seem to do quite well with gambling! No taxes! No poverty! See, he really does care!

Anonymous said...

Mr Lynch turned his back on my union because he was "friends" with the devils slowing down contract negotiations,I thought he was pro people and pro working man too.We ended up getting the job done ourselves without him.

Anonymous said...