Friday, August 17, 2007

The Myth of Inevitability, Part 1

It’s like Déjà vu all over again.

Four years ago the residents of the tiny town of Plymouth, California, a place which brings to mind The Little House on the Prairie, were going about their business, enjoying their rural way of life, and the occasional rodeo, when they found themselves suddenly set upon by casino interests.

They were told it would be best just to cooperate with the Tribe. That it was a ‘done-deal’. That they were powerless.

Local officials quickly capitulated.

Sound familiar?

In Plymouth the townspeople organized a grassroots opposition and fought back. The county eventually became involved, sued the city of Plymouth - and won. The Tribe took their appeal to the California District Court, where they were unsuccessful.

And, in case you are feeling overwhelmed in your own casino battle, consider this: The population of the town of Plymouth is 1,000. The entire county encompasses an additional 35,000.

The sixteen cities and towns around Middleboro, represented by the recently-formed Regional Task Force on Casino Impacts, are a quarter of a million strong.

It’s only a done deal when you let it be.

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Anonymous said...

Cascade Locks,Oregon, same deal "You can't stop a tribe and investors,so lay down and take it like a man." Population: 1200, thats right 1200. They beat it regionally by using NEPA. Quality of life for humans and animals goes a long way. Protection of the environment is the key. They know as well as us, money doesn't save the environment, people do.There are 25 endangered and/or threatened plants and animals in Middleborough. I think we're getting somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Gladys! :)

Anonymous said...

thats good stuff Lets go for it Plymouth county!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are long-earred, short-earred, great horned, and saw whet owls on these lands. Also, numerous diurnal raptors such as harriers, red-tailed hawks and species of falcon. I've been wondering from the start of all this what Mass Audubon, Kathleen Anderson, and the real Wayne Perkins have to say about this destruction of habitat.

Anonymous said...

that makes this board of selectmen even more despicable!
and our state reps?
they just keep repeating the phoney mantra 'average pay $35K' !
can they do enough for the union thugs?
2,000 temporary jobs and you sell your soul?
what a hoax!