Sunday, January 27, 2008

Slots for Tots - Part 1


carverchick said...

standing and applauding - yet another excellent blog....Shame on the Teachers Union and shame on the Governor...

I'm sorry, but the whole "casinos are the only way...if you have a better idea, bring it" argument is so narrow minded and weak....and this Govenernor is using it while dangling that mythical carrot promising $$$$ out to the unions....ugh!

It really makes one wonder how the heck Massachusetts survived this long without Deval....together we can exploit Massachusetts.

Thank you for putting this into perspective, Gladys. Well done!

Anonymous said...

You have taken my breath away with the lofty expectations for our young!

How inspiring!

Thanks so much, Devalue! We'll always remember you!

(And you most of all, Gladys!)

jacquie said...

Wow- very effective.

There's got to be a way to have that seen in the community, so those apathetic parents that don't visit this website can see what the future may hold for their children...maybe they'll start to care.

I know...maybe Dr. Sullivan would allow parents to view this on parent/teacher night!

Forward this blog to him and hear what he has to say in reply.

It'll be an interesting answer, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm a member of a fairly low number union. This whole casino deal makes me feel ashamed. Unions are organized for workers rights, pay and benefits.As for the Educators in this state,Uneducated fools from educating schools! They think they're protecting their jobs but they have no idea what they're getting into.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember the IBEW members at the rotary this past summmer? They supported the Wamp casino eventhough there was less than a chance that they would win a bid. The agreement does not include the unions!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have the governor respond to this in front of children.

Carl said...

Top notch again Gladys. I wish the MTA and everyone else in favor of this thing would realize there is a big fat juicy worm in that casino apple.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gladys,

This is the most disturbing part of the whole argument. To think that our school committee and Dr Sullivan would support a CASINO in order to raise money for our childrens education is a huge disappointment to me.

The example that is being set is not in the best interest of our children or the educational system. We must realize it is not all about the money, it is about teaching our children that we must work to pay for the things we need, and our ethics and standards are not for sale to the highest bidder.

Gov. Patrick is the biggest disappointment of all.

Anonymous said...

I want to be a politician or a bureaucrat who can get all of those unreported and limitless political contributions allowed by the Indian tribe exception in the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill. Also, then everyone in my family can get a high paid nothing job at an Indian casino as a pay-off for allowing the poor people of the state to get ripped off by the unregulated and uninspected slot machines at Indian casinos.

Anonymous said...

How many people do you think understand that a court made doctrine allows Indian casinos to operate outside of the hundreds of state and local laws that protect the workers in Indian casinos and businesses, the customers who are injured or cheated, the environment and quality of life in the community and even those who make a contract for goods and services in good faith? This same legal doctrine allows tribal businesses to use all of the expensive public services and infrastructure the community provides while evading all of the taxes needed to pay for them. This legal immunity doctrine is why no good comes from any Indian casino and even promises made by tribes to pay money and other benefits to a community are largely hollow and uninforceable.