Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

(well... one of them, anyway...)

This evening the Massachusetts House voted 106-48 to defeat Governor Patrick's three casino bill!

Good work everyone!

And THANK YOU Massachusetts House!

Thank all 106 of you for doing the right thing. Standing up to special interests and the repeated MYTH OF INEVITABILITY. Tonight you have echoed the spirit of those who founded this Commonwealth. I'm proud to be on your side - and proud to call the great State of Massachusetts home!



Anonymous said...

Great News!

The Wicked Witch of the east is dead BUT, Theres no place like home. Next we take down the her ugly sister the Wicked Witch of the West by throwing water on her at the Tuesday meeting in Middleboro.

Thanks again Gladys

Anonymous said...

We owe you alot. You have never waivered, and along they way have picked up many friends and fans.
It's all begining to pay off, no pun intended. Nice shoes.A knock out punch is coming in the next round!...In this corner wearing black and red socks and red shoes, waving the flag of victory and passion and integrity's Gladys Kravitz, the one from that t.v. show? No, the one from Bridgewater. You have more soul than a shoe factory.

carverchick said...

Thank you CFMO and all of you who were able to be at the State House and be our voice! 3 casinos bingo hall to go.


Anonymous said...

Give Sal a hug for me, will ya?

Gladys Kravitz said...

I've always considered it MY honor to have been able to work with the great folks of CFO and CFMO.

I watched the hearings all day, and though I saw many reps who spouted the inevitbility myth as if it were gospel, and those who seem to think they have a tremendous grasp on Indian gaming law and the situation in Middleboro, yet still call the Tribe the Wamp-an-OH-ags, and those who honestly can't see past a buck, I was happily floored by the remarkable intelligence and eloquence of so many others.

What an experience. Of course, it's not exactly over, but...

Thank you and congratulations to all of you who wrote and/or called your reps and wrote editorials. You've made a difference. The battle continues tomorrow. But I think, tonight, maybe I'll try and get some sleep.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

We need to get beyond the foolishness of casino gambling and address more important issues.
We need to work on sustainable, good paying jobs. We need to work on the bio-tech, alternative energy, and others.
We need to talk about how we create local, small-businesses that create local economies with a multiplier effect, not send money to big box stores and international casino investors.
We need to have an honest discussion about closing the corporate loopholes. And we need to discuss sensible tax policy.
Sleep well, tonight!

Anonymous said...

Middleboro has the opportunity to become the distribution hub on the South Shore, but is too stupid to see the opportunity.

Manuafacturing is dead, just like the stupid casino, lego land and airport ideas this town comes up with. I ask the Middleboro Leaders to look around and think.

The Christmas Tree shop is distribution, Sager is Distribution......More and more goods are made in China (Sad but true) and shipped for distribution in the US.

Internet ordering creates order fulfillment direct from distribution centers, thus avoiding store altogether.

Middleboro has the land and highway connections, which many towns lack.

With fuel costs on the rise, mail order companies will need distribution centers closer to their customers.

LL Bean, HSN, QVC, BassPro, Cabellas, Limited Brands are companies Middleboro's business development people should be contacting.

A casino? Middleboro does not have the culture, employees or need for this type of business.

Why is it so hard for Middleboro to see what type of business would be a good fit.

I'll tell you. It is because the BOS has an agenda, and has been bought. Time for new BOS memebers.

A casino is no Economic Engine Mr. Perkins, And I'm very glad you are not running for election. you've done enough damage to the town.

Good luck in with your retirement which began last year.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Sadly, the casino is not as dead as the Wicked Witch of the East.

We've won a battle this week, but the war over this joke of an economic engine your Board of Selectman welcomed to town rages on.

Carl said...

We will continue to pound the facts into the heads and hearts of the people and the Kool-Aid casino drinkers can "GO POUND TAR!" The war isn't over and the battle rages on until no Middleboro Resort Bingo Hall stands.

Anonymous said...

anonymous -- great business ideas! Sounds like you have others as well. Keep blogging because we need you.