Monday, October 6, 2008

Six Degrees of a Casino

Is he or isn't he? It's become a local parlor game.

Is NYC native and Middleboro selectman Adam Bond a casino industry plant, or simply the perfect storm of skills, ego, timing, and a certain je ne sais quoi that captivates some folks while repelling others?

Well, I know this might come as a surprise, but for the most part, I've tended toward the perfect storm camp. That being said, I've also been offered numerous compelling reasons to look into it. So I finally did.

Several hundred web sites and conversations later, I've distilled the bulk of what I've learned into this video. You decide.

Food for thought?

I'm not sure. As you can see, evidence linking Bond to a casino conspiracy is circumstantial at best - at least on paper. Though obviously, not all relationships and conversations are recorded - or public. Nor can I deny a certain number of little red flags which popped up here and there, which I don't mention.

So perhaps the question still remains. Or, perhaps for you, it's been answered. Or, maybe, the question itself is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Or not...

But one thing that has become clear having mulled the question over since last summer, and after everything I've learned reading publicly available information, is that the Michigan connection to off-reservation Indian Casinos - reservation shopping at it's most blatant - is not a myth.

Michigan investors have been, and are, willing to nurture these projects for a long time (the Port Huron ordeal is in it's 15th year), and to bully and intimidate anyone in their way, while the of price of influence has become just another cost of doing business.

Unfortunately, the willingness, even eagerness, to subvert the rights of local residents in towns and cities across this country, all in the name of green lighting land into trust is no longer a secret - or surprise - to us.

Nor is the determination of citizens from one coast of this counry to the other, to fight it.


Anonymous said...

As always, Great Job!
You missed the part about Mrs. Adam looking for a new house after finding mean Herb Strather.

Mark Belanger said...

Having spoken to Adam a great number of times over the last year, I'll offer up my opinion that there is zero chance that he is a plant.


Gladys Kravitz said...

Dear Anon. 9:10,

Are you trying to infer that it's not necessary for an elected official to be "in place" prior to having a casino proposed in his district, and yet still entirely possible for that official to become mesmerized and even swayed in his or her judgement by the large sums of money the casino industry is so well known for?

Hmmm... interesting theory.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Gladys, you have even convinced me that I am a plant...and I didn't even know it. Darn casino people.

Seriously is noice to see that you take even more interest in my life tha I do. Bravo!


Gladys Kravitz said...

Adam Darling,

I do not say you are a plant. If you'd thoroughly read the blog you would have realized that. In fact, I believe (and you can confirm this with your vast understanding the written word like you do in contract negotiations) that I implied you were not a plant. (As far as what is publicly available.)

As for taking an interest in your life - it's a distastful job but someone has to do it.

...You know, so we don't end up with 20 casinos here in Massachusetts like in Michigan.

But I must disagree on one point - why the sudden humility? No one takes more of an interest in your life than you do. (Though you are unique in that you have a certain fawning... entourage.)

But that's not the problem. The problem is that you've used your public office to promote something for a private agenda, failed to appreciate your actions or their consequences, didn't give due dilligence to the research or listen to casino opponents, subverted the rights of Middleboro citizens with the reprehensible section 22B of the IGA, and taken to the airwaves and elsewhere in an effort to intimidate your critics.

But heck, that's why I'm here.

And yes, Adam, bravo to me for making the effort.

Ever your gal,

Anonymous said...


If Adam was on the investor's payroll, don't you think they'd have done better by him than a modest home which he, btw, makes monthly mortgage payments on?

Check out the public records on his house valuation. Check out the particulars of his purchase. This is a man of average means.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Ah, but Anon. 5:03, what if the terms of such a purely hypothetical agreement between an elected official and a casino investor were based on a cash-on-delivery basis? Could then the outcome conceivably be a headlong rush into a flawed agreement between the town and the Tribe?

Anonymous said...

Then that "purely hypothetical agreement" would at the very least put that lawyer/selectman in front of two ethics committees, wouldn't it? Problem is that nothing nefarious is verifiable. All speculation at this point. Sorry, I think AB has screwed up too may times in too many ways to pull off a scam of the magnitude suggested. He's just not that savvy.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 5:21 - I tend to agree with you regarding Mr. Bond's savvyness, but at the same time, sometimes those ethics committees are the end result of people asking questions, and other people looking for answers.

Carl said...

I don't believe in coincidences. There is a rhyme or reason for everything that happens. Shear luck? Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. By hook or crook. (For the conceptually challenged, I am not calling anyone, especially Mr. Bond, a crook.)

I would like to start a pool of how long it takes the Bonds to move from Middleboro once it is confirmed that the casino isn't coming. I say within one year.

Anonymous said...

Ahh...[insert long sigh] ... there's still a grand jury investigating the Abramoff stuff after all this time. This could be years in the making before the little men fold to avoid jail time. There's too much $$ to keep casino gambling clean and they've proven it time and time again. What settles out promises to be interesting so stay tuned for surprises. How come Wayne Perkins empathically said no to the Aquinnah but yes to the Mashpee?

Mark Belanger said...

Recently I blogged about the indictment of Ring - a lobbyist who worked on Team Abramhoff, who has been connected with the Mashpee for a number of years.

While investigating Ring's trail, I came across a Stephen J. Graham, who appears to be an "unpaid" lobbyist registered on behalf of the Mashpee for years now.

I think we need to look at him. Who is he? What is his deal with the Tribe? Why does he appear to be present at every major tribal and Middleboro function? How is it that he is apparently a key player yet we all know nothing about him.

There's a saying - "follow the money". How about we follow people who are "lobbying" for free, understand what they stand to gain, and what their agreements are.

Anonymous said...

The tribe and those hovering sure seems ethically challenged and that $15 million has never been explained. Do you think they sent 1099s to all the paid out of town union thugs who waved signs, yelled 'Indian Lover' in the town hall, collected signatures in front of the post office, made insulting phone calls?

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Gladys.
IMHO, I never thought that Mr. Bond was a plant for the developers.

It’s known that casino developers will identify the best community for a casino and approach the local elected officials without any publicity or fanfare (in order to minimize public resistance). When they meet with these officials, they are essentially identifying their “useful idiots”. It’s cheaper than a plant, and there’s never a shortage of them.

That’s not meant to single out Mr. Bond, and I am not making an assessment of him personally. Yes, many of his actions can be called into question, but I don’t think he has single handedly paved the way for a casino. I think in our case, the useful idiots are the BOS as a whole. Sorry, Mr. Bond, as unfair as it may seem, you are being judged by the company you keep.

If we are courting theory here, I’d like to offer this:
Mr. Strather is the backer for the tribe, not the casino developer. Which is why, in this particular instance, a plant may not have been the best course of action because the location of a casino might have been subjected to the approval of the developer, not dictated by the tribe’s backers.

Then again, maybe Mr. Strather sent Adam to Middleboro and then went looking for a casino developer with the stipulation that the casino deal be brokered here.

But, if Mr. Bond was a plant, why did the tribe’s application do such a shoddy job of making its case to build a casino in Middleboro? Honestly, the application has more holes than IGRA.

I am sure there are people out there who want to believe that Mr. Bond is an evil man who infiltrated this community under the cloak of secrecy with the intention of violating our community with a monster casino. I would ask that if you chose to dislike the man, then do so based on what you know, not what you assume.

And just to summarize what we know, there is no conclusive evidence that he is part of a masterminded plot to build a casino in Middleboro. There is, however, compelling evidence that he has been a useful idiot.

Anonymous said...

Can a lawyer who last practiced in NYC have a thriving and productive practice in Middleboro? His revolving door must be spinning with clients flying in and out of his office.

Oh,I forgot he does business out of state.

What is the other business he consults for or is the corporate attorney for?

Ah, a business in Ann Arbor MICHIGAN!!

A business which is owned by a known gambler who happens to be the lawyer's BROTHER! And his brother's wife supports an American Indian artist who among other things, designs and refurbishes CASINOS! This and more stuff was found doing public searches.

I do not think making house payments on a modest home is an indication of a modest net worth.

Six degress of seperation at work right here under our noses.

Yes indeed, follow the money. Or better yet, figure out where the money comes from. Either or.

Anonymous said...

Gladys, showing courage and determination again!!

Ahhh, now the equation of the Bond's being here fits!!
Don't talk to Adam, talk to New York or Michigan people!! Good analogies Gladys, you certainly hit a nerve for Mr. Bond to feel it neccessary to respond. Wait for his Thursday radio show, see if he shoots himself in the foot. Is he taking lessons from Shaun Hendircks????

By the way, whoever heard of an unpaid lobbyist!!!!! So he collects cans on his days off?

Of course he has to live amongst us as "one of us" or as soon as the tribe came to town w/Bonds ever flaunting support, that would have been the anti's first battle cry and to easy to expose. Cash payment for delivery of casino sounds more probable w/some incentive payments along the way? Possible, it's been done before.

As usual your keeping true to form and staying strong with your anti casino roots, thank you!!!!! Keep on track, there just might be more to these series of incidents.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:39 PM, your 'useful idiot' hypothesis is sensible and appropriately fits the profile of the town. There is a vocal electorate that is parochial in its world views, poorly educated and gullible, a large union presence in the area that is easily led and refuses to question its leadership that are well paid by investors and a larger population that remain disengaged.
Add that to the 'useful idiot' formula suggested, and it's a formula for success that has been widely repeated across the country. Just look at CT.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous October 8, 2008 12:51 PM, not sure he ever did what he claims in NYC. Seems like a 3rd rate hack who is now a small town opportunist that voter apathy allowed to take charge. There are others more instrumental in this matter who stood to gain that are being ingnored.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gladys,
Have lived in Middleboro only seven yrs. I have watched, and read, all things pertaining to my new hometown, (also, have voted for the last seven yrs.). One thing that is very apparent, for the last almost two yrs. you have chipped away at Mr. Bond. It looks like you have finally hit the core.
Personally, I did not have any suspicions of Mr. Bond being a plant, personally, after watching & listening to him for the last four yrs. I just don't like the man. In the summer of 2007, he was arrogant and rude to the audience that attended the Monday night selectman's meeting, it doesn't matter if your anti or pro, this was conduct not fitting for a man in his position! He was very disrespectful to the other board members, and at times "talked down" to them, also spoke at them not to them, this conduct is not fitting for a man in his position. The proof of your words will show in his next time running for his seat as a selectman. How did this happen in his past re-election? I personally think the two anonymous comments about "useful idiots," "poorly educated & gullible," and last but not least, "large union presense" in our area, (one office in Middleboro, one office in Lakeville), speaks volumes on why he is still in office.
Come on Middleboro residents, pay attention! watch the selectmen's meetings at least on television if you don't or can't attend, read, change the future so we'll have one with or without the casino, go to the town meetings! go vote!!!!!
Thank you to both of the anonymous's that have the right take, (and stated quite eloquently), on the Town of Middleborough.
I Have spoken to Adam, (maybe not "a great number of times"), found him all ego, all attitude, and if the residents can take it from Mr. Bond doing it publically just about on a daily basis, (and not so well put), then they shouln't feel insulted by your comments.
ps Sorry, Mr. Bond, you can't change your spots now. To late, if you were really a nicy guy, and really did care about Middleboro, you wouldn't have taken a part in splitting this town in half and encouraging other people to do the
same. You would have treated everyone equally and with respect, as your position requires. You would have done then what your trying to do now. To late, the damage is done.

Gladys Kravitz said...

True, there were other players, but I think that Bond's actions during and since the casino debacle haven't helped his image.

Casino opponents were 'braying donkeys' not folks concerned about their town. Using the stage as his personal pulpit. Taking professional 'credit' for ushering in a casino era. Saying that people were idiots if they didn't vote for the agreement. His blog and radio show he's used to intimidate his critics. The antics of his colorful entourage...

This all reminds me of Peter Cook, the architect who married Christie Brinkley, who now wants to go on Barbara Walters and explain how he was the victim in their messy divorce because Christie hadn't given him enough attention.

No one but train-wreck afficianados want to listen to Peter Cook, a grown man and dad, married to one of the most beautiful ladies on the planet, explain how it's all her fault he developed an expensive porn habit and canoodled with teenagers. No one. But I suspect he's out there this very minute negotiating for a reality show on Fox and other public venues on which he can mediate his tragic vacuum of attention.

And after all his actions, no one wants to listen to Mr. Bond blame everybody but himself for their suspicions, their disdain or their flat out dislike.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:56 on 10/8

I loved your post; well said! However, I fear that in the wake of your comment, there are many who may be scrambling for thier dictionaries (I believe them to be from the pro side of the issue). It will be a wasted effort, because the meaning of the words won't help them with the concept.

To Anon 8:01 on 10/9

After reading your comment, nothing made me happier than knowing you were a Middleboro resident. And you are absolutely correct in your observations: we do need to pay better attention. If we don't, the BOS will continue to run this town into the ground, while pinning thier hopes on whatever salvation they think $7 million will bring. We need to vote them out!!!

Thank you, Gladys, for giving us all food for thought. As your audience grows, so does our ability to disrupt the plans of the ____ (BOS; tribe; tribe's backers; casino's up to the reader to fill in the blank. It's whoever you believe is responsible for the threat of a casino in Middleboro)

Keep fighting the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Gladys,great work! Adam Daaaahhling-LOL!
I have long suspected he is a plant for the investers.In any case,I too believe he will leave Middleboro as soon it is clear the casino won't be built.AND YEAH-I just don't like the guy and his supercilious manner 'KNOW THIS...THE DAYS OF MIDDLEBORO'S INNOCENCE ARE OVER' Who talks like that?Sounding like a ancient roman senator.Go back to the shadow,Adam.

Anonymous said...

Many times reader, first time commenter. Thank you Gladys for so many entertaining, educational, fact finding, food for thought, blogs!

I'm finally, (got the nerve), writing to mention one thing that I read from another commenter with much surprise! I heard from a Bond supporter, (one of few), this same name, a Stephen J. Graham, who we should be watching, why?? From everything I have read about the Mashpee Wamponoag's application there is no where left to go other than waiting for a Federal decision from the Department of Interior. Now what is Bond up to, get this, the person that told me this same name it was given to them in confidence by Bond! and from what I understand from others in town, looks like he's been throwing out this name to everyone in confidence, hoping and knowing eventually it would get out? Why? Where was he with this information a year ago? or even just months ago. Makes me think even more now that he is crooked and people are getting close, to close to the truth, time to distract them with another name to investagate and dwell on. Again, Why? and why now? Let bellicose bumpkin do the investagating on him, looks like he has started, let him finish the job. My dear Gladys you keep your
trolly on the same tracks, looks like it's working for you!

Will keep reading and watching!

Gladys Kravitz said...

Dear Anon. 6:03,

Thanks for the kind words!

As to your welcome insights - following Mashpee Wampanoag chairman Glenn Marshall's exposure as a rapist and pathological liar, this October 2007 story, from the Cape Cod Times revealed that state Rep. Paul Loscocco (R- Holliston) planned to file a bill requiring anyone connected with a casino to disclose what their interest is whenever making a political contribution.

"In the case of the Mashpee Wampanoag, donations are in the names of tribal associates such as lobbyist Stephen Graham, tribal council spokesman Scott Ferson, tribal council attorney William McDermott, and lobbyists James Morris and Robert Quinn, who represent the tribe. The position of these donors is easily discerned."

Did someone say donations??

Anyone? Anyone?

Bumpkin? Bumpkin?

This is very interesting because from my observations, if Adam is throwing around a name, you can be sure there is a reason. It's just a matter of whether that underlying reason is for the purpose of wagging the dog or for picking a personal bone of contention.

Because if it's not promoting a casino, intimidating the critics, attempting to change his image or blustering for effect, it's usually one of those.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous October 9, 2008 8:01 AM,
A hearty welcome! You are so right! We need people who watch, read, listen, vote and get involved. At the 10/20 Special Town Meeting, I hope you're there asking questions and voting. And I hope you bring a friend, a neighbor, and encourage others.
We need to change the mindset. And we will only do that if you 'newbies' attend town meeting. (And I mean 'newbies' only in the sense that you haven't lived here since the Mayflower.)
The Town Meeting Form of government SHOULD allow all voters to have a say, to ask questions, provide input. When Mrs. Brunelle gavelled speakers to silence and refused to allow them to speak or ask questions, she should have been booted. Mrs. Duphily's claim to fame is that she is in favor of the casino. Is anyone watching her appearances at the Selectmen's Meetings? She is an embarrassment and doesn't know the issues or understand how town government works. She doesn't participate in any other committees that Selectman are responsible for. Mr. Spataro admitted that he's the SERPEDD representative from the Board of Selectmen, but hasn't attended any of their meetings. He's the one who told you that the BOS was the 'Big Leagues' whatever that meant. It certainly never meant that he would fulfill his obligations or that he belonged on the Board. You get the government you deserve and I haven't voted for any of these people.
We can change this if people pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for another well spoken "right on the money" commenter!!
Yes,we need to be more vocal at the Town Meetings, don't let the Board of Selectmen intimidate us!! A voice is a gift. It should be cherished and used!! In case you have forgotten, they are suppose to be representing the town, we are the town.

When it's time for money being spent & where to spend it, look at how many town employee's and departments show up!! When there is an issue involving Oak Point look how many of them show up! It's now just us "average Joe" citizens that don't show up. Come on! it's our turn. If you live in Middleboro you have to care about what happens in Middleboro! *Please* make me glad I did *move here. I want to be proud to say I'm from Middleboro.

Even more important, don't forget, go vote! that is the real *power* we each have!!!! Clean house, go for real change!! God knows, Middleboro needs it, same old, same old.

ps *I didn't move here from New York City, I moved here from Brockton!

Such intelligent commenters you have Gladys, it must make you feel good to bring out the *best* in people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous October 10, 2008 5:19 PM
There are several articles on the Special Town Meeting for 10/20 that are for our illustrious IT Department. That's the Department responsible for what is laughingly called the Town's Web Site. Now's the time to ask questions to get the web site corrected. The IT Director refused an offer to create a town web site for FREE -- ZIPPO to the Town! There was grant money available that was never pursued that would have paid to have an outside company create a web site. Those who have complained about the joke of a town web site should be there and make sure their voices are heard. It's time the 'boro enter the 20th Century in terms of IT. And it's time to insist that transparency begins with public disclosure of information.

carverchick said...

The theroy of Six Degree's of Seperation is quite fitting in this situation. I have no idea if Adam is a plant or not, but I do know that the application will never be approved as it was submitted. It is riddled with holes! I do think it is important for all of us who don't want a casino in our community to know who we are dealing with, and why. Great job Gladys, you took public information, presented it in your ever classic entertaining and educational way and left your reader with something to think about.

Yes, it does seem that the tail is trying to wag the dog but too bad for the tail -- the dog is smarter!

Anonymous said...

We s/b concerned that Ms. Brunelle does not recuse herself from IT issues and goes so far as patting her husband on the back. Ms. Duphilly must recuse herself from all Fire Dept. issues especially the upcoming hiring of a new Fire Chief. The new chief will be her husband's new boss!!

Anonymous said...

I believe that Mr Bond has not and does not act in the best interest of Middleboro. I believe he has done more damage to our town than anything in my lifetime.

Much damage has been done. Our goal now should be to defeat this egomaniac.

We need ONE candidate who will oppose him and bring civility back to our town.

Are you out there?

Anonymous said...

anon October 12, 2008 7:53 PM, that's an interesting comment considering that Mrs. Brunelle admits to knowing little about computers but always defends her husband's position, even when nothing she says makes any sense.
Her contribution on the BOS only seems to be what she remembers, even if it's sometimes wrong, but no one is listening.
Isn't there one person on the BOS who earns his living doing something with computers or programming? He was the one who threw a temper tantrum about Fohlin's questioning of Brunelle that never happened. The BOS sat there when the Precinct St property was auctioned and practically given away. If anyone is paying attention, they would know that they all have to be replaced. It's time to get rid of all of the Old Boys, but that means voters need to step up and volunteer.

Anonymous said...

It's about more than stepping up and running against these clowns. Look at what happened during the recall election? Greg Stevens was one of the best candidates in that election, and yet, all of the board members that everyone is complaining about were voted right back into office. Including Mimi, who is a very nice lady, but should NEVER have made it onto the board.

How did we waste an opportunity to vote these clowns out? I don't remember the exact number, but I do believe that less than 25% of the eligible voters showed up a the polls.

I am glad that people want change, but we have to do more than talk about it. We have to actively support the candidates that represent the best possible future for Middleboro.

Although I will say, Mimi might be the only candidate who kept her campaign promise. She said she wanted Middleboro to be beautiful and with more flowers. And I have to admit, the landscaping at the town hall looks great due to her efforts. Unfortunately, this does nothing to contribute to any business being conducted INSIDE the town hall.

Well done, Mimi! Do us all a favor; next time, run for groundskeeper. You've got my vote.

Anonymous said...

anonymous October 13, 2008 5:10PM, A simply brilliant idea! The Town sorely needs a groundskeeper!
I may be mistaken, but I think the last 2 town elections motivated almost 20% of registered voters to participate. It may be pathetic, but something like 3% or 5% voted the first time Mr. Spataro was elected after the fireman/selectman abruptly resigned.
It seems to me the incumbents and the groundskeeper garnered less than 50% of the vote, but the turnout in Precinct 1 containing Oak Point was significant. A gated community, campaigning is carefully censored, the issues not understood or presented, the residents have no historical roots or comprehension and they pay no real estate taxes, so get town services for free. (Sorry, but $144 doesn't even pay for the library and COA.)
Until voters stop allowing elections to be determined at the Elks and Oak Point, things won't change.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:21 am. Thank you for making me feel better about the lack of voter participation in the recall election. Instead of focusing on the actual numbers (which I still don't like), I am now going to consider the last turnout at the polls as a 200% improvement over previous elections.

See? The Middleboro Selectmen aren't totally useless. From them, I've learned how to spin bad numbers!

Thanks, Gladys. Another great blog that has spurred dialog among people who want change for our community. And apparently, this is the only way we are going to get it done.

Anonymous said...

Yet another BOS meeting. A big round of applause the the MPD for being willing to increase their insurance copays!! Another verbose round with Roger B. Spare me! Another gardening lesson from Ms.Duhilly. Bradford Pear tree- accepted or not?