Friday, April 10, 2009

Pulp Fiction

Early yesterday I discovered that former Middleboro Selectman Adam Bond had offered to answer the 20 first questions he got about "the" casino * on his blog.

I checked in today and noted some takers, as well as some "answers".

But for some reason, I'm not really sure who this guy "moderator" is who publishes the "answers" since "AMB" has also made comments.

I dunno. When someone asks "Gladys" a question, my first thought isn't to send in the moderator to answer it for me. But maybe I've been missing an opportunity here. From now on, whenever I get a disgruntled commentor on my blog, I'll just send in my "moderator" who'll unleash a cathartic slew of colorful profanities while I slip away for a refreshing margarita on the veranda.

Perhaps my "moderator" could also do the shopping, help my kids with school projects, and take my place on conference calls while I nap.

I'm just starting to recognize the sheer genius of this "moderator" idea. Leave it to Adam to create something imaginatively useful out of something completely non-existent.

Anyway, I wonder if "moderator" will answer all 20 questions with the same brutal honesty his elusive doppelganger exhibited when being televised reassuring the people of Middleboro the "real" meaning of Section 22B of the Intergovernmental agreement with the Mashpee Wampanoag?

Will "moderator" also carefully and methodically choose which of the first 20 questions are "relevant" to answer in the same manner he chose to tell the Secretary of the Interior that a majority of Middleboro voters voted YES for a casino agreement but declined to reveal that they also voted NO to a casino?

And will "moderator"continue to maintain Adams tradition of gently re-crafting the facts into an unrecognizable reality while hoping no one notices?

Yeah, probably. But heck, now that he doesn't command your Monday nights nor hobnob with the Wampanoag, now that the calls from the media are dwindling down and it's beginning to dawn on him that his casino isn't in the cards, Adam needs validation. To feel relevant. His former fans are walking around town wearing "Adam who?" buttons, after all. So he needs to know that he's still burning a hole in someone's heart. Therefore, he wants you to know he's still there for you with an exclusive excerpt from The World According to Adam. Yup, the "real", "untold" story.

Which would have been better revealed at the time it was happening, or to a Federal agent in the present.

As I skim the first of the "answers", they hold nothing earth shattering. With a few keystrokes Adam... er I mean "moderator" airbrushes the truth with fallacious self-deprecation.
Finally, the anti casino opinion was not disregarded. In fact, there were many issues raised by the antis that actually caused there to be better provisions in the final Agreement. For example, the issue of the Tribe buying up Middleborough with their profits was taken care of by a provision that did not allow the Tribe to take any more than a specific amount of land into trust, without reopening negotiations.
Actually, I was there and remember anti's being held in utter contempt even by el "Moderator." And doesn't "anti-casino opinion not disregarded" really mean "valid point actually used to make me look smart and give me more leverage towards getting a casino agreement signed?"

He also dilutes the impact of his own dismissive demeanor.
...I did say things, at various times, that I should not have said, and some that were in the heat of the moment that were inappropriate. That is all part of being fallible. I, however, do not recall making the idiots comment, and noone has come up with the audio. I do admit that the comment is within my vocabulary (e.g., I have used the term idiots before), but I do not remember ever making that comment at the TMFH, nor do a number of others I spoke to who say they did not hear such a comment.
Funny, that "idiot" comment was all I heard at the post-TMFH after-party.

But you see how Adam's now become just "fallible"?

Isn't that what that guy from "The Bachelor" fell back on after he asked a girl to marry him then asked for a do-over on national TV?

"Fallible" implies imperfection. Not being a flat-out jerk.

In fact, a broad definition could easily apply the word "fallible" to every poor overheated misunderstood schmuck doing time at a house of correction.

But perhaps our memories fail us...

When asked to respond as to why the Middleboro Board of Selectman never investigated Glenn Marshall or the Tribe,
Actually, the investigation that I did was relating to Herb Strather and his partner in Detroit Entertainment, LLC, Larry Deutsche (sp?)(one of the people who negotiated deal #1 and deal #2), and learned about their inability to get gaming licenses in Detroit. To me, this has never been about the Tribe, and they have little if any control over the deal--so, to me, Marshall was the salesman, and the investors were in control through SG. Marshall was a face, but not important to the process.

But, in hind sight, I agree that there should have been more investigation in a lot of areas.
But wait - wasn't it THE TRIBE that would be taking over a part of THE TOWN as it's sovereign nation?

Ah there's that convenient hindsight again...

In my hindsight version of life I would have done a million things differently, none of which even remotely approach signing a million dollar agreement to turn a section of a 330 year old town into a sovereign nation by a tribe I didn't know for a casino run by predatory investors with shady backgrounds.

I think most people charged with the enormity of the responsibility and equipped with a grasp on reality would have done everything in their power to stop the presses at this point. You just get the one chance and Middleboro didn't even attempt not to blow it.

As far as his latest lament, that he thought a casino was "inevitable", I beg to differ. A lot of people knew it wasn't and he should have made the effort to find out why. That's called due dilligence - though in the rear view mirror that concept seems to have disappeared. Poppies... poppies... Nevertheless, I make the point here that Adam's concept of inevitability or the lack of it made little difference to his participation in the actual sequence of events.

It's pretty much all like that. Admit little, revise history, brush off any real responsibility, continue to miss the point.

In other words, same Adam, different day

But heck, I suppose there are some people who, like Agent Mulder, just want to believe.

And yet, the scars of a town divided, a region concerned, and individual lives disrupted are going to take more than a fairytale to erase.

So, if you asked a question that doesn't get answered, or if "moderator" replies with an answer you think isn't totally honest, CoffeeNot! is still at your disposal, squaring casino reality and trying to keep that spaceship on the ground.

Because, though fiction can be a lot of fun - Gladys prefers keeping it real.

* One can never truthfully refer to the ex-casino project and subsequent dead parrot as "the" casino. It was never built. It was never going to be built. It was a figment of the imagination. A will o'the wisp. A towering windowless clock-free twenty-four-seven castle in the sky. And it was, and will therefore always be, "a" casino. An ex- one.


Smoking Owl said...

I see you picked up on the answer to my question about the anti casino opinion being disregarded.
I was going to follow up that question on his blog but I can only take so much BS in one week.

His answer should have said...the anti-casino opinion was not disregarded because the anti-casino opinion wasn't heard in the first place.

He still did not provide any dates of when the initial negotiation with the Tribe began. It had to be before they were Federally recognized. It appears the town manager at the time began orchestrating the whole casino deal without the knowledge or approval of the BOS.
I believe the "Moderator" when he said once the Tribe acquired the land, the BOS thought the casino was coming with or without a deal for the town and they had to act quickly to get a deal in place or Middleboro would end up with nothing.

But that was a key moment. They should have acted quickly to start gathering the facts relating to the players involved, the IGRA, and actual casino impacts on a rural community.

They should have told the Tribe to hold on just a gosh darn minute. Go back to your sweat lodge in Mashpee. We are not supporting you or your casino until we've done ALL our homework.

I love hindsight!

Gladys Kravitz said...

In the movie "Joe vs. The Volcano", the title character goes to a doctor who diagnoses him with a rare and terminal disease known only as a "Brain Cloud".

The doctor then gives Joe only six months to live, but refers him to a wealthy businessman who, using the logic that there is no cure for his illness, offers Joe the opportunity to "live like a king, die like a man" by throwing himself into a volcano, thus saving a remote island and it's inhabitants.

Joe becomes grateful for this opportunity.

At the end of the movie, however, Joe reveals the illness, which he has kept secret, to the businessman's daughter who exclaims, "You mean you were diagnosed with something called a brain cloud and didn't ask for a second opinion?"

It turns out that the doctor who diagnosed Joe with the fake "Brain Cloud" was working for the businessman, and that he set up Joe, not to save the islanders, but to appease them, for they mined a raw material for the lucrative product he manufactured.

In other words, to make a buck.

In the beginning of the casino chronicles, a lot of people like me didn't KNOW for a fact that a casino or Land in Trust or any of it wasn't "inevitable". But we did know it sounded like someone was telling us we had a "brain cloud" and only six months to live. Or in our case - three months - and that if we acted fast we could jump into a volcano and feel good about ourselves.

There was no excuse for the Middleboro Board of Selectmen, all five of them, not to have sought a second, third or fourth opinion. And not from "the businessman's doctor" aka Dennis Whittlesey.

If they still want us to think they're so smart, and that they care so much for the town, it might have helped if they'd shown it when it counted.

Not in hindsight.

Anonymous said...

Is "fallible" another word for "I apolagize" ?

Anonymous said...

That deal about renegotiating the agreement with additional land purchases?


Guess the Vampire didn't say anything about that.

Anonymous said...


Glenn Marshall not important?

So meeting with the Tribe is not important either?

Why isn't AB insisting that the BOS meet with the investors? Or maybe Stephen Graham? oh...I forgot. He's about to be indicted. He's the one who negotiated the deal. He's to "Go To" guy that everyone including Helen Belmont talked to.

Anonymous said...

Idiots was one stupid comment. Braying mules anyone?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 1:20 I believe, in this instance, "fallible" is another word for "reinvention".

Anonymous said...

Let's re-write history so AB can stroke his ego? Is the man so blinded by the reflection in the mirror?

Braying donkeys? Racists? KKK? Comparisons with the Holocaust?

Of the revelations of the rapist, he said 'everyone has skeletons in his closet.' What's a few felony convictions between friends? Why let the most recent federal plea bargain alter our friendship?

Creating and perpetuating the monsters of Vegas Val and Internet Avenger? Feeding them information? Come now, Adam! Why don't you reveal the drag queens and your participation in the Coven? Isn't it time to cleanse your soul?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Honestly, unless he's trying to deflect blame - which is entirely possible - why does he keep coming back to the casino issue?

Obviously, every time he does the Mythbusters squad is going to pounce into action.

And yeah, I second the request for "moderators" honest and open spin on Vegas Val et al...

Anonymous said...

AB went along with this whole deal by his silance then his suport.

White knight?

Think not!

Anonymous said...

Ego that knows no bounds!

Adam Who?

Feeling left out?

Where were you when we needed you AB?

I forgot. You were calling me a braying mule.

Fallible? Not the word I would use.

The Proud Braying Mule! said...

Healey spent days with the town maps and Steven Graham.

I know. I saw. Others saw as well.

There were no Knights at these battle just sleeze and slime.

No one spoke against auctioning that land. NO ONE. They all knew.
If they didn't know they were stupid.

That land was advertised in 1 newspaper - the Middleboro Gazette with it's massive circulation.

Who is stupid? Who is the Braying Mule?

Anonymous said...

Smoking Owl,

Up until this time, I have agred with you.

We part ways.

I believe the "Moderator" when he said once the Tribe acquired the land,...

Who was silent when the land was sold? Who was silent when the land was advertised in only one newspaper?

The only heroes are CFO for trying to allow voices to be heard. The only heroes are the bloggers who reported the facts. The only heroes are those who stood in the heat, trying to distribute their information and were prevented from doing so.

Their is no heroism is AB's actions. Not now. Not ever.

There's only the blinding light of his over inflated ego.

His valid points are lost in the glare.

Anonymous said...

He still did not provide any dates of when the initial negotiation with the Tribe began.

Smoking Owl,

Your contention that AB was among those aware of negotiations prior to Tribal recognition makes great sense.

Many of us heard rumors or statments of fact that we ignored about a casino coming to Mboro. In hindsight, stupid on our parts maybe.

AB is painting AB as hero. It doesnt agree with my recolection of history. He'll have to continue with his revision.

Proud Braying Mule said...

For those Power Brokers:

Stay glued to the blogs over the weekend! This is really, really important!

Dont risk missing AB's wisdom, the real truth revealed!

Better than Reality TV!

Finally, the Real Truth Behind Middleboro's Casino!

Get the Facts! The Real Casino Facts!

Told by a self promoting insider!

Anonymous said...

Moderator? Curious technique.

another braying mule said...

Let me see if I understand this subterfuge-a man remains silent when property is auctioned that he knows will be used for a casino and that auction is only adverstised in one local newspaper that is only published weekly,he knows that Jack Healey has been meeting with the casino lobbyist,first he opposes a casino,then he favors a casino,then he protests a town meeting and demands another legal opinion,then he insists on a date,he struts,preens,proclaims his win,condemns opponents braying mules,now he says 'my bad' not my fault i'm your hero?too many questions and a major ego involved.Not the story I remeber.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone fault Mr. Bond? Look at all he's done for us. You ingrates! 2 years later, he's prepared to tell you the truth if you believe it. Just wait until Monday.The tribe will come begging and insist that they pay us more money.

Smoking Owl said...

Let me just say, whether or not AB kept quiet when the land was being sold, or the whole BOS kept quiet, I do believe they thought that once the land was sold to the casino developers, the casino was inevitable at that point.

I'm not saying the way they handled things was right. I just think they all honestly believed it was inevitable once the land was sold. That is testimony to them failing to do all their homework regarding the IGRA and LIT process.

If the town manager was carrying on negotiations with casino developers prior to the Tribe's federal recognition, and without the approval of the BOS, didn't some sort of breech of ethics, or the law, occur?

Please don't misconstrue my comments. I do not, nor have I ever perceived Adam Bond or anyone in Middleboro town government as a hero. I have very few heros and I'm not about to find one in our town hall.

just a donkey said...

Smoking Owl,

Isn't the entire premise of your original comment constructed on a dubious foundation?

Let's say the TM was negotiating without authorization (much as our new Town Manager appears to be doing).

Those negotiations would have evaporated were it not for the land purchase. Or maybe they would have been presented for town meeting approval and public discussion.

The BOS voted to auction the land. They could have withheld those parcels.

Wasn't that the auction at which Marsha Brunelle suggested that the process be videotaped (a quiet acknowledgement of previous shenanigans at Jack's auctions)?

Do you think it was the selectmen's fault that the TM was never reined in? No one has ever spoken out against Jack. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Smoking Owl,

It's interesting to raise the issue of the TM's misconduct now, especially when the bos was silent in numerous other matters where Jack refused to comply with direct orders or votes.

We could consider situations that incurred legal fees, buying landlocked swampland, failing to secure a better deal from Waste Management, allowing earth removal without permits, the list seems endless.

Anonymous said...

What fun would we have in the 'boro if we didn't have Adam to diss on?

Gladys Kravitz said...

I've met people fighting casinos and Indian casinos all around this country, and with the possible exception of Philadelphia with it's transparent off-the-hook corruption, our little spot on the map has GOT to have the most interesting characters of them all.

Anonymous said...

....once the Tribe acquired the land, the BOS thought the casino was coming with or without a deal ...

Doesn't this beg the question "Why did the BOS sell the land?"

Smoking Owl said...

What dubious foundation?
I didn't think I wrote anything controversial or earth shattering.
All I said was, I believe the BOS thought the casino was inevitable once the land was sold.

We all knew that already.

I'm not raising any new issues that we haven't been discussing for the past two years.

My original comment was in regard to the type of half ass answers Adam Bond is giving to his "20 questions" on his blog.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Smoking Owl,

As I re-read the comments, I think the phrase "dubious foundation" doesn't refer to anything you've said, but to the fact that any belief in inevitability on the part of the Board of Selectmen rests on whether or not they, or a fraction thereof, knowingly sold the land for the purpose of a casino.

For the record, I'll have to agree to disagree with you on this point as well.

I don't think the Board believed so much in inevitability, as much as they hoped that a casino would erase all their budget balancing anxiety (and pull their butts out of the fire) in light of Jack Healey's imminent retirement.

Some took longer to buy into it than others, but, like Stepford wives, they all became casino robots at some point in the game.

Inevitability gave them an "out" and an excuse - and a ton of support from pro-casino folks - which they lapped up.

And after the ink was dry, they really bought into it. They also took the very professional approach (insert sarcasm) of not listening or taking offense to anyone who didn't share this opinion. Yet another example of fine governance in action.

In my opinion, Bond had additional reasons for his rather evangelist approach to supporting a casino, and a different approach entirely (though not a positive one) to criticism.

However, I am not ruling out that any of the Board (or others) could have had personal involvement with the land sale, private negotiations, secret talks, winks winks, etc.

In fact, I think it's entirely possible, and I do believe, AT BEST, their actions were unethical.

Smoking Owl said...

I asked Adam Bond a two part question on his blog.

Why was the anti-casino opinion disregarded?

He answered it wasn't.

When did the town manager negotiate the original contract with the Tribe?

He answered he didn't have dates of when the initial negotiations took place.

To clarify my earlier misinterpreted comment.

Did the BOS believe the myth of inevitability once the land was sold. They sure did, I think to the extent they thought the land sale cemented everything. That made it easier for them to sell the "myth" to the town and get the vote they wanted at the TMFH.

But as I said earlier, shame on them for not doing all their homework.

Gladys Kravitz said...

They couldn't help it. They'd all contracted a brain cloud.

just a donkey said...

Smoking Owl and Gladys,

The 'dubious foundation' refers to the actions of the BOS and not specifically to your comment.

Hypothetically, let's speculate that Jack Healey was negotiating an agreement with casino investors prior to tribal recognition.

Hypothetically, that would explain Stephen Graham's presence in town hall in Jack Healey's company.

Hypothetically, if I saw Stephen Graham in town hall, others did as well.

Hypothetically, we might believe that more than one selectmen did as well.

When the tribe gained recognition, newspapers were reporting on the interest the investors had in Mboro.

At that point, it was public, known and widely circulated.

Why would you sell a parcel of land in an auction that was only advertised once in the Middleboro Gazette that you knew had this potential value?

Setting aside all of the casino issue, if your house was uniquely valuable as a brothel and a brothel franchise was willing to buy, would you sell it for a pittance for their first offer for less than it might be worth? Would you sell it for half or less of its value?

Hypothetically, we might make a plausible case that the entire BOS shirked their fiduciary responsibilities in failing to insist that the town garner the highest price for that parcel.

Hypothetically, we might make the case of the entire BOS blindly following the new Town Manager down a comparable primerose path when he can't manage to tell the truth in public meetings on video tape.

Hypothetically, Mr. Bond is pussyfootin' around questions to which he knows the answer, but just might put him in a less than rosy glow. How could anyone be that blind to what was clearly displayed to anyone who was watching? They weren't. Mr. Bond is missing the attention that came from his pubic presence in town hall. There is no sincere desire to accurately portray 'who did what.'

Anonymous said...

And not so hypothetically, AB has revealed that Wayne Perkins and Jack Healey were in fact negotiating with Stephen Graham about which parcel to auction or should we say give away to the investors?

I was at one meeting with GM, SG, WP,and JH where the large Middleborough map was taken out, put on the table, and at least four different locations were discussed regarding where a possible casino might make sense. As of the time I left the meeting, no one spot had been identified as the place, and Precinct Street was one of the four.

Aclnowledging collusions while denying it publicly?

Anonymous said...

If everybody seems to have known what was going in except for the public, don't we have a problem with the remaining 2 selectmen who failed to speak up?

Anonymous said...

Why should it surprise anyone in this town to hear anyone acknowledge what we already 'knew'?

Gladys Kravitz said...

I don't live in town and I never saw Glenn Marshall hanging out with Jack Healey, Steven Graham and a map. I would have blogged it if I had.

All I knew was what I read in the papers and saw when I started coming to town.

And this wasn't it.

I saw Jack Healey and five selectmen with varying degrees of that 'deer in the headlights' look.

We've had to piece it together because no one was talking.

But there always seemed to be plenty of guilt to go around.

Not to mention...two years and the town is finally meeting with the Tribe??

There are REAL people who would have had an overpass in their living rooms had a casino been built and it took 2 years for the town to meet with the Tribe??

Why?? Because the magic gravy train is suddenly de-railing?

If it weren't so surreal it'd be grotesque.

a silent mule said...

Many of us saw Glenn Marshall, Stephen Graham and Healey meeting. Did we know who they were? Aren't we entitled to some small amount of public announcement or public discussion in the matter?

One of Brian Giovanoni's objections to the Community Preservation Act was that a small group of people on a committee would make a decision on how to spend the funds.


How many people in Mboro decided to negotiate a contract and give away the land without letting voters decide?

Once that land was sold, the bargaining chip was lost.

This isn't about second guessing elected officials. This is about defining them as totally stupid and irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there also a discussion about the need to discuss/announce negotiations in public? Anyone know what the law is on this?

Anonymous said...

What a stupid way for AB to handle it so that he garners more attention! How transparent!

Anonymous said...

For all of his bravado and B.S., AB's just a phony who claims he kept his mouth shut when he might have been speaking out.

Anonymous said...

Look at the rest of the BOS we're left with (not the newcomers). AB helped get those 3 clowns elected or re-elected. Let's not forget his legacy. Pat Rogers can't run a meeting without Marsha next to him. Marsha can't stop pretending "all I did for the town." Marsha opposed CPA and said it was defeated at town meeting. Not so! She said Chapter 61 monies were voted on at town meeting to buy Open Space believiing there was a "fund." Except the legislature never voted on it. Ooops! Gather some facts before speaking, Marsha! Mimi lacks the intellectial curiosity to figure out what she's suposed to do on the Board other than gardening. What a sorry bunch!

Anonymous said...

Tonights BOS meeting promises to be the best in a while. Based on comments in todays empty-prise, Mr Cromwell and Tribal Council members will come in ready to throw down the race card.

Public invited, but not allowed to speak.

I guess that is why they are called the cheap seats.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Our buddy, Hal Brown is almost front row at tonight's event. No notepad was in evidence so he's going to rely on his sometimes fuzzy memory when he writes about tonight's meeting. If you think I'm picking on him, you just need to review some of his previous comments about meetings that are fuzzy or the Tom Calter meeting that Hal didn't get so accurate. Quick scan of audience and AB was at the rear. Looks like a full house.

Anonymous said...

Gladys, I sure hope you'll blog about tonight's joke of a bos meeting. Isn't Cromwell the dude who couldn't pay his real estate taxes while he was making $150K? So, he "rid" the Tribe of corruption in an election the FBI was investigating. How's that going? He promises the process will be finished by the end of 2010 or early 2011? Note to Fearsome: Do we hear chants of 18 months again? Proclaims the devotion of the legislative delegation particularly "prostitute for any cause that might generate campaign contributions" Delahunt. BTW, check his fundraising.

Smoking Owl said...

On Bond's blog he wrote about that meeting with all the players studying the "big" map of Middleboro, with the casino developers shopping for the parcel of land they wanted.

Later in that same blog, Bond goes on to say that when the land went up for auction, the town fathers did not know the tribe would be the buyers.
Adam Bond is either full of crap or he's mentally deficient.

The casino developers pointed to a parcel of land on the map, said they wanted it. The BOS puts said parcel up for auction and NOBODY in town hall thought the tribe or its backers would be the buyer??
I was born at night but I wasn't born last night! If that statement by Adam Bond is accurate, we are in bigger trouble than we ever imagined.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 12:53,

I'd love to blog about the meeting last night, but I couldn't hear much of it from my spot outside the door. I'm waiting for an audio or video of the event before commenting.

Corridor impressions...

"blah blah it's comin!"
"blah blah we'll fix it!"
"blah blah no problem!"
"blah blah sovereign sovereign..."
It was nice to hear Tankman mention Carcieri once or twice. Baby steps... baby steps...

Smoking Owl,

As far as Abomb is concerned - I'm going with 'full of crap' and 'intentionally evasive.'

I remember the first meeting I ever attended in Middleboro. There was talk of a previous meeting about the land. Healey and Perkins denied thinking, at that meeting, that the land could be sold to an Indian tribe for a casino. But Adam admitted it had "crossed his mind".

See what I mean about full of crap and intentionally evasive?? Healey and Perkins denied themselves into a corner. But Adam keeps his options open!

Nocasino said...

Great to see you there last night Gladys. From my excellent and comfy seat I thought I was at a revival meeting. All the clapping and backslapping was great. I thought Cromwell was going to start handing out t-shirts and hats.

It went something like this.

Rogers - Can we pretty please get a little help with the water and sewer? Maybe a committment to a letter of credit if it is not too much trouble? Please.

Cromwell. No

Rogers. Hee hee hee, Ok thanks. So glad you came. It was very productive.

Wild applause.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Yes...CarverChick and I mostly went for the comedic value. We wanted to see how Cedric the Entertainer would spin Carcieri.

But it wasn't so much spin as spun cotton candy - it my look like a whole lot - but then it just dissolves away to nothing.

It was a PR tour.

Anonymous said...


I saw you in the audience and maybe what you saw sounded different.

What I heard was --

Rogers: We let Wayne Perkins piss away money so he could be re-elected and then I rubber-stamped as much as I could on that Capital Planning Committee because I just hate to say no and now we're in desparate times what with this $4 million deficit because we ignored our excess spending for so long.

We really, really need that $7 million and we believed Scotty Fearsome when he said 18 months and we went ahead an started that ambulance service that you said you'd pay for even though those stupid Matrix people [what do they know?] said it didn't make sense.

That 18 months was right about the time we needed that mulah.

Can we have it pretty, pretty please?

Anonymous said...

So if Gladys and Carver Chick were left out in the cold, they must have witnessed the huggy lips, kissy face of the impartial BOS in love with their business partners.

Were those the same selectperson's who can't be bought with cheap gifts and free meals?

Do you suppose Sapphire Engineering was treated comparably?

Anonymous said...


Remember that Tankman is up for election next.

Already in the crosshairs!

It's funny that with the weather geting nice, people are walking past and comenting about the election and comenting on when we clean the rest of the bored. The more people watch and see what's going on the more anxious they are to clean house. Most of these people dont have internet acess.

There is not one person who admits to voting for Wayne Perkins. Isn't that strange?

Smoking Owl said...

I'm surprised Mimi didn't serve tea and cookies to the tribe's representatives.

She was probably one question away from asking if they were going to plant flowers at the resort.
Her questions are always so relevant.

Anonymous said...

After watching the bos meeting, it makes sense that AB had to call atention to himself. Since the questions that were asked were mostly superficial, uninformed and "make nice, we don't want to offend $7 million," AB's reaction should be interesting.

carverchick said...

I can't help but laugh over the 20 questions blog. I don't mean to be rude, but I read the questions and honestly could not wade through the answers....but Gladys, you bring up a good point about the "moderator" and "AMB" both answering. WTF is that about???

It is genius though - I want a moderator too!

Bumpkin, you available??